Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Keeping celery fresh

For longer shelf life, store celery in vegetable drawer, wrapped snugly in aluminum foil.

Keeping celery fresh longer

I like to save the celery hearts for soup. (Hearts from two bunches of celery are shown above.)

After we use the green stalks for salads or celery sticks, the light inside stalks, along with all of the leaves, are perfect for adding to vegetable soup or chicken soup! Just wrap in foil and save until you're ready to make soup.

Keeping celery fresh longer

More of my favorite foil tips:

Use foil to keep bread from browning too quickly in the oven

How to keep foil from sticking to the casserole it covers

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Thanks! -Donna-

Is it time for more new pics of the baby>? ;-)

I have never heard of wrapping celery in foil before. I will have to give it a try.

My tip is for choosing asparagus:

Alea @ Premeditated Leftovers

I haven't heard of wrapping celery either! Thank so always bugs me that the last few pieces go to waste before we use them.

My tip is for using baking soda as a cleaner:

Cherity @ Chaotic Peace

Here's my tip for making soup go the distance:


My tip is if you have flaxseed on hand but need flax meal (as in for these oat bran muffins), you can grind them yourself!

Thanks for the tip! Here is mine:

Here is a new take on sloppy joes. Add some bacon and place mix in a large loaf of French bread rather than on individual buns. Recipe here.

That's a new one for me! You always have such interesting tips, Tammy!

Hello, Tammy, I finally have a tip to share today. =)
Have a great day. Moshe is a blessing. Have a great anniversary, by the way.

Avocado Tips:

Lorettta @ Vegan Footprints

Humm.....thanks for reminding me that I HAVE celery in the fridge. :-)

My kitchen tip today is on knowing how your food should smell/look when you buy it from the store. I've had too many bad experiences getting home and having spoiled or bad foods *sigh*.


That's the link to my tip for making chicken stock. And your idea to wrap celery in foil really works! I've been doing it for a while now. I cut off the bottom, separate the pieces and wash them, then wrap them up again. (I usually snack on those lighter colored pieces in the middle, which are so sweet!)

Here is my post about recycling eggs shells :)


I buy celery and it always goes bad! Thanks for sharing. My kitchen tip is how to save a burnt cake.

great tip to have hate it when celery goes bad before using it here is a tip for grated cheese

My tip today is a handy dandy list of measurement conversions.

Thanks for hosting!

Mary Ann

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