Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Burritos

We love burritos!

For delicious meatless burritos, I make my beans and rice as described here, splash some Tapatio hot sauce inside, wrap in a flour tortilla and serve with sour cream. Easy, affordable, and delicious! :)

This is how I warm the flour tortillas, when we all want to fill our own at the meal.

When serving burritos for a crowd, I gather all the ingredients (warm or cold) and start assembling the burritos. Yehoshua was my helper a few weeks ago when we made burritos to take to church for the meal.

Yehoshua fills the burritos

These are cooked pinto beans, mozzarella cheese, cooked basmati rice, and cheddar cheese.

Finished burritos for a crowd!

When we finished, we had two full 9x13's of burritos. I covered the tops with foil and refrigerated. When we were ready to warm them, I baked them covered at 325 degrees for almost an hour. I like to serve them with sour cream and Tapatio (of course!). :) So easy!

We also love breakfast burritos and burritos with taco fillings (meat, beans, sour cream, cheese, lettuce, tomato, salsa).

Before our new baby arrives, I plan to make up several kinds of burritos, wrap each one individually in foil, and place in a bag in the freezer (labeled!). I haven't tried warming the frozen burritos yet, but a friend said her frozen ones (wrapped in foil) take about 30 minutes at 350 degrees, resting directly on the oven rack. Sounds easy!

Do any of you have burrito tips to add to my post? I'd love to hear! :)

Bethany has a photo tutorial on how she folds her burritos. I do it similarly, though I put a bit more filling inside than she shows, and don't wrap the sides in nearly so far.

Bethany wraps hers in freezer paper and reheats in the microwave. :)

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We love burritos here as well. I 'm doing a freezer day next week and will definitely be adding these to the list. I didn't do them last time. :)

Here's my kitchen tip:
Stock Pots, from Rachel at Trial and Error

Since our weather is warm 11 months of the year, I make the burritos on the stovetop to keep from heating the already-warm house. I put a very thin layer of butter on one side of a stack of tortillas, flip the stack over so the butter is on the outside, fill, and put in a medium-heated large pan. Then turn with tongs to make a slightly-crispy outside and warm inside. I can fit 4-5 very large burritos in my large pan, which is enough for our family since the kids have half of one.


When I had my 2nd someone brought out black bean and sweet potato burritoes, frozen, and wrapped in foil. They were delicious (I've since made them myself) and did reheat very easily in the oven

Black beans and sweet potatoes are a really good combo! We make quesadillas with that filling. yum,yum.


Okay, okay... tell me more! Is it JUST black beans and sweet potatoes? In a flour tortilla? Do you serve it with anything?? :)

Well, I just sort of wing it for quesadillas but basically... Cook the sweet potatoes however you like. (I've just baked them in the oven while cooking something else and peeled afterwards, or peel and steam/boil.) Mash them up so you can spread them around a bit--they dont need to be super smooth. Season the beans however you like: I sautee onions and garlic, add the beans and some cumin, chili powder, salt. Spread the sweet potatoes on half a flour tortilla, add beans, sprinkle with cheese (cheddar or whatever) and fold over. I have a round cast iron grill pan that I cook them on two at a time. You could spread toppings over the entire tortilla and add another on top but I find it much less messy and easier to turn over when doing them folded in half. They are good plain but they are REALLY good with sour cream and salsa to dip them in. The kids prefer them plain, though.


love your burrito idea and how you placed them so nicely in the casserole dishes

I must tell you that the kitchen tip I have to share is sort of simple and might all ready be known but it was not til recently when I finally figured it out

Here is the link for my "kitchen tip"

Thanks, Tammy!



I found when I did that, the tortillas tended to get dry, so one thing we did was make wet burritos where we covered the burritos with homemade enchilada sauce. They are yummy!!!

We also made some that were stuffed with a filling of meat, refried beans, green chilies and some cheese, wrapped in foil and kept warm in the oven. They are good!

WE make breakfast burritos but the dozens and freeze them individually. We scramble eggs, and cook potatos and onions, and sometimes add meat. the freeze and wrap. ythen reheat and they work great. VEry nice for the on the go mornings.

I love to make large batches of burritos and put them in the freezer. My favorite are refried beans, jack cheese, mixture of salsa, chicken (leftover shredded) and corn. I just wrap in plastic wrap and pop in the freezer. They last FOREVER and when I want one I just spray with oil, put it in the oven: 350 for about 30-40 mins and presto! You can add or omit anything in these. I have to try your idea for breakfast ones, those would be great too.

To warm large quantitys of the wraps at a time, set your oven on about 150 and lay the bags of wraps on a cookie sheet, then place them in the oven for about 20 minutes.

I love the frozen burrito idea! I'm looking for something my husband can take to work and warm up in the microwave instead of sandwiches everyday. Has anyone (1) wrapped these in whole wheat tortillas rather than regular flour? (2) Taken them out of the foil and reheated in the microwave? If so, how did they turn out??

Thank you!

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