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Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Kitchen scissors tips

One of my bridal shower gifts (8 years ago now!) was this pair of Fiskars take-apart kitchen scissors from my mom. It's no wonder these scissors have such great reviews on -- they really are wonderful! I use mine multiple times each week, and they are so handy.

A few of my favorite uses:

Tammy's Easy Pizza recipe

I cut all of my homemade pizza and my Italian Cheese Bread into slices with my kitchen scissors! I originally started doing this because the pizza cutter would ruin a non-stick pizza pan or baking sheet. The kitchen scissors is easier to cut through a crispy crust, as well.

(See this post for lots more homemade pizza tips!)

And after I've cut the pizza in the pan, I cut my toddler's pizza into bite-sized pieces with the scissors! :)

Spaghetti and meatballs for a child

It's also the fastest way to cut spaghetti so that it ends up (mostly) in my child's mouth rather than on the table, floor, and his shirt! ;) (I know someone else mentioned this recently in a kitchen tip post -- if you're reading, remind me of your link!)

Other foods I like to cut with my scissors include leftover chicken meat (for casseroles) and fresh herbs! You can read Donna's kitchen scissors tips here.

Do you have a kitchen scissors? If so, what are your favorite things to snip?

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2. Coconut butter from coconut milk
3. Energy-efficient cooking
4. Stretching and making cereal healthier (Heather)
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6. Panini press substitute (Melinda)
7. Kid-size broom and dustpan
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10. Plastic bag tips (Angela)


Sweetened condensed milk substitute

I don't know how I got along without kitchen scissors for so long. My s-i-l was at my house about 10 years ago and asked me where I kept my scissors. She was shocked when I said I didn't have any. She rectified the situation the next Christmas and I have been using them for everything since! My favorite use is to cut up meat while it is still partially frozen for stir frys or stew. I just make sure that they are washed really well before I use them for anything else.

My tip is for making your own sweetened condensed milk substitute.

Alea @ Premeditated Leftovers

Pho and Scissors

My preschooler and I go out to eat Pho a couple of times a month (inexspensive and tasty). Often times the waitress will bring a pair of scissors for me to cut her noodles up with.

Homemade pizza tip

We use our kitchen scissors a lot, too.

My tip is about homemade pizza.

Have a great day!


We only use Fiskars scissors in our house. But then again, it is a Finnish brand! :)

Coconut Butter from Coconut Milk

I learned this little tip from Simply in Season's Red Lentil Coconut Curry recipe. It pays to read the little sidebars and notes that accompany the recipes!

Energy-Efficient Cooking

Awesome, tip, Tammy! I have a pair of kitchen scissors, but don't utilize them to the full potential :)

My tip today is about using your most energy efficient appliance!

SnoWhite @ Finding Joy in My Kitchen

Love my Kitchen Shears!

I use mine to chop herbs. I just put the herbs on a plate and go after them with the scissors.

I also use them to chop mushrooms (right in the can) before I put them on pizza...makes them go further.

I use them to cut up raw meat (chicken AND beef). It's much easier than doing it with any of my knives.

Organizing Online recipes with Delicious

Kitchen shears are wonderful!!

My post is about using Delicious to organize online recipes.

Stretching cereal (while making it healthier)

I under use my kitchen shears. I will have to think about how I can use this multipurpose tool.

For your Tip meme: Here's a link to my post on stretching and making cereal healthier :


Kitchen tips for working mom's

Today I posted a few kitchen tips for working mom's, that works for me.

"homemade" Panini Press

i love kitchen scissors! I have used them primarily with meat.


Sweeper for Little Ones

I have seen the question over and over where to find a broom little kids can handle.
So I thought to share my solution.


we have used scissors for

we have used scissors for fresh produce, to cut pizza or other thin items

here is a tip for how long meat stays good in the freezer

Kitchen Tip Tuesday Tip--Slacker Fudge

This wonderful fudge recipe is easy, inexpensive, and fast

Faithful Homemaking

Love my scissors!

Thank U for the link!
Hope you and baby are doing well!

saving stale dates

We use our kitchen shears alot too!
My tip this week is how to save stale dates :)


I used to make fun of my

I used to make fun of my husband for using the kitchen scissors to cut pizza because I've never known anyone to do it & i thought he was just being lazy.. until he told me his whole family does it lol. I guess they aren't the only ones! ;) I'd probably use them if I could ever find them.

Simple Bag Tip

Just a simple little bag tip to share found over here:


make your own cake flour

Make your own cake flour by substituting two tablespoons of cornstarch for two tablespoons of all-purpose flour for every cup of flour called for in the recipe

Kitchen scissors

I often forget about my kitchen scissors, but one thing I always use them for is cutting broccoli. I hold the stem of broccoli over the pot and cut the florets and let them drop right into the pot.


I have kitchen scissors, but mine come apart for easy cleaning. They are "Chicago Cutlery" brand! I cut EVERYTHING with them ~ meat, pizza, veggies, dinner sausages, green onions, etc. The only reason I am comfortable cutting raw and cooked things with the same scissors is because they DO come apart for thorough cleaning between jobs!


Here's where I saw the scissors tip here recently:


I have used mine to cut up pancakes and waffles for my toddlers for breakfast.

Congrats on the new baby!



My husband seems to think I am a scissors-using-addict in our home... I use them for everything: When I need to cut up raw or cooked chicken into chunks (obviously cleaned in between), likewise with beef (like for stroganoff), I use it to cut up toast for my little guy, as well as pancakes, waffles, and english muffins. I use them to cut salad greens and veggies, I use them to open pesky bags that french fries come in... (-: the uses of kitchen shears are absolutely endless... Tammy, great tip!! (some people don't know what a useful tool they are!)

~Jamie PA

Pizza Cutter

I cut everything with a pizza cutter! Sandwiches, quesadillas, pancakes, etc. It really works great. I do use scissors occasionally, but more of a pizza cutter kind of girl.


Your scissors!

I got those exact same kitchen shears over 11 years ago! When the elderly woman at my church gave them to me I thought, "what a weird gift, who gives scissors as a wedding gift?"

I take it back. I use those scissors multiple times every day and always buy good kitchen scissors as wedding gifts now!

Scissors for raw chicken skin

I have 4 pairs of scissors in my kitchen, and lately I've been lucky to find one so apparently everyone in my family finds uses for them! I use them in the kitchen for lots of things--one is cutting skin off chicken.

Kitchen scissors

Our 15 month old LOVES spinach and cheese quesadillas! We have found that the easiest way to cut them into bite size pieces is with our kitchen scissors.

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