Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Tips for seasoning and roasting whole chickens

I frequently serve oven-roasted chicken for dinner during the cooler months of the year. Roasted chicken is one of Joshua's favorite meals, and it's SO EASY! :)

If you've shied away from roasting a whole chicken in the past, let me encourage you to try it at least once (especially if your husband/family loves tender cooked chicken)! :)

Cooking a whole chicken really is as easy as:

1. Open the package, remove giblets from the inside, and rinse the chicken under cold running water.

2. Sprinkle the outside of the chicken with seasonings.

Seasoning the chicken... in the (clean) sink!

Tip: I rinse the chicken in my (clean) kitchen sink and then lay it in the sink to season the first side. After seasoning one side, I flip the chicken breast-side-down into my dish and season the other side.

3. Cover and bake chicken in the oven, or use your crock pot to cook it! (See my oven-roasted chicken recipe for times, temps, and baking details.)

Baked breast-side-down for tender white meat!

Tip: I bake the chicken breast-side-down for super tender white meat.

4. Serve and enjoy!

I vary the side dishes when serving chicken, but usually include some sort of vegetable (green beans, peas, carrots, corn) and some kind of starch (potatoes, rice, egg noodles). For a real treat, we'll have mashed potatoes and freshly made chicken gravy... and sometimes I warm some homemade wheat bread to serve with butter. :)

The leftover chicken is very handy for soups, sandwiches, or just about any casserole calling for cooked chicken meat! :)

More reasons to love whole roasted chickens!

What we do with 10 pounds of chicken leg quarters...

Tips for making chicken broth

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I often roast 2 chickens at a time. We love roasted chicken too, so many meals you can make with it.
Thanks for hosting!

I never thought to bake my chicken breast side down for more tender meat. I think I will try it that way next time!

Here's my tip for quick drying of washed ziplocs:

My friend told me the 1st time she made a turkey she cooked it breast side down by accident but it came out so moist that everyone said it was the best turkey they ever had. I Love making homemade gravy with the chicken I stuff my with half lemons and garlic and you would think gravy with lemon wouldn't taste soo good but its very good.

My tip related to composting:

Thanks for having such a wonderful site, and for sharing with all of us!

I've had pie with my oatmeal for breakfast two mornings in a row. I might surprise my husband and start making pies on a regular basis. =)

Make your own turkey broth :)

Shaina @ Food for My Family

I love the golden goodness of chicken & turkey broth, and share what I do with the carrots and celery I have left over.

Thanks for the reminder about cooking the chicken breast down. I've done it before, but have forgotten to do it lately.


I did that the first time I roasted a chicken as a teenager - it seemed logical, since that was the orientation the chicken was in while alive. But my mother sure thought it looked funny when it came out of the oven! It turned out pretty well, and she commented on how moist and juicy it was, but we didn't do it again. (And now my family is vegetarian, so I'm not likely to try it again.)

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