Meal planning before baby arrives: Breakfasts

Yehoshua (5) making waffles
Yehoshua (5) helps make and cook waffles

Before our last child was born (nearly 2 years ago) I made extensive menu plans. These included 2 weeks of easy meals and 12 weeks of "regular" menus, rotating our favorites and including lots of meals that we prefer to enjoy on a more infrequent basis.

Even though I didn't follow the menus exactly as I had planned, it was so helpful to have already thought about our meals and have something on paper to turn to as needed! :)

This pregnancy, rather than making weekly menu plans, I have made lists of meal ideas. I've then set about preparing as much of these meals in advance as possible!

Here is my breakfasts list:

Breakfasts made ahead:

My mom's homemade granola (double batch!)
Cinnamon Crunch Granola (quadruple batch, already half eaten though!)
Breakfast Burritos (ran out of freezer space to make these)
Homemade waffles (no freezer space for these either...)
Homemade bagels (again... no freezer space left!)
Energy Bars (still need to make these)

Breakfasts partly made ahead:

Challah French Toast (our favorite; still need to make Challah and freeze the leftovers for this if possible!)

Easy breakfasts:

Scrambled eggs
Cold or hot cereal
Whole wheat berry pancakes

Banana muffin mixes

Dry mixes made ahead:

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins (done!)
Oatmeal Apple Raisin Muffins (done!)
Mocha Frappuccinos (for Joshua) (done but gone... need to do again!)
Hot cocoa mix (for me!) (done!)
Herbal pregnancy tea (on the list for tomorrow!)

Coming next: Lunches and Main Dishes for the freezer

Filling the spice bottles...
After making some dry mixes, Yehoshua and I decided to make sure the spice bottles were all filled (I buy most spices in bulk). He enjoyed the challenge! :)


I must say you are very organized! And it you looks like you have great lil helpers too!

Those are some good ideas! It will be helpful, I'm sure. Yehoshua looks like such a big helper. :) After this recent pregnancy, i didn't have any meal plans or things made ahead of time. Sure my mom is here, but it would have been helpful having something made ahead of time. I can try again next time if blessed again. :) ~Tanya - mama to 6 treasures. :)

I can't tell from the photo--did you at least measure out dry stuff for waffles, etc? I know that helps me tons just to have to pour in the amount of water, oil, eggs [I use powdered milk most times].

Lunch time you might [for the first few days without help at home] try the "basket method"--I used this when my kids didn't know English. Pick one from basket A [fruit], basket B [carrots/celelry etc veggies] and C [a protein--peanut butter and crackers, cream cheese crackers, or cubes of cheese, sliced cold meat]. Your big boy could even get this lunch together for you and his siblings!

Praying for a safe delivery!

Lisa @

I didn't make dry mixes for waffles or pancakes. Our favorite waffles require separating eggs and beating them, etc... plus cooking the waffles takes some time (3 minutes for every 2 waffles...) so I didn't really think that even with a dry mix (for the 3 dry ingredients in my recipe!) it would make it simple enough for me. :)

Mmmmm... I love your basket idea!! :)

Tammy, do you use whole wheat flour for all of your baking? I've tried several of your recipes and they are always great, thanks for sharing! Crissy

I don't use whole wheat flour for all of my baking. It really just depends! :)

Most sweets/muffins/cookies/cakes I use at least half whole wheat, if not all. But there are a few things that are just plain TREATS and taste BEST with white flour so I use it!! ;)

We like whole wheat pancakes, and I usually use at least 1/2 whole wheat flour for waffles.

For breads -- we eat 100% whole wheat bread for sandwiches, toast, etc. Challah and cinnamon rolls can take some whole wheat flour but those are two things that I think are really just best with white flour... but they are more treats, not a staple daily or weekly food. :)

Really, I don't have a hard-and-fast rule... I just try things various ways and cater to our tastes! :D

Do you put all the dry stuff in for the mixes? Is there anything you would not recommend mixing the dry ahead of? Any ingredients to watch out for? I am encouraged to mix up a bunch of stuff with my girls-measuring practice and then they could mix up the stuff with little help from me too :).

I so enjoy your posts and recipes. Tons of stuff in my cookbook comes from your site.

Alicia B

For my mixes, I do put in all of the dry ingredients (even the chocolate chips, for the banana muffins, rather than sprinkling them on top). When I put the mix in a bowl, I whisk the dry ingredients together before adding the wet ingredients... like I would when making the recipe normally. :)

If you want to do mixes -- we even have a chocolate cake mix that you can make. :) It's very yummy! :D

At what stage do you add the bananas in those muffins?
I couldn't see them in the ziploc baggies, and wondered if you will store bananas in the freezer to add later, or ????

Ummm, no, I didn't put bananas in the muffin mixes! heehee I put all the dry ingredients and then to make the muffins, I add 3 mashed bananas (can be frozen[thawed] or freshly mashed), 1 egg, and 1/2 cup mayo or sour cream. :)

You are one organized gal! Good for you :)

I can't wait for the rest of this series. I am 23 weeks pregnant, and need to start this same planning!

i am 26 weeks pregnant and have been dreaming about putting stuff together for meals, etc as we get ready for baby #4. you have some awesome ideas and great recipes! thanks for posting :)

Are you looking for a part time job?! I would love to have help making food. I have a 19 month old and am due April 10th. I have already been making an extra dish of dinners to freeze and I love the layout you have for recipes!! Thank you for posting ideas and receipes, now I have meal planning to do!

I love your site :) I am preparing for baby #6 and freezer cooking is all that saves my sanity with a newborn :) Can't wait to make up a bunch of your dry mixes to go with the 63 dinners I just put in my freezer!

I always use frozen bananas. They are great for cooking muffns or banana bread. Plus, whenever I buy bananas and eventually have some ripe ones that every one prefers to avoid, I peel them and stick them into the freezer. Then everyone of us wants to have a frozen banana treat.

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