A day in our life (focus on cooking!)

Pumpkin Raisin Cookies recipe

I don't have a very good track record when it comes to cooking ahead.

Call it once-a-month or once-a-week, I have had grand failures and then to top it all off, Joshua and I are a little snobby when it comes to our food. (Joshua heard me say that and said "A little?! Face it, sweetie... we're really bad food snobs!")

We generally prefer most of our main dishes prepared right before eating, and most of my crock pot attempts ended with both Joshua and me saying "This could be so much better..."

However... I still wanted to join in with Crystal on her Baking Day/OAMC this week. In retrospect, today was mostly like any other day at our house, except I baked cookies instead of cleaning the bathroom.... so I guess "A day in our life" is more appropriate for a title! :)

Mixes for Homemade Mocha Frappuccino

One of the first things I did this morning was to make up some Mocha Frappuccino mixes. Joshua drinks these in the mornings, and we use unflavored whey protein in the mix to make them a little heartier.

Cooking oatmeal for breakfast

Yehoshua helped me cook a big pot of oatmeal for breakfast. We made about 5 quarts and that will last for several breakfasts. (I re-warm the leftovers in a pan with milk... fast and creamy!) We eat oatmeal for breakfast often, since I haven't been able to keep up with making homemade granola and quality cold cereal is expensive (even at Costco!). :)

Yehoshua, eating breakfast

Yehoshua asked for a picture of him eating the oatmeal he helped make. :)

We also had a mid-morning snack of apples, applesauce, and bananas (all spread out through several hours). :)

Yehoshua did his normal school work this morning (most of which I help him with), and we also did some laundry.

Watching the wheat...

Before I could do any baking, I needed to grind some flour. I milled hard white wheat (to use for homemade bread tomorrow) and soft white wheat (to use in cookies today).

Watching the grain mill is always a big attraction! :)


Ruth (22 months) couldn't fit on the stool with the boys, and I caught her getting into the bucket of wheat on the floor. ;)

Eliyahu unwrapped the butter...

Eliyahu (3) unwrapped all the butter for our cookies! :)

Pumpkin Raisin Cookies recipe

Eliyahu helped me make a double batch of Pumpkin Raisin Cookies, one of our favorite "healthy" cookies! :) This recipe makes a huge amount of cookies, so I was baking them for quite a while. I ended up with about 12 dozen (small) cookies: enough for Joshua to take some in to work, a few to eat fresh, and a few for the freezer. :)

Pintos and cheese -- yum!!!

Our lunch was Cooked Pinto Beans with mozzarella cheese, sour cream, and Tapatio. Yummy!! I had cooked 3 pounds of beans on Monday, so we still had some left in the fridge to warm up. :) It seems like every single week I cook 2-3 pounds of beans and they don't last long! Sometimes we take them to church for dinner, and sometimes we eat them all ourselves. :)

School work, dishes, baking lots of cookies... the day was passing quickly! :) I put a chicken in the oven, and then started a pot of potatoes.

Cooking potatoes for mashed potatoes

By the time dinner was ready, I had stopped taking pictures since it was dark outside. (Sunset is shortly after 4pm these days...)

But dinner was fabulous! Hot roasted chicken, creamy mashed potatoes, chicken gravy, cooked peas, and pumpkin raisin cookies for dessert! :)

Joshua loves roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, and gravy. :D

A clean kitchen...

...And the kitchen is even mostly cleaned up! :) All the dishes on the counter are washed... just sitting there to air dry. :)

My to-do list for today:

Make oatmeal
Grind wheat
Make cookies
Do school work
Make lunch & dinner
Wash and fold laundry (2 loads)
Read Bible w/kids

I was also planning to make bread today, but the oven was already in use from 11:30am to 4pm so I decided to make bread tomorrow instead. :)

So.... that's a pretty typical day at our house (when I'm feeling well!). :)


We completely agree that from the freezer dinners do not taste the same as fresh cooked dinners. It's totally worth it to me to cook a fresh meal every night.

I think you did quite well, especially with three wee ones in your company. It appears you are doing a great job including them in your efforts. They are so sweet!

the dishes on the counter reminded me of this. If you don't use your dishwasher, you can put your "wet" but clean dishes in the dishwasher to dry! A friend of ours does this, I thought it was ingenius!

It'll free up some counter space.

Those cookies look soooooooooo good!

I forgot to log-in, the suggestion using the dishwasher as a drying rack was mine!

You put in a long, full day! Don't know how you do it being pregnant, too. You are an inspiration....and your children are so CUTE!!!

nice work! those cookies sound fantastic.


Sounds like you got a lot done, without the luxury of a grandparent to babysit (we're far from family and in that situation, too).

We also prefer fresh-cooked meals, but, with baby #5 on the way, will be freezing some in the next couple of months to make life easier those first few weeks since we have no family to help then, either.

Thanks for sharing. I don't get around to freezing too many meals either. I stopped buying almost all canned goods and so I need the freezer room for fruits and veggies. Do you cut your boys hair yourself? Just asking because we do as well and our boys look very similar. LOL

Yeah...the sun setting earlier is a bummer...but I love when its sunny and clear out. Last couple days have been beautiful. Nice work on all the baking! And...just gotta say...your kids are stinkin adorable!

Thanks, everyone! :)

Jules, I actually do use my dishwasher regularly... the dishes on the counter were all my hand-wash ones -- big bowls, cookie sheets, wooden utensils, and my cookware (which is dw-safe but I hand wash to keep it looking like new). :)

Anon -- we have baby #4 on the way and I too will do some freezer cooking before then. :) But mostly things like taco meat, meat balls, cooked chicken, etc. to take out and use in our meals... it makes the meal easier but yet it's still a fresh meal. :) And I'll also probably ask Joshua to grill burgers, etc... more often since that's easier on me!! :)

Yes! I do all the haircuts at our house... even got creative and put layers in my own hair recently! :D

And to the last comment -- I KNOW! Today was the 3rd sunny day in a row! So lovely. :)

How do you reheat the oatmeal? I've been thinking of making a big batch, but can't decide if I'd like it reheated.


So, you cut your own hair and put in layers. Just from your pic, I thought maybe you always wore your hair up. I'm sure your layers are very pretty.

My oatmeal gets all pasty and lumpy when I put it in the fridge. Even cooking it in milk does not seem to help. How do you prepare your oatmeal?

I put the leftover oatmeal in a pan with some water and use a spoon to break up lumps as it gets hot. It is creamier than fresh, but I always use the "old-fashioned" or rolled oats (not quick oats) which probably keeps it from getting too pasty.
Reheating leftover oatmeal just saves a little time... but really only a little, since I'm still heating it in a pan on the stove. But I don't have to measure anything (as if I measure... :P) or get out the big bag of oats! :)

I wondered if you think it could be mixed ahead, like a big batch in a jar and just used. I have not ever tried keeping a mix like that around, but I so enjoy this mocha.

Alicia B

I don't know if it is something that would work for you or not.When I mix things ahead instead of buying zip lock bags and spending the money on them I like to use small containers to put it in.You can get them at Walmart or the dollar store in 1/2 cup and up really cheap.Just a little thing I like to do and save money.

Alicia, yes, I think the mocha frappuccino mix could be made in a large quantity in a container and then measured out (like bulk hot cocoa mix!) and the ingredients seem like they would stay well-mixed in powder/dry form in an airtight container. :)

Mrs. Paradis, the containers is a great idea! :) I like the baggies since they stack tightly in the cupboard, and I don't wash them but I do re-fill them with mocha mix until they wear out, so at least it's more than 1 use per bag. :D

I just never thought to wash them again.What a great tip!Yes that would stack much better.We do not have lots of room either.I like that.Thanks!I do have some things that would work better for.

Mrs. paradis

I thought you said wash them again and you didn't.But if using them for the same thing that is a great idea using them over.My other post isn't here since I forgot to log in.I am side tracked looking at my 14 year old exam grades.He did so so good!So I have ideas of what to do special for him as in a meal or sledding,hot cocoa and make it all about him day :)

Maybe I am a food snob too.....I don't like frozen meals either and most crockpot meals!!!
That is funny, I never heard it quite put that way!

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