Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Cheesecake tips

Key Lime cheesecake... so yummy!!

I'm so glad Quinn requested a kitchen tip for this week. :)

We love and I mean LOVE your cheesecake recipes! However I have never once been able to get it so that there is no water between the foil and the bottom of the pan by the time it's done baking. Obviously, this makes for a soggy crust.

The last one I made I used extra wide heavy duty foil and had it curled up over the edges. There wasn't one crack or hole and it still leaked. I've tried layers, I've tried removing it from the water bath and wasn't as happy with the results with the actual cheesecake part.

So I'm desperately hoping that you have a trick up your sleeve.

We love water bath cheesecakes, but we've had the soggy crust outcome as well. We've found that it works best to use at least 2 layers of heavy-duty foil. Actually, we usually use 3 just for peace of mind!

Joshua has found that it's helpful to lay the 2-3 layers of foil down flat on the table and then set the springform pan in the middle. Then carefully pull the sides up to cover the pan. Basically you want to wrap all 3 layers at the same time, for maximum smoothness.

Another thing Joshua does is use a small piece of a cereal box or other thin cardboard and place that between the springform pan's metal latch and the foil. This prevents the latch from puncturing the foil.

Hopefully these things will work to stop any leaks while your cheesecake is baking! (And if anyone else has tips to add along these lines, leave us a comment!) :)

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And because I love cheesecake... here are a few of our favorites! :)

Double chocolate Italian cheesecake
Double Chocolate Italian Cheesecake -- my #1 favorite!

Orange vanilla dream cheesecake
Orange Vanilla Dream Cheesecake -- Joshua's #1 favorite!

Basic cheesecake
Basic cheesecake -- as easy as it gets!

Pumpkin Cheesecake recipe
Pumpkin Cheesecake -- add whipped cream and I love this! :)

Chocolate vanilla swirl cheesecake recipe
Chocolate Vanilla Swirl cheesecake -- I wish I had a better picture because this one is delicious!!

Chocolate caramel almond cheesecake
Created by Joshua for me on our 5th wedding anniversary -- Chocolate Caramel Almond Cheesecake. As a chocolate lover, this is heavenly! :)

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Thank You SO Much! I'm so glad you took my request ;)
I can't wait to try out your sealing methods- when I tried layers it was just regular, narrow foil- so obviously it didn't work.

I must say you've got us all drooling with those pictures- even though it's only first thing in the morning.

Thanks again- Quinn

Hi Tammy here is my tip for the week. Its using dental floss to cut in the kitchen.

I have been reading your blog for a while now, and I thought I would join in with your Tips. Here is my contribution:

Oh that pumpkin cheesecake looks amazing! I wrote that recipe down!

Involving your kids in the kitchen:

Your cheesecake recipes look amazing! I've never attempted to make a cheesecake, these pictures now have me craving it! Especially the chocolate ones!

Here's the link for my kitchen tip for using leftover spaghetti....Fried Spaghetti....Mmmm!
Keeping messy stuff off the wall behind the trash can

Ooops...I commented, but I wasn't logged in. Anyway, this is my first time participating, and my tip is for using ice cube trays to save time and money!

Wow! I used to bake cheesecakes and I never ever did it with a water bath. Mine rarely cracked, were delicious, unmolded well. My favorite one was for a Margherita cheesecake (pretzels for the crust from Bon Appetit magazine). Unfortunately for me, I lost the recipe. Just out of curiosity, what is the advantage to a water bath?

A water bath isn't necessary for a cheesecake (for example, the lovely orange vanilla one pictured above was made without a waterbath) but one thing I do love about waterbath cheesecakes is that the creamy texture in the middle extends to the edges without the edges becoming drier or more browned than the middle! :)

Okay. I take my question back. I actually read through your above referenced cheesecake recipes and in one you told why a waterbath so....... Is there not some other pan/container that you could put the cheesecake pan in and then put that in the waterbath so that water does not leak in?

You can use a regular deep round cake pan and cut a circle of parchment paper to fit the bottom and make your cheese cake as usual. Then when you bake it in its water bath you dont have soggy crust. Once the cheesecake is cooled you can use a knife to make sure the edges are not attached to the side and invert it on a plate...then flip it back onto a serving plate. Use additional graham cracker crumbs on the sides if desired. Works everytime. I bit more work but you never have to worry about soggy crusts.

That sounds like a great way to not have to worry about a leaking springform pan! :) How do you invert it onto a plate and then back onto the serving plate without damaging the top of the cheesecake? Any special tips? :)

I've never been brave enough to try making cheese cake. I wonder if I could really do this? Hmmm. Here's my tip: Keep a tool kit (as in hammer, screwdriver) in the kitchen.

Sharon @

Oh my those cheesecakes look heavenly!!

I'm thinking I might need to do some baking.

Thank you so much for posting these!!!

I love the recipes on here, I would love some unique recipes like pumpkin biscuits or something irish or jewish. I would be grateful

I don't own a springform pan, so I've always used a round cake pan as recommended above, but I leave the cheesecake in the pan after baking and chilling. The first piece can be difficult to get out, but after that, it's fairly simple. Inverting and flipping is too risky for me - I'd probably drop it halfway through! :)

Do you have a recipe for the top picture of cheesecake? Is it lime?

Martha, it is a key lime cheesecake that Joshua made a couple years ago. The recipe never made it past his hurried scribbles and by the time I asked him about details (to add the recipe here) we couldn't remember all the particulars :P

We need to find some key limes and do more experimenting, because I really loved that cheesecake (and I am not a lime-lover usually!). :)

I was on a low-carb diet and made a crustless cheesecake every week for 2 years! I rusted out several springform pans no matter how carefully I wrapped them. I also used wax paper in the bottom.

The one method that worked for me was putting the pan of water on the rack below the cheesecake - not actually putting the pan in the water. Cheesecake on one rack, pan of water on another rack. I was pleased with the results. Maybe not the same as actual water bath but I saved on foil and replacing another pan. It's worth a try!!

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