Weekly menu; August 17, 2009

Cheesy Chicken Vermicelli recipe

Most of the time I am horribly neglectful when it comes to planning our menus. Usually I manage to pull through in the end but especially recently, the downsides have been apparent. Little variety from week to week, not as healthy overall, and just a general "I don't know WHAT to make" every afternoon. Uhg! I need to plan better!!

Veggie bean soup with spinach recipe

So, yesterday I planned a menu for this week. Here's my plan:


  • Grilled cheese, cooked peas, apples, grapes (a quick meal since we're supposed to be out the door right after!)




Seasoned baked potato wedges recipe



  • Pizza, cooked peas, fruit smoothies for dessert




Strawberry green smoothie recipe

Breakfasts: Green smoothies, cold cereal, or oatmeal with fruit

Fruit for the week: Grapes, apples, bananas, and oranges (fresh); blueberries or strawberries (frozen).


Sounds good! I really need to start something like that. Lately I've been the same way, the time comes to make lunch and i don't know what to cook!

~Tanya - mama to 5 with #6 on the way. :)

This post made me hungry. I love all the ideas and the photos. Good work!

Glad to see Im not the only one that neglects making a meal plan. However, I support you leaving me in the dust. Hope it helps your week!

Have you tried monthly planning yet? I thought it was a crazy idea until I tried it and (when I do it!) it worked beautifully! I can't find my link to the idea but if you want more info, it would be simple to share it with you. It's a very uncomplicated way to plan lots of meals and make the most of a treasure trove of freezer and pantry deals to boot!

But, I still don't always plan....like the old adage "When you fail to plan, you plan to fail." So true!

Jen from http://ohhowhappy.wordpress.com

YUM for green smoothies! I can't imagine my life without them. Today I made one where I blended fresh green juice that I made (Plant Blood - hehe) with an avocado and an apple. It was so divine... I didn't want the cup to ever empty!

of http://KristensRaw.blogspot.com

So I am very interested to try your oven roasted chicken but how would you do it int he crockpot??? Just follow the same directions and then put it on low inthe crockpot for how many hours? Sorry to need so much instruction! Thanks for the help!

This week was actually the first time I made a chicken in the crock pot, which is why I didn't give details -- yet! :)

I did everything the same but put it in a slow cooker and cooked on high for 7 hours (6 would probably have been long enough if you're shorter on time) and it was VERY tender and delicious! I thought the seasonings tasted stronger than usual though. I'm not sure how long it would need on low...

I'll have to add these notes to the recipe! :)

What puts me back with planning menus are left overs!
And even more, in france, we have two meals a day. (But breakfast is more simple!!)

As I am on holidays and came back to the house to find food bought by my sweet children before they left on holidays I have to use what is there before goes bad!
( they forgot we would only be three and not 5 or 6 or seven!)

So I am doing all the food like for 6 and presenting the left overs in a different way and I really enjoy having less work!
For example I had 3 yellow peppers, 1 big round courgette, tomatoes and Smoked Tofu.
I made a big platter adding orange lentils and it was delicious.
I then prepared for the next meal little pancakes and served the left overs wrapped in them with a cucumber salad.
I could have made this meal the next day but I am on holidays so... don't ask me too much!!!!!!
But my big pride was : no waste, no left-overs! (a bit ill at ease for serving twice a day nearly the same food!!)

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