Welcome, Baby!

Baby Moshe
Moshe, 10 hours old

Praise Yahweh! We have a sweet little baby boy! Moshe Paul was born at 3:59am on January 23 (Ruth's second birthday). He weighed 7 lbs 14 ounces and he's just the cutest little thing!!

Yehoshua (5) woke up when Moshe was about 45 minutes old, and his first comment upon seeing the new baby was "I missed it AGAIN!" since he also slept through Ruth's birth 2 years ago (and wishes that some day he might be awake when a baby is born at our house!).

Baby Moshe

Eliyahu (4) woke up not long later, and came to the couch where Moshe and I were resting. He asked a couple questions and then, as Joshua wasn't in the room at the time, said "Does Dad know about this??!!" :)

And Ruth (2) ...well, she wishes that her "birthday present" could be carried around like her doll baby! :)

Moshe and Tammy

Moshe Paul was named after Moses and Paul in the Bible. Moshe is pronounced "MOE-shay". And one of these days I'll manage to get a picture when his eyes are open!

My labor with Moshe was longer than my previous two labors, lasting over 8 hours. Very different for me mentally, even though in the end I wouldn't say it was more difficult than my 3-hour labor with Eliyahu. But I'll elaborate on all that when I type up a birth story! :)

I've been resting and enjoying Joshua's immense help with the household and other children, as he's home from work this week. Things are busy, but we're so blessed! :)


Oh! He is sooooo adorable! Congratulations on the newest addition to your family!

He's just adorable! Glad all went well even though it was a longer labor.
And happy birthday Ruth!

He's just beautiful!!!!
You have the prettiest babies!!
And still- after four- you look like a little kid sitting there with him-- a tired little kid ;-)
Hope you get some rest, 8 hours is a lot of work, buy boy did you get a great pay off!
Good work little mommy! Congrats!

He is such a beautiful baby, congratulations and enjoy!

YAY! Congratulations to your family! I think it's just fantastic that he was born on your daughter's birthday. That's amazing that they're exactly two years apart!

He is such a cute little guy and really has a lot of hair! Looking forward to your birth story. Take care!

AHHH! Tammy! Congratulations, he is so CUTE!! And how amazing, born on Ruth's birthday. I absolutely love Eliyahu's "Does dad know?" LOL. Beautiful.

~Ruth A.

Congratulations on the new baby !! What a cute lil family you have... can't wait to see a picture of the entire family (open eyes or not...lol).

God Bless You All,
Guntersville, AL

Awwww - he's absolutely *beautiful*! SO thankful to hear that all went well...and how very special that he and Ruth get to share a birthday. They'll be best buddies. :D

He looks so much like the others...all that long, dark hair, too. :) And I like the name, especially the middle name, for some reason. ;)

Will be praying all goes well as you rest up and adjust to life with four little ones. Wow...so good to see God blessing your family so abundantly. :D

Love to all!

What a beautiful child. You must be so proud of him.

Well done, good and faithful servant! He looks perfect. And you don't even look tired! Enjoy the snuggles over the next few days/months. :) Katie

He is just absolutely beautiful! Congratulations to the entire family, and happy birthday to Ruth!

Glad he's finally here and that everything went okay!


What a beautiful baby! And, Ruth will be thrilled with her birthday gift, even if she can't carry him around...

My Dad got a sister for his 3rd birthday.

Moshe is such a beautiful litlle boy! Take good care of yourselves


PS: Felicitations means congratulations in French

It's been *quiet* on here, I was wondering if you gave birth!

Moshe is sooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!

Many congratulations on Moshe Paul's birth. He looks so beautiful. Many prayers for your family of 6! Love, Lucy (in England)

He is beautiful. Congratulations!

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! he is sooooooooooo sweet!
You make beautifull children!!!!!!!

That is so great. He is just beautiful and you are positively glowing. I am so happy for you and your family. I love "Does Dad know about this?". That is just too funny. I hope you get to enjoy these first days. My youngest just turned 2 months old, where did the time go?!?!


What a precious little boy!

He's beautiful!! I thought it was so funny, ( does Dad know about this?) thats just like a little fellow to think like that. Get some rest and congrats!!

He's absolutely precious Tammy!


He is so cute!!! And cool to be born on ruth's birthday!!

I was beginning to wonder if you having the baby with how quiet it had been here. :)

Congratulations to you and your family on your new little blessing!


....On your sweet baby boy! Looking forward to one myself in another 3 months! :) I really like his name.

Congratulations, Tammy and family!!! He's precious. Enjoy your time together with the newest member of your family -- and how special for two of your kids to share a birthday.


Moshe is beautiful! All that hair!

I was just wondering about you last night! What exciting news to read first thing this morning- Congratulations!!! I can't wait to read you birth story. Rest well and enjoy your handsome little man!


So excited Moshe is here--and how fun he came on Ruth's birthday!

Looking forward to the birth story... whenever you have a chance. Rest up, enjoy your littles, and we'll be waiting for you when you're ready to return!

-Crystal Paine

He is so beautiful, looks like a little baby doll. You are such a great mom!

What a beautiful baby boy!!!! Wonderful news!!!

Congrats on your new blessing! He's a beautiful treasure!

Hi Tammy --

Congratulations on your newest blessing!!! I love Eliyahu's question if Dad knew. Oh, how cute little ones are :)


Oh, beautiful baby blessings! What a cutie! Congratulations to all of you. :D


What a cutie :-)

His hair looks darker than your older sons'. But I think I remember thinking that about Ruth's hair when you posted her newborn pics.

I'm glad everything went well. He is a real cutie. Children are such a precious gifts from God.

What a handsome baby boy!

He's just gorgeous, Tammy. Enjoy these babymoon days. Can't wait to hear the birth story. :)

Amy @ Finer Things

Amy said pretty much everything I was going to say. Have a wonderful babymoon and can't wait to hear the birth story! :>)


oh he is just beautiful Tammy - and Eliyahu's comment had me in a fit of giggles. So cute!

Eliyahu's comment made me chuckle. :)

Moshe is beautiful!

Congratulations Tammy and family. Moshe is beautiful.

What a wonderful blessing!

Heather (married Aug '00, mom to 5 children ages 8 yrs down to 1 yr, baby #6 due Sept)

Congratulations....what an absolutely beautiful baby!!!

Praise the Lord for another handsome little man added into your family. That's amazing that he shares Ruth's birthday! I look forward to his birth story. :-)

What a beautiful baby :) Enjoy him and have a speedy recovery!!!

Leigh @ amomsjungle.blogspot.com

I have to say that he is just beautiful, as have all of your children been. The hair on his head is amazing. I am so happy for you and your family. I know that you are well taken care of with such an amazing husband. My one daughter just had our first grandson in October, and our oldest daughter who follows your blog is pregnant with her 4th. She has 3 girls and this one is going to be another girl, we are so excited.! You never cease to amaze me Tammy. I just love your blog and you are so blessed. Thank you for letting us see your beautiful bundle:)

Diana from Oklahoma

Wow, what a beautiful little blessing! Your kid's reactions are so sweet!! Take care -
Betsy M

Mazal Tov! What a goodly son!

He's soo cute and look at that full head of hair beautiful!

He is beautiful Tammy!!! Absolutely adorable :)!!!! Eliyahu's comment really tickled my funny bone, haha :). Too cute :). and how special for Ruth :)!!! Maybe Yehoshua will make it next time :).
May the Lord bless Moshe and keep him, may His face shine upon him and may he have peace all the days of his life :).
You are greatly blessed Tammy, what a beautiful family :).
I can't wait until it's my turn :)! 15 more weeks...

Enjoy your new little bundle!

Our #4 and #5 children share a birthday as well, 2 years apart just like yours.

Wow, what a sweet looking little guy, he's simply perfect.
Here's to a quick recovery.

What a sweet bundle! So glad to hear of #4's safe arrival. :)
How exciting for Ruth to share his birthday. :)
Erin and I are still chuckling about both Yehoshua's and Eliyahu's comments...too cute.
Take it easy and enjoy your new little one. :)

Congrats, Tammy, on another sweet baby boy! You must be thrilled! So glad to hear that things went well and that the other children are adoring this new little one. Rest well and enjoy this lovely newborn stage while it lasts (can't believe my baby's 5 months old so fast!).

Congratulations!! So beautiful. <3

(On a side note, I forgot how the other names were pronounced so I checked out the "About" section in hopes of it maybe being there...or their previous birth stories linked there maybe. I'm assuming you've done some updating since that was written because all the links within are broken for me. :( When you get around to updating to include this little guy, you might want to check the links, too.)

Oh congratulations Tammy! What a blessing!!!! I can't wait to hear your birth story. He's so beautiful! :)

You make some pretty gorgeous babies! And you look so fresh and relaxed! I can't wait to read the birth story, too. :-)

Congratulations! What a beautiful baby....enjoy your new blessing!!

Congratulations!! He is Beautiful!!

Congrats!!!!!!!!! What a true blessing!

Congrats Tammy! I knew it'd be another boy! And so neat that he shares Ruth's birthday! So excited for your newest blessing. May God be with your family!

Congrats! What a beautiful baby.


Congratulations on your newest (and incredibly beautiful) blessing! I'm so happy for you! Get lots of rest!

Tammy I had no idea that you were already nine months?!! Your pregnancy went by so fast though I'm sure to you it seemed a bit long by the end:)
Your baby is beautiful and I wish you Gods blessings in raising him!!
The things your boys say.....sure made me smile:)

Congratulations! Praise the Lord that your birth went smoothly enough (I'm assuming that since you are home and not at a hospital right now). Enjoy your time with your little boy!

What a gorgeous Gift! Rest up!

Praise the Lord! He's such a wonderful little blessing! I bet you just love him to bits. Sending hugs and lots of rest from St. Johns, MI.

How wonderful! Congratulations!

Moshe is adorable, as is the rest of the family:)

Aw! Tammy how wonderful another sweet little Man! WElcome to our world Moshe!

He's a beautiful baby, Tammy. Honestly (and this is from a completely unbiased observer) you have some of the most beautiful children I've seen. :-)
Isn't it funny how each child's birth can be so different? I know that my first and my fifth were my most difficult labors-my second was my easiest-there's just no telling....kind of like their personalities. ;-)
Enjoy your beautiful baby and having your dh home with you!

He's SO beautiful! Enjoy!

SO happy for you, Tammy. Moshe is an absolutely beautiful baby boy! I'm looking forward to reading your birth story. Enjoy your babymoon, as Amy said! :)

Congratulations to you and your family. I love reading your blog and I admire your family. He is so sweet.....as are your other children. Enjoy and cherish them. :)

Congratulations, what a sweet, adorable little baby!!! He's absolutely beautiful. Love the name- I've known many Moshes in my life, though we (Jews) pronounce it a bit differently: MOE-sheh. In Israel, they pronounce it Mo'-SHEH.

Enjoy him!

Thanks for the note! I will put my geek hat on for a second, so please excuse my ramblings :) Hebrew names can be interesting in that there are a number living traditions (Ashkenazic, Sephardic, Yemenite, etc) as well as the development of the language. Eliyahu is an interesting example as the Massoretic text instructs tsere (long e as in prey) but in the dynamics of languages and how words rush together almost everyone I have heard say it truncates the sound. A linguist I was chatting with recently used the example "under" which technically has a break in the word but when spoken by natives who speak quickly the word in English elides over the break. Eliyahu is also "funky" in that the accented syllable "ya" has a qamets and there is a bit of discussion how the vowel was intended to be pronounced (probably a high o as in bowl, hence the Masoretic qamets looks like a union of a patach and holem). As for Moshe, in the Hebrew Bible the accent is the second syllable (i.e. how it is accented in Israel; Torah is another word I hear in the US constantly as TO-rah when the Hebrew is to-RAH). The final "e" is tough; the vowel is a short e (seghol) but it is the accent syllable and the final He is a historically long vowel letter. We don't "reconstruct" the Hebrew of any of our kids names (e.g. Yehoshua would have sounded a bit different in the Biblical period) and realize there are various traditions on how to read the vowels ... in Moshe's defense, the name was probably Egyptian (!) as mose means "son" in Egyptians. It is a good word play (Egyptian mose / son; Heb. moshe, related to to mashah "to draw out") so I plead the fifth!

Anyhow, we chose this name primarily on the merits of what a godly man Moses was, one YHWH knew as a friend and spoke mouth-to-mouth and face-to-face. Moses was blessed to see YHWH's Glory, was a fair judge, and humble leader who showed immense growth and faith in his life. We pray the same for our Moshe! The meanings of the word Moshe (drawn, son) are what we hope for him: That YHWH may draw him close and count him among his children.

Joshua's explanation (above) -- and after discussing it, I realized that I was wrong about the accent! Second-syllable accent, not first... though in my defense, when we say it I can't usually readily distinguish the accent! :)

I just wanted to say that Tammy, you, and Joshua are very good at choosing names for your children! I think that it is great that you put as much thought and prayer into the naming of your children as you have (I can only assume you have put much heart into naming them as well)! I love that Moshe means "drawn And son" I think that the explanation of what Joshua wrote----though, a bit over my head with only an introductory tour of the Jewish language---was clear and succinct in the way he explained it, what I would give to be a fly on your wall at dinner time! (you must have some really neat conversations!)

All I wanted to say, besides, congratulations, was that I am encouraged by your family, and I enjoy your steadfastness in the Word and the direction from the Almighty...and I am always inspired to read stories of your family putting such thought into such things as naming your children---not only great names, but strong names as well!! you have quite an army ready for the world in the making! (and if the Lord was so interested in names, why aren't more people in naming their children?--this is me thinking of the story of when Abram and Sarai's names were changed, and the addition of the "heh" in both their names---names certainly seem to mean a great deal to the Father---)

Lastly, I wanted to know if you, Tammy, have read anything from "Above Rubies"-- a dear friend of me has given me a handful of copies of this magazine, and as the thought popped into my head(just now) I thought I would ask, and send you a link to their site: http://www.aboverubies.org/ I hope you can glean something from the readings you find (and at very least the copies that I have, that are almost a decade old, seem to be perfect for you!)

I wish you all well, and I hope you enjoy all the time you have with your lovely family!

I wondered when there was not as many posts from you! I hope everything went well in spite of the longer labor! You both look great!!! You have four children now!!!

Congratulations to you! Glad you and baby are doing well. Happy babymoon!

Oh, how beautiful he is. Can't wait to read more. Congratulations to you, dad, and the big brothers and sisters.

Congratulations! He is so beautiful!

He's adorable. Congratulations!

I pray for God's blessings to continue to rain down on you and your precious family. :) God is SO good and I'm thrilled that everything turned out okay with the delivery and all.

What a cute thing your son said, "Does Dad know about this?" That is hilarious!!!!!!

Fantastic name, too. :O)

Hugs & Love,

He is such a cute little bundle, isn't he? With chubby cheeks already. :) Enjoy him!

He is beautiful. You have blessed again. Enjoy him. I Iove his names too. Congratulations!!!

Congratulations, you both look wonderful. Enjoy your baby time.

Moshe is beautiful! Congratulations! I just found your site a month ago and have enjoyed making and looking at your recipes. Bless your family!

I am new here Tammy, but I just wanted to say how blessed you are & congrats!

I have just the opposite of you, 3 girls & 1 boy.

Enjoy having hubbie home and rest when baby does!

Awaiting His Shout,

PS: My hubbie saw your cheesecake pictures & I will not hear the end of it until I make one:)

Rejoicing with you at this wonderful gift from God!


Happy birthday to both Ruth & Moshe!

He's beautiful! And such a nice name, too.

congratulations!!! i'm so happy for you!!!

He is soo adorable! I agree with the above comments - you truly do have adorable children! =)

Congrats!! May God continue to shower your family with many blessings!

Congrats :) He looks amazing, and so do you! Praise the Lord for a safe delivery!

He's beautiful! Congratulations! And I love his name...what a great strong name!

What a beautiful baby boy!

Congratulations!!!! And now I share the birthday with two of your children! :) The baby is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Welcome sweet little one!!


Praise God for a safe and healthy delivery and for the blessing of new life! Moshe is just beautiful and is certainly surrounded by much love. Enjoy your little people and your days of rest... on second thought, this is an order TO rest. ;) I know you, girl.

Love you much,

I'm looking forward to the birth story. How exciting that 3 of your children have birthdays so close together!

Congratulations, Tammy! How special for Moshe to share a birthday with his sister. Oh, and I love how the children were able to sleep through the birth and their sleep not being interrupted. So precious for them to wake to their brother's arrival!

He's beautiful!

Congratulations!!! He is soooo cute!!! I love the name, too. And how fun to have him and Ruth share a birthday. :) Hope you can get some good rest this week and enjoy that precious newborn time!


Congratulations to your entire family! We know that Moshe will enjoy many tasty meals as he grows up. :)


Congratulations! You always have such beautiful babies. God bless!

Tammy, congratulations to you and your family on Moshe. He is beautiful. I am so happy for all of you. I'll look forward to hearing all about him in the coming weeks and seeing more photos.


Congrats he is beautiful! I am so happy for you!

We are rejoicing here for you all!! Moshe is so precious! So glad to hear all went well, inspite of the longer labor. I'm glad Joshua is home and taking care of you all. Praise YHWH for this new bundle fo joy. Babies are such precious gifts.

Once again, so happy for you!!!!

~Tanya - mama to 6 treasures. :)

He is just adorable! Glad all is well.


He's absolutely beautiful...congrats to the happy family :)

He is absolutely beautiful! I very much look forward to the birth story.....I gather it was a lovely homebirth. Yes, praise Yahweh!

So happy for you and your precious family. God bless you!

How sweet. What a blessing for your family.
Get your rest as you can.

He is so handsome! Glad you guys are doing well.

He is so gorgeous. You will have such fun celebrating double birthdays in the coming years. :) Hooray!

Oh I am just singing with praises for your new little blessing! He is precious. . . I am looking forward to hearing your birth story when you are ready. :)

Look at that hair!! What a beautiful baby. Congrats to you and your family...

He is so beautiful and sweet. May God continue to bless you through your recovery.


Congrats to you and your family...He is an absolute DOLL! Look how big and healthy! You are truly blessed. Alexis

I am so happy to see that you are safely delivered! I will continue to pray for you and your family during your recovery and adjustment. Looking forward to reading details. Many blessings for you all.
In Him,

I just realized that I've been following your blog for just over 2 years - - I remember you were anticipating Ruth's birth and before I knew it she was born. Moshe is handsome and I love the name. So glad you got all those meals prepared and in the freezer when you did!

Congratulations! You look so good in your post baby pic! and your little boy is so sweet looking. I love babies with lots of hair! (good thing mine are born with plenty!) I hope and pray that your recovery is quick and restful. I really enjoyed the first week after my daughter was born. :)

Hooray! He looks perfect. Get some rest and enjoy your sweet little family!

Tammy and Family, Congrats on baby Moshe he is Adorable!!
You have a Beautiful family!!
Take care of your self and get some rest while you can! we will all be praying for you!!

Ps. Dont forget I have a Ton of boy clothes if you are interested! I have three bags full in my van waiting to bless a baby boy with! Let me know if you are intested and we can make the trip up to North. G-D Bless you all!!


Congratulations! Ah, he is so precious and what an extra special gift for big sister, Ruth too! =)
Looks like this one didn't wait as long as his brothers to come greet his family! =)
Hope the labor and birth went well and I am so happy for your family!

Many congrats on the birth of your son! He's a sweetheart!
Rest and enjoy your family~


Another early bird ;)
And on Ruth's birthday, too!
Happy 2nd birthday to her; how neat they are exactly 2 years apart.
I think I'd guessed you were having a girl so I guess I was wrong ;)
He's a cutie pie, nice size! and lots of hair too!!
I'm glad the labor went relatively well for you.
Rest up and enjoy your new addition!
And praise the Lord for a healthy baby!
I'm so glad for you all.

I am so happy for you! May all your sons be blessed by god!

Congratulations! Praise God for His goodness!

My sister's last baby (#5) was born on his sisters second birthday too :)

He is so sweet!! Congratulations!!!

He's beautiful! Congratulations!!

I am so happy for you and rejoice at the new baby, Hope you are resting and taking it easy, I like Bible names too, We have a Sarah, Benjamin, and if this one is a boy he will be Joseph, although for a girl I like Rachel. I share my birthday with my brother who is 2 years younger,
Happy Birthday Ruth and Baby Moshe,

I was wondering if you had the baby since there was no posts in a few days.Congrats.He is so adorable.I am glad everyone is doing good and healthy.That is so nice to have Joshua home for the week to help you and with the running of the house.What a beautiful blessing.

Mrs. Paradis

Another boy!!! He is absolutly beautiful - and on Ruth's birthday. I am so glad all went well and the baby is here, and healthy. Enjoy getting to know you new one - and your time as a family while your husband is home this week.


What a sweet baby! He looks so much like Ruth with all that hair. Glad to hear your labor wasn't too bad as labors go, can't wait to hear the whole story once you've had a chance to rest up. Enjoy the time with Joshua home!


You have a beautiful son! Enjoy this time as you know how fast it goes:)
take it easy while your husband is home to help.
Blessings to your family

He is beautiful! Congratulations!!

He is Perfect! God is so good!

What a handsome boy! Congratulations!

How sweet that little one is! Congrats on another new baby!

Isn't he sweet and handsome! And such thick hair! Very pleased for you and the whole family!
Love from Sara

What a beautiful baby boy! Congrats to you and your family. :)

He's beautiful! And you look great!


Congratulations!!!! He is beautiful!

What a beautiful baby! I LOVE his hair! :)


How cool to have two kids share a birthday and not be twins! Congratulations on your new little blessing! Your boys have such interesting names!

I am a long time follower of your lovely blog.....Tammy you are such an inspiration, in so many ways....
Congratulations on your beautiful little one...he is absolutely precious. Blessings on your beautiful family.


He's beautiful! Can't wait to read your birth story! I so admire you and bringing your baby into the world IN YOUR OWN HOME!!! So amazing!

praise God tammy!!Congratulations!!He is beautiful!!!

He's beautiful!


he could not be any more adorable! what a blessing to have him, and what a blessing for him to have you!!

in a world that can be so harsh, it is comforting to know, such a wonderful, loving family exsists!

thank you for sharing pictures and updates..


He is BEAUTIFUL, just like all your children. Congratulations to you, your husband, and to Ruth, for sharing her birthday with her baby brother. Oh, to the big boys, too! :-)

Take care, Tammy!

Congratulations! He is a handsome little fellow.

I have the pleasure of passing on the Sunshine Blog Award from my blog www.basketmasterweavings.blogspot.com
Thank you for maintaining such a wonderful recipe site. I get such wonderful cooking inspiration from here. Your work with this blog is much appreciated.

What a doll! I want one! :) (That is to say, my boys aren't babies anymore!)


- Sheila

Moshe is a very beautiful baby and YOU are a beautiful Momma! You look so composed and rested and .... so pretty as always.

Mazel tov, Tammy and Joshua!

Congratulations Tammy and family on your new baby boy! I love his name! My husband and I love unique Bible names too!

So happy for you! Praise God!


Congrats Tammy! I'm just catching up and I didn't even know you were expecting- lol. I really admire that you do home births. Enjoy your handsome blessing!

Oh, Tammy, he is so beautiful, and with such a head of hair!! What a precious blessing from God!

Congratulations! Hope you all get some rest. :). (OK, not likely... But enjoy the newborn time!)


He is so beautiful and how special to be born on Ruth's birthday

What a wonderful and handsome blessing he is. Thanks so much for allowing me to share in your special family moment. Children are a blessed gift from GOD!!!
Be Blessed
Allean in Nashville

congratulations to you and your family!

Hi Tammy & family!
Congratulations on little Moshe Paul! He is adorable!! I am looking forward to his birth story! My sister-in-law actually told me that you had him (I have hardly been online lately.) That is so special that you had him on Ruth's birthday!
I've been wanting to email or write to you...but since I haven't gotten that done I'll just tell you right now... Brian & I are expecting our next little one in late July!!! We have the same midwife as last time. I will write soon & send some updated pictures of Aiden.


P.S. We have the picture you sent us on our refrigerator... Aiden loves to look at it and knows everyone's name!

Congratulations! What a beautiful baby & beautiful name. Thanks for sharing your newest little blessing with us.


He's absolutely breathtaking!!

Thank the Lord for a safe arrival of your new little one.


EVERYDAY I come to get my beautiful baby fix!! He is beautiful and his pix takes my breath away as I am suffering from empty arms syndrome and praying for a grandchild. You and hubby have beautiful children. Congratulations and God bless

I pray for God's blessings for your beatiful family, the new baby is so cute. Thanks for the tips and recipes, I go to have a Baby boy on march and my family live in another country so, I have to be in my own the first week, I really apreciate your advise. Again Jehovah bless your family

Awwwww he is absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love that head full of black hair !!! What a fun birthday surprise for Big Sister!!! Congrats to all!!!

Jodi G

Tammy, you always have the most beautiful children!! Moshe is precious!


What a lovely family. And you how healthy mama looked.
thanks for keeping us up-to date.

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