Summer from-scratch favorite: Whole wheat sandwich buns!

Whole wheat buttermilk sandwich buns
Whole Wheat Buttermilk Sandwich Buns

I absolutely love Joshua's grilled food. Chicken, burgers, or fish -- he makes such healthy YUMMY food and I get out of cooking a main dish, too! :)

When it comes to burgers or other grilled meat sandwiches, Joshua likes buns rather than plain bread. And when it comes to buns, I'm picky. I don't like the $0.99 packages of white buns from the grocery store... I like the $3+ whole wheat buns.

Whole wheat buttermilk sandwich buns

Which is why it makes sense to make my own Whole Wheat Buttermilk Sandwich Buns -- especially when I have a nice bread machine to knead the dough! Hands-on time is really only 15 minutes or so, and that's well worth it for these delicious and healthy homemade sandwich buns!

This recipe is from Donna, and it is SO good! :) I changed it to be 100% whole wheat flour (the instructions and photos are my own, as always). Be sure to check out her original recipe on her blog and see what hers look like, too! :)

Whole wheat buttermilk sandwich buns

What did we use these buns for last week? A delicious grilled salmon sandwich! I just made another batch of these buns this morning, and we'll have grilled chicken sandwiches for dinner. Yummy! Now, maybe Summer will finally warm up here in the Pacific Northwest! :)

Visit Jessica's blog for more frugal fun! :)


Wow, that looks amazing! I am going to give it a try. I want to ask though, how long does your homemade bread/buns/rolls/etc "keep" without freezing? I have been making my things from scratch more often for some health issues, but I notice they get stale or moldy so much faster than store-bought.


Hi Liz,

My homemade breads/rolls usually last about a week without getting moldy. I try to freeze anything we won't be using in 5-6 days' time though! These days I don't end up freezing much, since the kids will gladly eat as much bread as I'll allow. ;) Bread from the freezer is still really good though, if it was frozen right after baking and hasn't been frozen long enough to get freezer burn. :)

Our homemade bread used to get "stale" (mostly just dry and crumbly!!) a day or two after it was made (unless put in the freezer right away; then it's fresh-tasting after thawing, for a day or so). That was what prompted Joshua to delve into experimenting with dough conditioners. Now our homemade bread stays soft and pliable (and hardly any crumbs!) for a week (or basically until it would be getting moldy any way!).

However, my last experience with store-bought bread was that it didn't get moldy for... possibly WEEKS... and my homemade bread can not sit on the shelf that long without going bad!! We haven't researched preservatives. ;)

this is so timely! i was JUST looking for a good whole wheat sandwich bun recipe. thank you! i've been making one with white bread flour in my breadmaker but don't want to constantly be eating white bread when we have something on a bun. :) thanks!

You're welcome! :)

Wow Tammy, great buns!

Joshua, you're horrible. ;)

Tammy, thanks for this recipe! I have the same quandry as you; I really don't care for the storebought buns and rolls unless they're the bakery fresh ones. King Arthur Flour has a really great white sandwich bun recipe, but whole wheat never subsitutes well, in my experience. Thanks again!

Joshua told me he had left a comment on this post and was wondering if anyone would call him out... :P Of the TWO comments he has left on my blog in the past year or so, this is one of them... haha! :)

They look so yummy and light! Do you make all of your bread/rolls?

Thank you! :)
Do you make all of your bread/rolls?
I try to. :) I wouldn't say it's 100% of the time, because I give myself permission to take a "break" some times, like after having a baby or being sick or whatever... and Joshua is not too particular (he likes homemade better but would not complain about buying bread or eating it).
I don't like a lot of store-bought breads though, and I LOVE homemade bread, so I would rather make my own if I can. :) And I'm rather spoiled with a grain mill and bread machine to mix up any and every kind of dough I want -- so there's hardly ever an excuse not to make homemade! :)

so when should we get together? did you get the rain we did yesterday afternoon! dreadful.

I think we've gotten rain every day this year so far!! :)

If I knew who this comment was from, I could answer the question about getting together! ;)

You posted this just in time for me to make them for company this past weekend. While I clearly don't have the technique down for beautiful appearance, they tasted yummy and i thank you for that.

I just made your Challah recipe and it's delicious!!! I can't wait to make the french toast tomorrow. =)

I definitely need to work on my bread making skills; I think I added too much flour because the dough was really tough to roll and didn't braid very easily. But it tastes good, so I'll persevere! ;-)

I gave you and your recipe a shout out on my FB page. :-D!/profile.php?id=1138648448

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