Grocery Shopping, Week 5 (QFC & Costco)

I didn't get around to sharing photos and prices from my grocery shopping last week, so here it is, a bit late. :)

Joshua and the boys walked to QFC for bananas and came back with this assortment of goodies:


M&Ms    $2.99
Whole grain bread  $2.50
Orange juice   $1.50
Bananas    $2.83

Total:  $9.82

Joshua said he knew we were low on bread and bought some so I wouldn't have to make any the next day. :) The M&Ms were supposed to be a treat for me... and we ate some and put the rest on cookies! :)

Later in the week, I went to Costco and bought:

Organic apples  (10#)    $6.29  (x2)
Broccoli florets  (3#)   $3.99
Organic frozen green beans (5#)  $5.99
Brown sugar (the "real" kind!)  (4#)   $3.13  (x2)
Grapenuts cereal (4#)    $5.95
Granulated garlic  (18 oz)   $3.95
American cheese slices (5#)    $8.79
Applesauce (106 oz)    $3.65
Shredded mozzarella cheese (5#)   $10.39
Large eggs (5 dozen)   $6.49
Darigold sour cream (3#)    $3.79
Whole chickens (9.5#)    $9.41
Whole milk (2 gal.)    $4.34
Bananas  (6#)    $2.64

Total: $88.22

The American cheese is something I don't usually buy, but I love using it for grilled cheese sandwiches and broccoli cheese soup! :)


How do you store the cheese slices to prevent them from getting hard? Do you freeze any or do they just stay in the fridge until you use them?


This is only the second time (ever(!) I have bought the big block of American cheese, so I'm not really experienced with storing it, but the first time I put half of the slices in a freezer ziplock and froze for a number of weeks.

This time, I was planning to wait and see how quickly we use it... I think the block may be half gone already, with making a big batch of broccoli cheese soup, having grilled cheese, and using a few slices for breakfast sandwiches! :)

I was just curious about how you store your apples. Larger amounts seem to go bad on me (even though I have five children around the house) and I wondered if you had any tricks to keeping them fresh longer. I can pie filling and make applesauce if I buy a bushel in the fall, but I just mean a couple of big bags from Costco like you bought.

I just store my apples in the bag or in a box on a shelf near our kitchen table. As long as they are good when I bought them, I've never had a problem. But, I don't think I have stored any apples for more than 2 weeks at the most, and our house isn't kept super warm (60's). :)

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