Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Taking the heat outside

During the really hot weather, I take my slow cooker outside to cook. (I've also done this with a toaster oven in the past.)

When we lived in Missouri, I put it on the porch and ran the extension cord under the door (it wasn't a tight door!). In Ohio, we had an enclosed back porch and I plugged it in out there. Here, I take it out to the apartment balcony.

Slow-cooking chicken... yummy!

This really helps keep the house cooler! :) Anyone else have hot-weather cooking tips to share?! :)

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Coring Tomatoes Easily

I have been amazed at what I can cook on the grill! Especially using indirect heat - light one side and put the food on the other side, though I do try to remember to turn it. I posted about cooking a frozen casserole on the grill here (Tammy's Baked Spaghetti, in fact), and I also blogged about making Tammy's Mom's Meatloaf on the grill here!

My kitchen tip this week is actually a request for help - I need a vacuum sealer and a dehydrator and would love to hear about yours, if you have one! (and I linked to all Tammy's posts that mention either one, so visitors can click back here to see what she has to say!)
Need Help With Vacuum Sealer and Dehydrator (Lenetta)

Thank for the tip. I think this might help with my morning sickness, too. The smell of the crockpot cooking all day is not appetizing. But if I put it outside, I won't smell it. :)

I have a quick tip on keeping your fridge clean (especially if you have weekly garbage pickup)

I recall you using your crock pot and your bread maker inside your enclosed porch. Its a great tip...If I had an enclosed porch. I'm afraid I'd have a stampede of animals if I took to cooking outdoors :)


Like you, I also take the slow cooker outside, but I don't stop there. I hardly use my oven all summer. Instead, I use an 18 qt. electric roaster out on the deck. This works very well for nearly anything if it doesn't need to be too crispy. It makes especially moist cakes and breads.
Our latest discovery is the electric griddle. That gets used outside too! We've been having quesadillas, calzones, grilled cheese, pancakes, breaded pork tenderloin, and more, all without heating up the house. In south Texas, that's quite an accomplishment.
Hurray for outdoor cooking!

My hubby has set it up that we can do most of the canning work outside. We clean, scald, ice, peel, and pack the tomatoes outside. I process them inside with the pressure canner and the heat really stays out.

Hi Tammy- your site looks fantastic! It is so warm and cozy; I just love the new look. Sorry I've been missing from KTT for a while. We changed our site name from Homemaker Barbi to Home Ever After, and this is the first carnival link to our new domain!

Label Leftovers with Wet Erase Markers

Thanks again,
Danelle Ice / Home Ever After

I also do this when I'm pregnant and cooking chicken makes me sick.

If you have an electric griddle, put it to work this summer! (the microwave is a big help too on hot days). Try it, it works :)

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