Homemade Matza Pizza

I switched around my menu plans this week, and instead of having unleavened pizza on Friday, we had it on Wednesday. We were having friends over during the day, and I thought the children would all enjoy making personal pizzas using matza dough and toppings! I saved some of the dough and made more pizzas for our dinner that evening, with Joshua.

Matza pizza

I used my recipe for "plain" homemade matza (or unleavened bread), rolled it thin, pre-baked the rounds, and then added toppings before baking again. The end result was a tasty thin-crust pizza!

Matza pizza

I especially liked this matza pizza with black olives, pineapple, a few fresh spinach leaves, and a little mozzarella cheese. I ate mine with a fork, and savored every bite!

I added more photos and details on making Matza Pizza in the additional notes of my homemade matza recipe, for those interested! :)


I tried to get my kids to eat matza pizza. They didn't like the sounds of it. lol I'll have to show them the pictures of yours. We might be having that for lunch today. :)


I have not always liked our attempts at matza pizza, but this time was a success!

I think rolling the dough very thin helps it not be so tough and chewy. We also love the flavor of this homemade matza recipe. And, I like to load up the toppings on this! Since the crust is pre-baked, there's no worries about too many toppings making it soggy or undercooked. :)

Tammy thank you for a great website. What is the texture of Matza? Is it chewy, or crunchy like a saltine? Yours look so beautiful.
Thank you,

Hi Karen!

My homemade matza is chewy, unless it's rolled really thin, in which case it is crunchy. Still not really like a Saltine cracker though, since saltines are so light and melt-in-your-mouth compared to the homemade matza! But rolled thin, the matza is like a homemade cracker of sorts. :)

Hi, We have been making matza pizzas for yrs but we use the crackers for a quick meal. I just put tomato paste on them and cheese and any topping we want. I microwave them for about 30 seconds. and cut them in forths. They are great for colledge kids that have a micro wave too. Kids love them. I am sure your are much better.

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