Challah for 'Erev Shabbat

Challah recipe
Challah, a traditional Sabbath's Eve bread

I love challah! Beautiful. Sweet. Soft (when fresh!). Fun to braid. Delicious to eat!

I baked challah this morning, something I haven't made since before summer. Even though Sabbath hasn't started yet (tonight), the children and I pulled off a few pieces of fresh warm challah for a mid-morning snack. :)

Challah recipe

We all watched this video (again!) to refresh my memory of exactly how to do the 6-strand braid, which makes a loaf like the one pictured above. It's not difficult to make, and I love the extra-special look! :)

Challah recipe

Challah really does taste as wonderful as it looks!

Challah recipe

A day of rest, a reminder of our Creator, His creation, and His deliverance. Sabbath is sweet, with or without challah! :)


Hey, that is some beautiful bread! Do you celebrate Hanukkah? If so, Happy Hanukkah! This is our first year celebrating it.

This is also my first comment on your new blog. ;-)

Wow! That looks delicious. I am not so great with the braiding, but I think I will have to try this one.. thanks!

Thanks for the recipe;) I will have to try it.
Kathryn M

We always have crepes for our Sabbath...that's probably not traditional, right? :) I may have to try the Challah sometime though. It's always intrigued me!

I love your challah. I will be trying your recipe next Friday, when I make it for our Shabbat meal. Its very pretty. I usually do the six strand, and sometimes the four. I've never actually done the three strand, as I've always wanted to do the 'harder' and more unique looking ones.

Very pretty. ***Marking your recipe to try***

It looks wonderful!
Texture looks perfecto!

My dad gave my daughter a Rebbetzin Tap DVD last year and she has an entire segment on easy challahs.

Hi Tammy,

Your challah looks wonderful. We have not celebrated xmas for a number of years now (5 maybe), and are now observing Biblical holidays such as passover and Hanukkah. This is our first year and are keeping things very simple, but I was wondering if you could share a bit of what you're doing - decorating, meals, cooking, etc. We have been lighting a candle every night and are reading from the book "Biblical Holidays" and are learning so much about the image of Christ in the Biblical holidays.

Thanks so much!

Hi Shannon! :)

We keep Hanukkah very low-key... our church meets for a meal and such but we weren't able to go this year and didn't really do anything extra special at home. :) We don't do Hanukkah gifts like some do (we prefer to do more "celebrating" type things during the Feast of Tabernacles!). :) We love the Biblical holy days! So meaningful and always pointing us to Yeshua! :)

Thank you for this recipe Tammy!! I am looking forward to trying it! My family LOVES Challah bread.

It's neat to see that you keep the Biblical feast days too!


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