Grocery Shopping, Week 2

Groceries from QFC

This week's grocery shopping is rather sparse, but I'll (hopefully) be heading to Costco early next week to make up for that. ;)

Pictured above is what I bought at QFC this week:

Darigold lactose-free milk  $2.99 (x2)
Sweet potatoes ($0.99/lb)   $2.32
Bananas ($0.59/lb)       $3.60
Red onion ($1.49/lb)     $0.98
Cucumber                $0.99
Leaf lettuce                $1.99
Cilantro                    $0.99

Total: $16.85

The lactose-free milk is a regular purchase for us at that price. Everything else is pricey BUT I didn't want a Costco-sized portion and/or it was just to hold us over until I do go to Costco (like the bananas and lettuce). I can walk to QFC so I often go there between Costco trips to re-stock our bananas or get specialty food items (like when I just need 1 lemon, or 1 tomato... that sort of thing!). :)

Not all of the bananas are pictured, since right outside the store we peeled and ate 3 bananas as we walked home! It isn't uncommon for us to eat a whole bunch of bananas by the time we get home from the grocery store. I don't mind, though, since they're healthy and we're outside getting fresh air and exercise! :)

From Rite Aid this week...

I also went to Rite Aid Pharmacy.

Kotex $2.99 -- used $1 coupon
Crest $2.69

Tax:  $0.54

Rebate amount: $4.69
Final total: $0.53

Since we have a Rite Aid store near our home, I watch for their weekly Single Check Rebate items, which are easy to stack with coupons for great deals! I keep careful track of the receipts/rebates due and have never had any problems with their program. :)

I had 3 Kotex coupons, so I actually did this deal 3 times (on separate receipts) -- for myself, my mom, and a sibling. My mom and I usually take turns going to Rite Aid, to save separate trips. :) We will give away the free (tax-only) toothpaste since none of us need more toothpaste... :)

Bulk fish order -- through Joshua's employer

Halibut steaks (10#)     $14.90
Hot smoked salmon (9#)   $6.75

Total: $21.65

We had also ordered some mahi mahi fillets but weren't able to get them after all. Joshua's place of employment sometimes has sales like these to clear out partially-used or defective cases of fish. It's such a blessing! :)

This week's total:  $39.03 

I'll be going to Costco again next week, so this week's low total will be put into perspective. :P ;)

See last week's groceries (Costco) here. :)


Hi Tammy,

I found a mahi mahi recipe (it's good with halibut too) that's unique and I think really delicious and a quick fix. You dip 4 fish fillets in milk and then drudge it in salted and peppered flour (and shake it off) for a very light crisp coating. You fry it in olive oil on the stove top over medium heat, five to six minutes on each side to thoroughly cook and get a crisp brown coating. While that's cooking, you slice yellow onion, chop up a very fine a chili pepper (serrano or jalapeno, remove the seeds and use only 1/2 pepper if you don't like it too hot), and dice two roma tomatoes. Saute the onion first over medium heat with a tsp. or two of olive oil until translucent in a saucepan, add the chili pepper and cook an additional two minutes and then add the diced tomato plus a tsp. of capers, 2 tsp. sliced green olives, and 1/2 tsp. salt & pepper and simmer this in a saucepan over medium low heat for 3-5 minutes to serve over the mahi mahi. It's one of my favorites and is really good for you. I don't usually use capers, but they add good flavor to this dish. You can make a double batch of the sauce if you like it as much as I do to eat as a side dish as well.

Thanks for sharing! :) We've done some experimenting with mahi mahi, but haven't tried any of the halibut... yet! Our halibut is in steaks (bone-in and skin-on). Would this recipe, with a coating and fried, work for steaks as well as fillets? :)

That is an amazing price for halibut! It is pretty much the only fish I will eat but it costs $13 a pound here. Am I reading correctly that you got 10 lbs for $14.90? Great job!

Yes... we did get the halibut for $1.49/lb! I have never had halibut before but am looking forward to trying it! It is certainly a blessing we couldn't have afforded to pay full-price for!! :)

I love it when people document their purchases. It's nice to know where others stand how they shop.

Just curious, do you can the fish or freeze it?

CVS too.. they have money off purchases all the time.

Thanks for the pics... lol. I also like to see what people buy!

The fish all came frozen (vacuum sealed packages) so we just stuck it in the freezer. :)

Jules, I don't think there are any CVS stores in our area... :)

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