Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Tips for brewing delicious teas!

I love tea! When I first started blogging here, I had fun sharing tea reviews (something I'd love to get back into doing, if time allows... even though I'm not sure if tea reviews interest many of my readers here...).

I've been a more "serious" tea drinker for over a decade, and I can really taste whether a tea has been well-brewed. So here are a few tips for brewing delicious cups! :)

Start with fresh, cold water. I also prefer filtered water (we have a Berkey filtering system) since using city drinking water or well water (which can be full of iron or a variety of other flavorful things!) gives a different taste to the tea.

Cold water can hold much more oxygen than hot or warm water. This is the reason it is also recommended to not boil water for long periods of time before pouring the cup of tea, since the water will taste flat.

Heat water to proper temperature. The water temperature you need will depend on the type of tea you are brewing.

For black tea, herbal teas (infusions), and rooibos ("red tea"), the water can be at its boiling point.

For oolong and white teas, water temperature should be about 190 degrees. When I can look into the tea pot and see tiny bubbles starting to form on the bottom and a little steam from the top, I use it at that point for white or oolong teas.

For green teas, the water should be even cooler (160-170 degrees). I look inside my tea pot and when the water is just starting to steam, I pour it for green tea!

Brew tea for the "right" amount of time. This will vary according to taste, so there is no hard-and-fast rule. The general recommendations are as follows:

Black teas -- 3-5 minutes
Oolong teas -- 5-6 minutes
White teas -- 4-5 minutes
Green teas -- 1-3 minutes
Rooibos and other herbal teas -- Varies, but usually at least 5 minutes

Do any of you have more tea tips to add to my list? :)

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I shared a recipe for chestnut stuffing, but it's more like a tip. :) I explain how to make any kind of stuffing. It's a simple process.

Happy Thanksgiving!

This list looks pretty complete to me! The only other thing that has been recommended to me is if you are heating the water in a kettle, then transferring it to a tea pot(or mug), is to pour a little bit of the hot water in the teapot, swish it around, and dump it out, so that the cold teapot doesn't cool down your tea.

I would personally love to see more tea reviews here!

Oh yes... pre-heating the tea pot/mug! Thanks for mentioning that one! Can I confess that I usually don't do that? :| But I am usually using my plastic IngenuiTEA pot or a thin glass mug... so it doesn't draw as much heat away as a smaller but heavier mug would. :)

Great tips...thanks for sharing!!'s my link about simplifying your mashed potato making!

You and your family look wonderful!


thank you Tammy for all your wonderful tips on tea making, I've just gotten into tea drinking. I love green and white tea, oh and a mandarin orange herbal is yummy to. But I do think I've been brewing them at the wrong temp, and too long. I will try your instructions. thanks again.
PS. Thanks to you I also brought my Berkey water filter, best water I've ever tasted, and best of all no more carrying water jugs all around. Have a great day, Anna

I'm glad some one else understand that a cup of water in the microwave warmed just a little does not make a good cup of tea! I love your tea reviews, even though I am strictly a red rose girl.

I have a friend from England who loves her tea but she often says that I do not make teh tea properly so thanks for your helpful tips

cutting board sanitizer tip

Unfortunetly Tammy, I am not a tea fan. Yes, I've tried many a variety, but cared for none of them :-/ I do have a recipe I got years ago off a calender a friend had given me, for a version of wassil tea, which many of my friends look forward to me making for our get togethers. Let me know If you'd like to have it ;-}

Great tips for tea! Another tip is if you need to steep your tea and don't have a lot of tea supplies, putting your tea bag in a cup with a saucer face up on top works really well :)

My tip for this week: A substitution sifter!

Thanks for hosting! Ashley

I posted a sour cream tip today.


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