Returning from Ohio (photo update!)

Ruth, waking from a nap

Ruth (20 months), waking from a nap

We had a great trip to visit family in Ohio! I really enjoyed not turning on a computer for 2+ weeks and I'll admit it's taking some nudging for me to get back into blogging. I am not quitting or anything, though -- so you WILL continue to hear from me regularly, once I figure out how to manage that! ;)

I wanted to give a little photo update (with Ruth-cuteness as requested -- of course!) before heading back to recipes and kitchen tips and all that. :)

So... a brief recap of what we did with 2 weeks in Ohio! Since our purpose was to spend time with my side of the family, most of our days were fairly relaxed and just lots of visiting/playing/working PEOPLE time. :)

Ruth wakes from camping out all night...

This is how Ruth looks in the morning after camping out in a tent all night. I wish I looked this cute in the morning!! ;) We camped at my brother Reuben's house for 2 nights, and it was a real highlight for Yehoshua (5) and Eliyahu (3). I loved the fresh cool air, and the sound of rain on the tent... :)

Reading Pooh stories

My sister Amy read Pooh stories to the boys...


We took lots of walks. Left to right: Reuben (brother), Yehoshua, Mariel (SIL), me, Ruth, Bonnie (sister), Eliyahu, Candy (future SIL). ALL of the kids wanted these RIDES! Phew! ;)


Eliyahu, 3 1/2

We went to a lake/pond and the kids all had a blast getting as wet and sandy as they possibly could! We went with friends who brought more BOYS and TOYS! :)

Picking red raspberries

We ate lots of red raspberries from my mom's garden...

Bonnie and Ruth

Bonnie (sister) and Ruth

We did lots of swinging on the two porch swings...

Rich and Candy

We celebrated the announcement of the engagement of my brother Rich and my friend Candy, who had traveled out to Ohio with me and the kids. :) Woo hoo!! :)

...and we got about as close to a family picture as we'll get for a while. (Joshua was here in WA...)

Fresh salsa

We made fresh salsa with my mom's tomatoes...

Yehoshua sleeping!

...totally wore out the kids on multiple occasions...

Trailer ride!

...took a fun tractor trailer ride back to the woods to carve in a tree and find treasures (acorns, buckeyes, walnuts, etc.)...


Yehoshua (5)

...played outside a lot...

Ruth and me

...did more walking... Do I look pregnant? Well, I am! Due in February. :)

Got surprise flowers in the mail from my sweet Joshua!!!! And chocolate too. And a 10-page love letter. Seriously!

Yehoshua and Grandma playing "War"

...played games... Yehoshua really got into this "War" card game with my mom!

...and came home tired but a little bigger, stronger, slightly more tan, and very happy! :)


Missed you blogging!!
Congrats on the new baby!!

Your little ones look so cute!!

sahm to 2 great boys ages 7( for 3 more weeks) and 4 and due with a daughter 1/3/2009

Thanks, Dana :)

I knew something was up in the pic of you in the white blouse and I scrolled up to see the ones of you all swinging those babies, but the striped shirt gave you away! Congratulations- how wonderful!!!

Ruth is such a pretty baby! Her and your sister Bonnie make a pretty 'lot'!

A ten page love letter!!! WOW! I think I'll go home for 2 weeks! ;-)

Love the pic of your mom playing cards with Yeoshua! What a precious treasure!
Time and play- priceless gifts!

Thanks 4 sharing!! Glad you're home! What cha cookin'? :-)

Thanks, Donna. :) Let's see... since I've been back (4 days!) I've been cooking roasted chickens, new year's apple challah, homemade bread, and fish! Well, Joshua has grilled the fish... can't wait to share the recipe! :)

What great pictures! I have been reading your blog for several months now and I really enjoy it.

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Couple of questions - Where does your family live on Ohio? I am from there too (northeast Ohio), but live on the east coast now. But, we always visit Ohio 2-4 times a year. I miss the summer weather, but not the snow so much.

And, the salsa looks great. Is the recipe on your website?

My family is from north west central Ohio. I don't miss the summers OR the winters! It was 80+ degrees several days when we were there and it felt hot to me!! :)

The salsa recipe is not on this site... yet! I will blog about it when I get it posted though. :)

The boys are SO cute in the straw hats, matching Grandpa. :D The picture of Richard and Candy is beautiful - so happy for them! And yay again about the baby on the way!!! :D

Thanks, Abigail! :)

Tammy, congratulations!! I couldn't be happier for you. Do you know yet whether you're having a girl or a boy? Beautiful pictures! ;)

Thanks, Bethany! We don't know if it's a boy or a girl. :) I've actually never had an ultrasound before (although I may end up having one with this pregnancy)... but I think I have liked being surprised at the birth! :D

Are you curious, or are you having any issues?

congrats!!! I was just thinking as I saw that Ruth will be 2 soon, if you were pregnant! Then I saw the white top, and I'm like hmmmmm. The the striped shirt and I'm like I'm reallly curious. But how does one ask that, and if you weren't how would you explain why you asked lol.


If we have another baby (which I doubt) I don't know if I'll get an ultrasound. I'm not convinced they are safe. All those sound waves bouncing off the baby, HAS to hurt their delicate ears. I'll admit we use to get ultrasounds a lot. Most were unnecessary. So, i think if we ever do have another baby, we'll forgo the ultrasounds, UNLESS they are necessary. (bleeding mainly, decreased movement, at the end)

And we'll probably cloth diaper too lol. Between you and Lindsay, both of you are changing my ways... in a GOOD way!

Not too curious, and no issues thankfully... the ultrasound would be due to regulations on homebirth midwives here in Washington (basically I don't have a LMP due date and it's a tangled web with state regulations and insurance company stipulations). I will probably have it around 25 weeks, which should be safe. :)

That stinks! But if you HAVE to have by law what can you do? It'll be neat to get a chance to see the baby, I'm sure.

The whole after 37 weeks thing I woul guess here? I had and u/s with my last pregnancy just for peace of mind (I was a lot smaller than with my boys and that was worrying me) and I was able to find a tech who did the whole thing in 15 minutes just checking the basics, rather than the long drawn out u/s most women have (so less exposure for baby). You may want to talk to your mws about minimizing exposure like that if you are worried about it.

Woohooo!!! You got lots of exciting news there! :) So happy for everybody!! :)

Thanks, Christina! :) Yes, it was a very happy 2 weeks. :D

Congratulations on the new baby, Tammy :)!!!!!!!!!!
I'm due just a few months after you :). It looks like you all had a great time, I'm so happy for you :).
~Shelby (I tried to log in but it wasn't working for me right now.)

Congrats to you too, Shelby! :)

Congratulation Tammy on your pregnancy! We're very excited for you guys. I can't believe how big Ruth is getting from the last time I saw you guys!! Hope you're doing well!


Congratulations- glad tou had a great time here in lovely Ohio!

What wonderful news! Praying that you will have a wonderful, healthy pregnancy!


Phil 2:9-11

Love the pic of Ruth picking rasperberries. The boys' straw hats are so cute. :)
Looks like you had a nice time out in OH.

Tammy I had a feeling you would be pregnant again...with Ruth being almost two, and that seems to be God's perfect timing between kids... I just thought there would be a post pointing out your due date sooner or later!! How is the pregnancy going? I hope well! I hope you and Joshua are excited about another blessing! So, you need to tell, how did you get through the horrible exhaustion of the first trimester with three children running around?? (I haven't told anyone, but I just found out I am expecting too, and the exhaustion is really frustrating me, and I only have one running around!)

congratulations again, and I am so happy you had fun w/ family and you had safe travels. (oh and Joshua's bouquet was beautiful!! you must have felt so special).


Thanks, Jamie! :) (And congrats to you TOO!!)

Pregnancy is going well... just normal tiredness and random bouts of nausea and car sickness... but nothing too horribly debilitating! :) Handling the tiredness -- I wish I knew a good solution! I just get a LOT less done around the house and sleep 8-9 hours at night and still feel tired! haha :)

The flowers did make me feel really special. :) Normally I consider flowers to be an expensive gift that just wilts and dies... but with being apart from Joshua they were a very welcome and sweet reminder of his love! :)

Neat to read and hear about your recent trip! Wonderful news about the coming of a new baby, how exciting! Looks like you all had a wonderful time and I'm sure your family were thrilled to have you and children visiting. Congrats to your brother too. :) How sweet of Joshua to send you a 10 page love letter... :)

Good to hear from you again!

~Tanya - mama to 5 with #6 on the way. :)

i KNEW it even a few weeks ago! i'm due in february, too! how exciting! glad you had a safe trip!

Congrats on the baby! I was looking at that picture thinking she looks pregnant! Then I read the caption underneath! How exciting! Sounds like you had a great trip! And your kids are so beautiful and are growing so fast! Can't wait to see more posts from you!

This was a much sneakier announcement than Ruth's, with the pickles and ice cream. :>) Many blessings, and prayers for a healthy pregnancy and safe birth!

What a blessing! Thanks for sharing the photos, it looks like you guys had a nice and relaxing trip home!

Congrats on the new baby! You've got such a cute little baby bump!

congratulations on your new bundle of joy. happy to see your back to blogging.

Congrats on the baby! :)

That was SUCH a fun post with a VERY fun ending!! So excited for you and your family. Hope you're feeling well. You look wonderful! Sounds like a great trip...and I bet your hubby is so glad to have you home!


I was looking at the pictures and thought, wow, she kinda looks pregnant in that picture.. CONGRATULATIONS! :)

Congratulations! The photos are beautiful and the little ones have grown so.

Missed you, Tammy! Congrats on the new baby! Early or late Feb? My birthday is the 23rd!

...most likely late February knowing my history of having 10-month pregnancies! ;) Could even be March! heehee :) Our anniversary is March 12, so that wouldn't be a bad date either! :D

Congratulations on your new little one! You'll have to let me know how you like your midwife, I like to keep tabs on them around here for friends. :)

Looks like a great trip! We visit friends in Ohio (usually once a year in the Spring, they live near Leetonia) and my boys always have fun being out in the country. Plus they like their horses! I LOVE the matching straw hats!

Congratulations! Is the possibility of twins your reason for a maybe on the ultra sound? ;) You don't have to answer that... :D

Congratulations Tammy and Joshua! Thanks for sharing the photos. You have a lovely family. Enjoyed looking at them, and have missed you!

How exciting! Congratulations on the new little one on the way!

Heather (married in Aug '00, mom to 5 children ages 8 yrs down to 8 months)

Looks like a wonderful trip! I'm so glad you guys had fun!

Congratulations on #4! I tried to call you when I saw this post, but my call failed twice. I think that must mean I have an old number. Oh well! Call me sometime, we'll catch up!

Love ya,
Kate Ambrose

I'm so happy for you guys!!!
Looks like you had a great time in Ohio :)

How fun that we're due close together! Blessed pregnancy and birth!

~Elizabeth in Alaska

I am so happy for you and your family. Welcoming a new one to the is so exciting.
Ruth is such a big (little) girl now, and those boys are growing like weeds. We are all anxiously awaiting February to arrive. YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Congratulations.
Marj in Wyoming

Yay Tammy! So excited for you! I am due at the end of Feb/beginning of March too with #6! Too bad you still don't live closer! So glad you had a good time with your family...I love visiting vacations!


Last time you were expecting there was a bit of a blogging break.... So, I was thinking, "I wonder if she is going to be making an announcement next time we hear from her. I am so happy for you!!! Congratulations. Great to hear from you again - and I totally understand that balancing act of being mom and blogging. Just great to hear from you.

Wow, she is 20 months old now? Holy cow!

Tammy, so happy to see that you and your family are back home safe and sound. Congratulations on your news! I'm so happy for you guys. Looking forward to seeing more pics of your trip and some of your new recipes. Again, so glad you are back with us.


Thank you ALL for your excitement about our new baby! :) You are all so kind and I appreciate the enthusiasm. :D

Congratulations on your new blessing!!! Exciting news!

Congratulations on a new baby joining your family, Tammy! God is good. :-)

Oh wonderful, congratulations on your new baby!

Ruth is such a cutie. She's about the same age as my DS too. Aren't they fun? Exhausting, but fun.

Horray!! I am also due at the end of February, and it's going to be fun to grow along with you :) I was hoping to hear an announcement from you soon. I figured that your blogging break was more than just a busy break :) I was feeling the same way at the same time, so it just kind of made me wonder!! Glad to hear that your vacation went well too.

Congratulations on the new baby on the way! :)


LOL When you were absent for a while I just had a feeling you might be really tired and or nauseated. ;-) Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks like you had a wonderful time. What a beautiful family.16

Congratulations! I had to re-read that line. What? She's pregnant! Yay!

there has not been as much food activity on here?? Congratulations!!! Hope everything goes well!

Wow, Tammy Congratulations!!! That is such exciting news. I had just scrolled down to that photo (after thinking how slim you looked in previous photos) and thought, now that looks like a baby bump to me and then saw your announcement. :)
I hope you have been keeping well and that you will continue to do so throughout your pregnancy.
Your children are all looking beautiful by the way.

Love Louise in New Zealand

on the new baby! How exciting! It looks like you had a wonderful time in Ohio!
Many blessings!

I'm so happy for you. I am expecting #6 at the end of November and I am TIRED! I have a quick question, though. How are you going to handle the Yom Kippur fast? I find that I cannot fast at all when I am pregnant or nursing, I end up completely dehydrated and this time around we worry about premature labor.

God Bless,

Thank you, Miriam! :) I think I have been either pregnant or nursing (or both!) for the past 6 years on Yom Kippur and haven't done a complete fast for those. I have tried a few times but ended up drinking water every time and eating towards the end at least several times. I think it is easier while pregnant than while nursing! I was amazed that after 14 hours or so without water or food, my usually very abundant milk supply was so diminished! :)

In most fasts you can give up something else. Like TV internet, sweets etc. I'm not familiar w/the Yom Kippur fast, so I don't know if that's feasible.

And medically speaking, it's probably not best to fast from food while pregnant or nursing. In our church (which is a non denomination church) we just fast from something else if we are pregnant, nursing or have a medical condition that would prevent us from fasting.

Best suggestion just pray about it, and see how the Lord leads you to fast.

I am so glad to see you back. I have missed reading your blog. My other daughter called me and said she updated her blog and she is pregnant! I am so excitied for you and your family. Your children are so beautiful. It is so sweet what your husband did for you. I am fixing to be a grandma again for the 4th time. My one daughter has 3 girls and my other daughter who is due any day will be having our first boy (grandson). We are just so excited. Children are just such a blessing.
I am the person who sent you the crochet items awhile back. Don't know if you remember.
I am glad you got to see your family. That is such special times for the children to be with their grandparents and make such special memories.
Take care,
Diana from Oklahoma

Thanks, Diana! And of course I remember you! :D How exciting about your new grandbaby due soon!! :)

I thought I'd add my congratulations-I'm so happy for you. We experienced multiple computer problems over the summer and I wasn't able to be on the computer much at all. I'm not sure when you changed the look of the blog but I really like it. :-)
Our computer appears to be fixed now so I hope to get back by and look around more this week.
I loved all the pictures you've shared from your trip-Ruth and the boys are all cuter than ever. I'm sure that your family really enjoyed their time with you.
Take care!

I'm glad to hear that you don't completely fast. Last year I was pregnant (we have only been Messianic for 2 or so years) and did not do any fasting at all. This year though I really want to try and fast. I am nursing though and I do tend to get extremely hungry, thirsty, dizzy etc. when I got without anything for a while. I definitely want to drink water and I am going to try my best not to eat, but will not let myself become ill or let me milk supply dwindle away.

Wow!! I can`t believe Ruth is 20 months old already!! Congrats on the new baby!! Glad you are back to blogging!! Many blessings to you and your family!!!

I have to admit, I've specifically been looking for a pregnancy announcement on your blog any time, considering our last three kids are about the same ages as yours (youngest is 20 months) and I'm due in March! Congratulations!


What a blessing! Congratulations to you on your impending addition! I hope that you are feeling well and that you have a smooth pregnancy.

(It's also quite a blessing that your mom had a tomato harvest- I live in NEO and everyone I've met has lost their crop to late blight!)


I am so happy for you!

When I used to fast while pregnant or nursing and we did strict fasting with no water or food, I only would fast to a certain time of the day like until noon or 2 pm.
When you fast while pregnant you can burn ketones which are dangerous for the baby, so I had to be careful. But I felt too that you could stay in the spirit of fasting sometimes, whole even eating, just basic plain food sometimes, but staying hydrated and nourished for the babies sake.

Glad you had fun visiting people. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Congratulations to the family! How exciting. Oh, and welcome back as well - we missed you. :)
Betsy M

Your pregnancy is such exciting news! When I saw the picture, I thought, "Hmmm...she looks pregnant", but then I remembered you writing about trying to lose weight earlier in the year, and I figured it was just all that wonderful bread and food you've been making. I was happy when I read that you are indeed pregnant. Wishing you a safe and easy pregnancy (and delivery!)

Michele in Northern Virginia

PS. I'm Jewish and as I'm sure you know fasting is not a requirement if it affects your health. I never fasted when I was pregnant. I had had 3 miscarriages in the past so I wasn't going to take any chances.

I hadn't seen much blogging from you lately, so I come over here to check. . . and I read wonderful news!!!

Congratulations on the baby news!
Your little people are so cute. . . I know the gender of the baby is not the most important thing, but I am looking forward to seeing if it'll be 2 boys, 2 girls or 3 boys, 1 girl. This is just great news!

Emily (pearlibuttons)

Tammy~ what wonderful news! I hope you have a boring, safe , "normal" pregnancy & delivery. It seems that pregnant people keep "popping out of the woodwork" around me. I'm expectig my 5th come april. i can't wait to meet the little person. Their arrival is much anticipated in our house after losing my last 2 pregnancies at 8 and 15 weeks. I'm very excited about the healthy little one the Lord has blessed us with! Good luck with yours.


I love the pictures of Ruth and the boys. They are all getting so big and Ruth has the most beautiful eyes!

How exciting about the new baby~


SAHM/Homeschooler to 5 great kids!

Hi Tammy -
I am so thrilled about your pregnancy - Mazal Tov!! (hebrew for congratulations!)
I too was pregnant with my son on Yom Kippur and was told not to fast, even though I did (I do every year since my Bat Mitzva at age 12) it is not mandatory for pregnant women. Health comes first in judaism, as I am sure in all other religions.
Please take care - love reading about your life - so intresting. And you have amazing kids! Even I enjoyed your trip back home!

Shana Tova (Happy New Year)

Dorit (in Israel)

Enjoyed the pictures of your family and fun times! So glad you had the chance to spend time in OH again.

I'll add my congratulations on the baby to the rest. It is so refreshing to see other people welcome children into their homes. Hope your pregnancy go well!

I had to go Aw! when I read about the flowers, chocolate and love letter. Isn't it fun to have a husband who cares and his romantic? What a blessing!

Congratulations!!!! What a cute way to let us all know!


Hug them boys and ruth for me!
I miss them and YOU too!!!

I am so happy for you!!!
I am almost 16 weeks along with my first! I have a step son who is 10, but this is my first baby of my own! We are so excited and I bet you are too!!! I hope your first trimester goes smoother then mine!!! I have had a tricky time eating and cooking, but I am feeling better so I am back on checking out recipes and reading your blog!! Hey maybe you could do some tips on things you did to save money with your babies. I am a teacher and will have to go back to work after 8 weeks and daycare is so $$$, so I am really trying to save my pennies!!

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