Discount on Berkey Water Filters and giveaway from!

Berkey water filter

I am so excited to be able to again offer all of you a discount code from! This is the Christian company that carries Berkey Water Filter systems, and I highly recommend them. We have been using our Berkey Water Filter for almost 2 years and it is such a blessing!

(See the bottom of this post for giveaway details!)

First, I'll answer a few reader questions about the Berkey Water Filter:

Heather wrote:

We just moved to a new town and discovered our water is nowhere near clean. In short, we want to purchase a water system and have looked at the Berkey, since I've seen it on your site. But I'm  a tad confused by all the different types on the More Than Alive site.

Do you ever have to replace the filters? I see you can just scrub them, but do you ever replace them? If so, how much do they cost?

The black Berkey filters (two of which came in our Royal Berkey unit) will filter 6,000 gallons of municipal tap water before needing replaced. Since we use about 3 gallons a day, we're estimating that they will last us almost 6 years!

I haven't bought replacement filters yet, since we've only had the Berkey 2 years. The replacement filters are $99 for two black filters, last I checked, so not cheap!

However, we had been spending about $5 each week on gallons of drinking water, so we figured that after 1 year, the Royal Berkey unit we purchased would have "paid for itself" and the next ~5 years of drinking water would be "free". Or, as I've seen estimated, our drinking water would be costing $0.016 per gallon over the life of the filters!

Which size is appropriate for a family with everyday use? We drink and cook with lots of water, so this would be used all day.

As far as which size is best, I think it really depends. Our Royal Berkey holds 3 gallons at a time, and filters up to 4 gallons per hour. I fill it about once per day. I think this size will serve us well even as our family grows, since it filters quickly and we'll just end up filling it twice a day instead of only once. The larger units are taller/bigger, so I think it also would depend on the size of your counter/kitchen/etc.

We have been using the Berkey for all of our drinking water (and most of our cooking water) since we got it almost 2 years ago, and it has been great!

Heidi asked:

We are considering buying a Berkey water filter, but I was wondering how much maintenance it requires. How often does it need to be taken apart and washed?

We've used our Berkey for city tap water (i.e. nasty-smelling at times, but fairly "clean") and it requires very little maintenance. I think it was at least a full 12 months before I scrubbed the filters for the first time. We've scrubbed then 2-3 times now, which takes less than 20 minutes start to finish (i.e. taking off the filters, scrubbing, and replacing again).

Are their any pros/cons you could share with me? I would really appreciate hearing from another busy mom who has owned one for awhile before making the big purchase.

I've written a full review post about the Berkey and I've written about the Berkey since then, about how much we like it. :)

My opinion hasn't changed since the first review was written! We love the water, love not having to buy jugs of water from the store, haven't had any issues or problems with the unit or filters, and would definitely make the same buying decision if we had it to do over. :)

One thing I didn't really realize then we first ordered ours: if your water has calcium or other GOOD minerals in it, it doesn't filter those out, which is actually healthier for your body than drinking water with no minerals in it. (It does filter out iron, from what I've read, though we haven't used it with high-iron water personally.)

Discount available for this week only:

More Than Alive gives free shipping and a free gift with all Berkey orders. This week only (April 26-30, 2010) you can also get 10% off of any order from More Than Alive when you use this code at checkout: t8c4n9

Giveaway details:

More Than Alive is also offering a giveaway to five winners: 1/4-pound of any (your choice) of their bulk foods, spices, herbs, or herb blends! To be entered in the giveaway, leave a comment on this post letting me know you'd like to be entered. Entries are open April 26-April30, 2010. Five winners will be randomly drawn and announced on Sunday, May 2, 2010.

Full disclosure, as usual: I have always maintained that any product review I write will be completely honest. I would never recommend that anyone purchase anything that I wouldn't spend my own hard-earned money on. After we purchased our Berkey, we loved it so much we wanted to review and recommend it to others. More Than Alive asked us to be part of their affiliate program, and we earn 10% of purchases made through the links in this post.


Would love to try their oatstraw!
laptopmail (at)twlakes(dot)net

Thanks so much for posting this and replying to my inquiries! The bacteria and chemicals in our water force us to live on bottled water right now...until our Berkey arrives! We're ready to order and you'll hear from me about our results :) Many thanks! And I'd love to be entered.

Thanks for the offer!

I would love to be entered! Thanks so much for the giveaway.

michelle (at) northofthe49 (dot) com

I would love to try More than Alive!


sarynp at yahoo dot com

This is very helpful and I'd love the chance to try some of their bulk foods. Please enter me in the drawing!

Carmen @ Life Blessons
lifeblessons at gmail dot com

Thanks for the chance!
nettacow at gmail dot com

Please enter me as well.
thank you

I would love to try their bulk foods.
aniadlv at hotmail dot com

Please enter me into the contest. I would love to try their spices.

Elizabeth F.

Thank you for the give away!!
rebekahhoffer at gmail dot com

I've seen these before and would have loved to get one, if nothing else to have it just in case, but haven't ever been able to. I'm going to HAVE to put it on my list of things to buy though, at least the small one, cause that way maybe I wouldn't have to take water when we travel, cause I never like the taste of other water. I'd love to get a larger one too, but...least the small one would give us usable water if something happen and we didn't have our tap water.

Oh I'd love to be signed up for the giveaway too! :)

Wow. I have no idea yet what I would want! Maybe one of everything. :o) haha. Thanks for giving me the chance!!!

Thanks for the Berkley Q&A - and for the giveaway!

Though we have great water where I'm at this is definitely helpful info for the future when we move overseas. I'm wondering if they ship internationally. I would love to try their bulk foods though!

I'd love to try out the company. They sound great.

bdt159 (at) truman (dot) edu

Thanks Tammy for entering me!! I'd love to try some of their herbs.

justinsgirll at gmail dot com

I would like to win this. That is a neat site.

leah2021 at taii dot net

please enter me in this giveaway contest. Love your site (recipes, compost, baby, laundry...all great articles)!
-Kimberly in NC
knchock at yahoo dot com

Ooooo, I'd love to win!! Thanks for a fun giveaway!

My sis and her family have a Berkey filter too, and they love it!

thanks for the review...we bought one for Y2K, but just recently started using it.

I'd love any of it. But thank you foremost for answering my questions! My husband and I plan on figuring out the size of our future Berkey tonight and placing our order. :)


Pick me, pick me!

pick me!

We bought a Berkey as well thanks to your recommendation and that of another Mom that blogs. She had a discount code going at that time so we ordered with her code...don't hold it against me :)

That said, I'm grateful that you've informed so many of us about it and wish we'd have gotten as big of a discount as you are offering! People should jump on it now! We also have the Berkey Royal and find it to be easy to use and a great thing for peace of mind.

And I'd LOVE to try some of their other products! Thanks for the giveaway!

I would love to win! Thanks for all the info!

We have been searching for way to filter our water without needing to purchase expensive filters. This looks like it may be the ticket! But the code is coming up as "invalid"....?

If the discount code is saying "invalid", contact More Than Alive through their website. I will also email them to double-check the code and dates it was set for!

Edited to add: Code should be working now!

I would love to win! Thanks!

Rachael @ Beans & Rice

beans n rice at live dot com

What an awesome giveaway!

too good of an opportunity to miss....

Would love to win. I really like Morethanalive products.

~ Katie

Would love to win.

reneecordle at

fun giveaway! thanks!

serinatoman [at] yahoo [dot] com

I would love to win, enter me:)
dbfox97 at comcast dot net

I would love to be entered on the giveaway.

sleigh [at] fastmail [dot] fm

Please enter me in the giveaway. Thank you! :)

What a great giveaway!!!

I'd like to be entered in the contest also!

Please enter me into the giveaway.

I would love to be entered. Thank you Tammy!

And I'd love to be entered in this contest as well!

We have been using our Berkey Light water filter for several years now and LOVE it! The water is so fresh and very satisfying. Our first set of filters lasted us two years. Happy that you're spreading the word about Berkey filters!

Kristy @ Homemaker's Cottage

My husband and I spend way too much money on bottled water, and it sometimes tastes like plastic.

I will be sure to check Berkey out, and I would love to be entered for the contest!

Author of the previous comment mentioning the plastic flavored bottled water.
My name's Livia.

I've been using it for about a year now and it's great! THe perfect size to take with me when I go to work!
I'd love to be entered in the contest.

Love their herbs and bulk teas!
This sounds great!

please enter me would love to try some of there stuff, thanks!!

I would love to be entered. Thanks.

I would love to be entered. Please include me.


Wow ! This is a great giveaway . I would love a chance to win some Tea and herbs!
Thanks much!


I'd love to get to try some of their herbs and spices.
dmfitzpatrick16 @

I'd love to win.

Erin S.

I would love to be entered...thank you!


cristionaeilis (at) gmail (dot) com

I would love the chance to win some herbs from their store!
Not sure if I qualify since I'm in Australia, but if so please enter me in the competition. :D

Amy M.

I would love to be entered Tammy. We have been actually looking into getting a filter. We seen this at Lehmans in Amish country. My biggest question is; how well does it filter sulfur? We have well water with iron and lots of sulfur. It tastes and smells awlful. If it would filter out the nastry sulfur, I'd buy it. Do you know anything about how the filters do with sulfur?


The black Berkey water filters will remove iron and sulfur/sulpher from the water. If your water is high-iron, the filters will turn reddish and may need cleaned (scrubbed) more frequently. (We scrub ours about once every 8-10 months, for reference.)

Check out this comment for more info about using the Berkey with high-iron water!

Thanks for replying Tammy! I'm glad to hear that the Berkey's do remove sulfur too. I told my dh and he said we'd look into buying it. Its' alot better priced than buying a softner system that does NOT remove the sulfur taste.

We're going to click on your link today after the storms hit and see what to order.

Thanks again Tammy.

I would love to try them out please enter me thanks!

I would love a chance to win some More Than Alive products!

Please enter my name for the giveaway. :)

I would love to be entered. Thanks for the chance.

K. Rock

I'm sure I could find something!

Please enter me!

Please enter me.


Enter me, please! I have ordered from More Than Alive before and have always been very pleased!

I would love to try some of their herbs! I've bought a book and some elderberry from them in the past.

I just stumbled upon you site as I searched for a recipe for wheat short cake (I can't wait to try yours and many of your other recipes).
Actually, I considered myself guided to your site-I love it. Thank you for the giveaway offer. Best wishes

I would love to be entered in your giveaway. Thanks.


Mmmm ... I love spices!! I am seriously considering investing in a Berkey in the near future ...

wendy @ railflyermodelprototypes . com

Please enter me in this wonderful More Than Alive giveaway. ~ Deb

I would love to purchase some of their products!
Thank you!
M :-)

Thanks for the interesting q and a on the Berkey. I also love to be entered for some products from More than Alive. The items i have purchased form them have been greast, and I'd love to try some new ones.


Enter me please! We enjoy their bulk herbs that we make into tea. :)

Please enter me in the give away. Thanks!

Thank you,

Thanks for telling us about the Berkey. I am hoping to order one soon. We just sent a water sample in to get tested, so want to wait for the results before we order. So I guess I will miss the discount :( We have well water and it would be wonderful to drink our own water again.

We're moving to a state that has notoriously bad drinking water. Would LOVE to win this!
Please enter me.
indigo52 at cox dot net

My son and his pregnant wife could really use this where they live...not the greatest water. Thanks for a chance to win some nice products!

Please enter me in this giveaway. Thanks!


Please enter me in this giveaway!

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