Last week's menu in pictures

Skillet rolls

I've had long-term difficulty with consistently making and/or following menu plans, but since Moshe's birth about 3 months ago, I have been doing much better about making a plan and almost always following it! And, it's getting easier too. That was something I didn't expect! But, like most things in life, the more I practice the faster and easier it gets! :)

This week, however, I'm not going to post my menu plan. Instead, I want to share some pictures from last week. Here is the menu plan I made for last week, and following are some of the photos I took throughout the week! :)

Soft tacos

Soft tacos and some of the toppings: seasoned taco meat, cooked pinto beans, lettuce, green onions, peppers, avocado, cheese, and sour cream. I actually piled all the toppings on the tortilla and ate it like a tostada.

We use the corn tortillas from Costco and lightly fry them in a skillet for tacos. Easy and soooo yummy!!

Crustless beef quiche

This quiche was my meal from the freezer this week. I wrote about it in my post about making freezer meals for after my baby was born. This has turned out to be one of my favorite freezer meals! :)

Skillet rolls

I tried a new rolls recipe from the Prairie Girl Wanna Be blog: Skillet Yeast Rolls. I used half whole wheat flour and half all-purpose flour. Joshua said they were very good, but I really prefer my dinner rolls to be less biscuit-y. The name (skillet "yeast" rolls) led me to expect something beyond a fluffy biscuit. :)

Skillet rolls

Mine didn't look as delicious as Phyllis's do. Maybe I would have liked them better with all-purpose flour and no whole wheat flour. Mine didn't get very rounded on top, though they did rise a bit.

I did like baking them in my cast iron skillet though! I think I will try again in the future, but with a different recipe.

(Does anyone have another skillet rolls recipe to suggest??) :)

Natural Fruit Cake

When I was pulling out my freezer meal, I found this mini loaf of natural fruit cake that was hiding! Yummy! :)

Cooked pinto beans with toppings

I cooked a big pot of pinto beans and the children and I warmed some for lunches on several days last week. I love pinto beans!

In this photo, my beans were topped with fresh tomato salsa, shredded cheese, sour cream, and diced avocado.

Cooked pinto beans with toppings

I always use dried pinto beans, since they taste fresher and are much cheaper. I cook 3 pounds at a time, and freeze any that we won't use within 5-7 days.

...And I think that is all of the random food photos from last week! :)


Your foods look delish:)
We drove past Seattle this weekend! Every time we drive through I wonder what you are up to and think of you!

Aww, if you ever have a few minutes to stop by, we'd love to meet you! We're just minutes from I-5! :)

my beans dont look like yours do. do you cook almost all the water out of them so they are less soupy and more like a refried bean? I want mine the way yours are!

I cook the beans until they are very tender (starting to fall apart). With an overnight soak (or even a "quick soak" -- boiling water for an hour) I still usually cook them for 90 minutes.

Then I pour them into a strainer and drain the water. I put the drained beans back into the pan, sprinkle with salt, and pour just a little fresh water over top and stir. I taste to adjust the salt, and then use them from there.

If I'm re-warming beans from the fridge, I add a little more water and warm in a pan on the stove. That would produce the creamier beans in the pictures above (more like a chunky refried bean... but not nearly as pasty and very tender and yummy!). :)

I always drain the soaking water and the cooking water completely, though, since that is supposed to help the beans not cause so much gas. :)

Let me know if you try these ideas and how it turns out for you! :)

How long do you generally store them in the fridge after cooking? I am always worried about waiting too long and end up tossing food that probably is not bad. Just cause I am scared.

I'm not sure what the recommended time frame is for storing cooked beans in the fridge, but I don't keep them longer than 5-7 days. Usually, I plan ahead and freeze some right after cooking. :) Also, when I re-warm beans from the fridge, I only warm enough for that meal -- so they aren't being warmed, refrigerated, warmed, and refrigerated again. :)

Thank you for sharing. I love how colorful the taco's/ toppings are. We have an almost identical meal on our Meal Plan for tonight, although I will substitute chopped tomato for the peppers since that is what we have on hand. We also love green onions in my tacos (and fresh chopped cilantro) !


Oh, I love fresh tomatoes on tacos, too... the tomatoes really makes it that much better in my opinion. :D I love Mexican food, though!! :)

looks like you had a really tasty week!

I just made a dinner roll/hamburger bun, but they are not the skillet kind. I used 100% white whole wheat flour and my father-in-law who can't stand whole wheat gobbled them up!

Blessings on your week -

Thanks, SnoWhite! I'll bookmark your recipe. :D

Hey Tammy,
I never realized you are from the Pacific Northwest. I grew up in Portland, before I made the big leap to Germany in 2008.

I wondered if you have any tips about freezer cooking. Or a meal plan of freezer friendly meals. I am expecting baby number 1 in December, and I would like to try to precook as much as I can. My goal is about a month, maybe not all full meals, but at least the key ingredients to cut down on cooking time. Any tips, or posts I should refer too.

I made the Italian Beef and Beans tonight and it turned out great. My sauce was a bit sweet, no idea why, but it was good none-the-less.

We actually just moved to the PNW in 2008 -- although Joshua grew up here (I grew up in Ohio), we spent the first several years together in Missouri and then in Ohio. :) I love this area though! :)
Here are a couple posts about freezer meals I made before my last baby was born:
Also, here are posts I've written about preparing for a new baby. :)
So glad you liked the Italian Beef and Beans recipe! :)

Are you going to make a menu for this week?The pictures of your food looks great as always.

Umm, sorta. :)

Sunday -- Joshua grilled and did the cleanup for me, too! :)

Monday -- Taco pizza, green beans, salad

More ideas for this week (no set days though) -- chicken fajitas, lasagna from the freezer, and beans. I'm kinda cooking with whatever I have left from last week since we skipped grocery shopping this week (except for getting 2 gallons of milk and 4 bunches of bananas). :)

We have Soccer practice 2X's this week and a I don't think we have a game this weekend.
In no certain order.I leave one night for us to pick something in the freezer or left overs.

--Tortellini Salad(New recipe,I think this might be one we have with out meat in the summer.Lots of veggies in it.),Chicken sandwiches(Using up all our left over chicken from Mother's Day)

--Rueben Sandwiches(Swiss Cheese,Corned Beef,Sauerkraut,Thousand Island),Parmesan Potato Halves(New Recipe)

--Hamburgers,Zucchini Sticks,Breaded Mushrooms,Ranch for dipping and French fries

--Spaghetti,Meatballs,Salad,Green Beans,Italian Garlic Bread

--Salisbury Steak(New Recipe),Mashed Potatoes,Corn,Spinach

--Marinated pork loin,steamed fresh broccoli,garlic mashed potatoes,Italian cheese bread.We have my cousin Jeff coming over for dinner.

How long does the fresh salsa last in the fridge?

I think it would probably last up to a week in the fridge, but I don't like the taste or texture of tomatoes that have been refrigerated, so I try to make it up fresh and use it within a day or so. :)

Ok thanks.I did get the fresh made at Sam's and it was pretty good and cheaper than I could make it at home.But it came in such a big container that it went bad before we could eat it all.So I will be making fresh.I don't like wasting food.

Mrs. Paradis

I would like to try to precook as much as I can. My goal is about a month, maybe not all full meals, but at least the key ingredients to cut down on cooking time. Thank you, for your great tips.

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