Cookie-making fun!

Eliyahu helps mix up the cookie dough...

When Joshua brought home M&Ms last week, we decided to make some sugar cookies to decorate. :) Eliyahu (almost 4) was my cookie helper! He borrowed Yehoshua's hot pepper apron and chef's hat for the occasion. :)

Old-Fashioned Cloves Cookies recipe

We made Old-Fashioned Cloves Cookies, a family favorite. As I mentioned in the recipe notes, the ingredients for this recipe were originally taken from the book Household Discoveries by Sidney Morse, c. 1903.

When I was a child, we found the book at a rummage sale and my brother Phillip decided to try this recipe from it. We liked the cookies and nicknamed them "Cloves Cookies" because of the strong clove flavor. :) The original recipe didn't even give a baking temperature or time. :)

Eliyahu decorates the cookies...

My idea was to use the M&Ms to make smileys on the cookies.

Eliyahu, however, thought they should be doggie paw cookies, and made up some hilarious doggie stories as he worked on the "doggie paws". :) He had a LOT of fun decorating the cookies, spending quite a while intently hunched over the tray of cookies. :)

I must say, though, that I don't recommend using M&Ms (or any other chocolate) on these Old-Fashioned Cloves Cookies as they are rather spicy and the flavor doesn't go well with chocolate at all!! :)


Oh my gosh! He is sooo cute. I just want to squeeze his little cheeks! :-) Have a very Merry Christmas!

I love the hat and apron! And interesting note about the clove I need to quite a bit of baking this next week! As always, thanks for some ideas!

I wish I had more space for kids to help me in the kitchen! I was just thinking about this today as Liam was trying to watch me make bread today and there was just no where for him to put his stool. My two tiny counters are squeezed between appliances, allowing for only one person to stand there at a time. :(

Oh, and our dining table is over carpet... not the most practical for kids of any age to help! I hope our next home is set up better...

~Elizabeth in Alaska

Our table is over carpet, too, and that always seems like the easiest place for multiple little helpers (or even just one!). I still let the boys (3 and 5) help but am constantly reminding them to be careful! :P I think the carpet is one of the biggest hindrances to just letting the kids have fun doing more independent cooking type projects...

Our apartment actually has decent counter space and the only appliance I keep out all the time is the bread machine. Everything else (toaster, blender, crock pot, grain mill, waffle maker, and air popper) is stored in the backs of cupboards or on the shelf above the dryer. I would NOT feel like cooking in a kitchen with every surface filled! :)

I wish I had the storage space to put my appliances away, but I have even less cupboard space than counter space! If I thought we were going to be here much longer I would have Jonathan build some shelves... we have decent floor space in the kitchen, but other than that, it is not a good kitchen for involved meals or baking.

~Elizabeth in Alaska

My girls would have eaten all of the M & M's! I can't wait to try these cookies! They look so good!

That would probably make them good with M&M's right?

Probably without the cloves or nutmeg, the cookies would be like a plain sugar cookie... but I still think I prefer the more traditional "chocolate chip cookie dough" flavor for a cookie base with chocolate... oh, and oatmeal cookies... those are good with chocolate too. ;)

What a cutie! Making cookies with the kids is always so's so easy to get them measuring and mixing. And then, in the end, eating 'em so delicious. :D

We actually have not made cookies on the show yet, I think we may have to do that in the new year :D

Thanks for sharing this recipe and the adorable pics!

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