Colorful Scented Homemade Playdough!

Melissa's play dough

My friend Melissa is so creative! I love her blog post about making homemade play dough that is colored and scented!

She includes step-by-step photos, and descriptions of all the flavors of playdough that she made. I love that she used brewed teas in place of the water in the play dough recipe, to give it a yummy scent!

For example, the yellow play dough is Egg Nog flavored, made with pumpkin spice tea (for the water in the play dough recipe) and egg-noggy spices added to the dough! So fun! :)

Melissa's play dough


I just add a couple of packets of Kool-Aid when I make play dough. Smells great and the teachers, parents and preschoolers at my kids' school are always impressed (as are my own kids!).

I'd love this for my olders, my little guys would just eat it ;-(

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