Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Warming syrup for pancakes

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When I was visiting at my parents' house earlier this month, I noticed my sister warming syrup for pancakes as she cooked the pancakes.

Making pancakes, warming syrup

My mom uses a heavy glass bottle for syrup, and sets the bottle on the cast iron griddle before it's pre-heated. I think, however, that it would be safer to use a metal cup/dish... like the metal creamer or syrup cups sold at restaurant supply stores (or garage sales). ;)

If you're making pancakes for quite a few people, you can keep a dish of cooked pancakes in the oven (set to "warm") as you continue to cook pancakes and your syrup heats up. It saves an extra dish and burner space (especially if you're making eggs or other things at the same time!). :)

How do you warm your syrup? Or do you use cold syrup? We most often make fruit-based syrups fresh (Joshua makes the syrup while I make the pancakes, French toast, or whatever!). :)

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Hi, Tammy! This is the first time I am participating in Kitchen tip Tuesdays! I am so happy to be able to share my tip on your carnival! Thanks for hosting!


I typically serve cold syrup, but I think I'll try this and see if everyone likes it!

Here's my tip on keeping cinnamon sugar premixed.

Hope it's ok to post a comment without a tip.

We generally use cold syrup (bought, although I have made home-made brown sugar syrup before and it was good) along with natural yoghurt.

Sometimes I make a syrup with fresh berries, water and a little golden syrup and we definitely serve that syrup hot.

Sometimes we put sugar and lemon juice on our pancakes.

Louise :)

We use warm fruit syrup, but if we have maple, we have it cold. I guess that's how I learned to eat pancakes... so that's how it is at our place :)

Here's a post about picking apples (



Hello, Tammy! It's been a while since I posted. New format looks good! =)

My tip is about getting a replacement for a crockpot dial "button" and finding out that it was recalled and how this might apply to other things in the kitchen. If this is good for your post today, then please post. Thanks.

Loretta (back in the states now) at Vegan Footprints


My husband totally wants WARM syrup with his pancakes or waffles, so I simply pour some into a glass, liquid measuring cup and pop it into the microwave. Then we simply use it out of the glass measuring cup, since it pours easily. When done, I simply pour the 'leftover' 'back into the syrup container. :)

Great tip about the syrup.

Here is an easy way to get rid of fruit flies.

Freezing in Plastic (Lenetta @ Nettacow)

I love warm syrup, but never think to warm it up at home.I'll give it a try. I would be very nervous about heating a glass container on a griddle though!

My tip is about a digital kitchen scale -- here is the link


We usually serve our syrup cold. Thanks for hosting the kitchen tips!

Many blessings!

I serve warm maple syrup (only the real stuff, not maple-flavored). We have a little glass pitcher which I fill, then set on the back burner where the oven vents when on. The burner itself is not turned on. If not using the oven, I've also been known to microwave it, though I prefer not to if I can avoid it.

We have a family-size electric griddle, so burner space isn't an issue for us. We warm real maple syrup on the stove with a couple tablespoons of butter thrown in for extra flavor. And it's easier with young children than buttering the pancakes first.

Heather (married in Aug '00, mom to 5 children ages 8 and under)

saving yourself from a dinner disaster

woohooo, Tammy's back!!

Here's my tip for peeling tomatoes:

And I'll have to give the warm syrup tip a try! We usually just use it cold, but I LOVE warm syrup!

I've started warming syrup now that we do homemade stuff too! I typically use the microwave though. I do not know if we will every buy syrup now that I've got a bunch of really yummy syrup recipes!

My link for this week:

Saving Your Stove While Canning (Heather)

Pancakes/waffles are a rare treat at our house and DH usually warms up his syrup but I don't LOL.

Here's my link for the weeks:

THanks for hosing kitchen tip tuesday and congradulations on your pregnancy!

Shila aka frugalorganicgirl

Tammy~ here's my kitchen tip it's saving by buying and freezing reduced meat right before the use by date.


I also warm my syrup that way! Although I use a small pyrex pitcher. To keep the pancakes/french toast warm I put an empty plate on an unused burner, add a clean kitchen towel & transfer the hot cakes to the plate as they are done cooking. Wrap the towel over them and they stay nice and warm without drying out!

I have never thought of warming up the syrup. ~Tanya - mama to 5 with #6 on the way. :)

Both great ideas for getting everything to the breakfast table while still warm!

Here is my link:


I use it cold, never tought to warm it and I'm spoiled I only use the real stuff from vt as I live a state over and I make sure to buy some every fall on my yearly trip to the cider mill we go to.

Warm syrup sounds wonderful--
First time I've participated in this carnival -here is my link

I microwave it--I make my own syrup, but never remember to pull it out and set it on the stove!


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