Some things, but never all things!

Eliyahu on his birthday

Birthday dinner for Eliyahu last week (with chocolate cake and homemade pizza!): Check!

Dinner ready on time most evenings: Check!

School work done, laundry clean, bills paid, house picked up and semi-clean: Check!

Enough sleep at night (or supplemented with naps!): Check!

Turning on the computer and blogging: Ummmmm. :|

This also means that if you've emailed me in the past, oh, 6 months or so... it's probably buried in my inbox. I want to make the time for blogging and answering a few emails (at least!) but I've just not figured out how to manage all that while still going to bed on time!

It seems there is always something more that I could (and probably even should!) be doing... so life remains the tricky balance of trying to do the best I can in the most important things. :)


looks like a fun birthday!!

perfectly understandable:) By the way your kids are darling!

The seasons change - LOVE where you are!

the pizza looks yummy.!!! The only way I have found to get things done is I have lived all my life with 2 to 4 hours sleep a night especially now that Im caring for my parents and grandmother at times. Im gonna be 48 this year and its not getting any easier than when I was in my 20's

never fear lovely have your priorities down! Every time you post I think, man, three kids and very pregnant, how does she do this? So I'm glad to hear you are taking naps!

I've been praying for your new one and your families adjustment and all that. Can't wait to see photos!

Happy Birthday.He looks like he is trying to be so patient to get started with his birthday dinner.

Happy birthday to Eliyahu!! Soon Ruth's birthday is next... :) Sounds like you are doing well, I understand where you are coming from. Sometimes I think there is not enough hours in a day, plus get the sleep you need. So something has to go!

~Tanya - mama to 6 treasures. :)

what a sweet bunch of kids! do you know what you are having? (ultrasound?)

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