In-Season Recipe Swap: Oranges

This week's In-Season recipe theme is oranges! :) We love having fresh oranges this time of year, and like many fruits, my favorite way to eat them is just plain! :)

One of my favorite recipes using fresh orange zest is Joshua's Orange Vanilla Dream Cheesecake. This is an amazing creamy cheesecake fairly bursting with orange flavor; Joshua declares this his top favorite cheesecake! (I'm partial to chocolate myself...) ;)

Orange Vanilla Dream Cheesecake recipe

Our Cranberry Orange Muffins use fresh orange juice and zest, and look so festive! :)

Cranberry Orange Muffins recipe

And a recipe that is "orange" but doesn't use fresh oranges (can that still qualify for an in-season recipe? Maybe...), a homemade Orange Julius is an especially refreshing summer treat. :)

Homemade orange julius recipe

To participate in this week's In-Season Recipe Swap:

Post your on-theme recipe, including your own photo of the food. Link to this post, and then come over here and let us know where to find YOU! Just leave your link in a comment and I will manually add them to this post throughout the day. :) Next week's recipe theme (December 16, 2009) is grapefruit! :)

1. Orange-Sweetened Cranberry Sauce (Shannon)
2. Orange-Cranberry Whole Wheat Muffins



I love oranges, and Dad actually just brought a bag home yesterday evening. Organic too! I'm thinking of making some of your cranberry orange muffins, as everyone likes them! yum yum!

Hi Tammy. My contribution is a sugar-free orange-sweetened cranberry sauce:

I wasn't quite sure, did you want this this week since it doesn't feature oranges, but here it is:

Have a great day!

oh, I love orange julius!!

I have another recipe for orange cranberry muffins (made with applesauce and whole wheat):

I just got back from my weekly grocery shopping trip, and the Cranberry Orange Muffins are definitely on my list of things to bake this week! My only problem... I couldn't find fresh Cranberries! I bought frozen ones. Do I need to thaw them before baking? Will they just be mush? Has anyone tried this recipe with frozen cranberries?

I have made the cranberry orange muffins with frozen cranberries (cranberries that I had bought fresh and washed and frozen myself). I put them in frozen and it worked just fine! Mine were IQF (individually quick frozen) so they stirred in easily...

Thanks Tammy! These are also IQF, so it should be just fine. I can't wait to make them in the morning!

I use craisins too, in place of cranberries.

My mother-in-law always makes a great and simple fruit salad as part of breakfast sometime around the holidays. It is just orange and grapefruit supremes (each section individually peeled- Granny's job!) and apple and banana chunks. The citrus juice keeps the bananas and apples from turning dark. It is so good...especially if you can find someone with the knife skills and patience to supreme all the citrus!

Thanks for the tip on the KAF blog -- I had never visited.

I know you've mentioned you enjoy grinding your own wheat -- do you have some posts on here that I might be able to read? I'm thinking about making that transition myself (when we move out of our apartment).


SnoWhite @ Finding Joy in My Kitchen

I made Orange Raisin Muffins...they're delish!!

Here's my recipe - Banana Orange Streusel Muffins

and our camera is broken, but we love this recipe for Apple-Orange Bread that we got from my grandmother:


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