Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Cleaning the cheese grater

Here's a tip for cleaning a dirty cheese grater: Use a vegetable brush and scrub under cold water.

If you do this as soon as you're finished with the cheese grater, the cheese won't have a chance to dry and get really stuck. Using cold water helps easily remove the cheese, since under hot water it just gets gooey and sticky! :)

Scrubbing a dirty cheese grater...

When it's time to wash dishes later, you can easily wash the cheese grater in hot soapy water without having to soak or scrub at the cheese remnants. :)

My current cheese grater (pictured above) is dishwasher safe so I actually don't use this tip right now, but my mom came up with this cold water/brush method and uses it regularly. :)

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This also is a good tip to use when cleaning bowls or utensils used with flour based mixes - as hot/warm water makes everything flour all gooey/sticky - ugh.


Microwaved Scrambled Eggs (Lenetta)

Before I had a dishwasher, I found that greasing the cheese grater with nonstick spray really helped with cleanup. I would imagine that a bit of oil of some sort on a rag wiped carefully over the grater would help in a similar fashion.

(Hey, I don't think I've ever had a double digit answer for the captcha before . . . and this early in the morning, no less! :>))

Drain concept to me but they help keep things from going down the drain. They were in the house when we moved in. I've had it posted on my blog for 2 weeks but have been busy and haven't had a chance to make it over here to add it to the KTT list.

I have always sprayed the grater part with non stick spray as that's what they did in a restaurant where I first cooked.

I need to know - what kind of cheese grater do you have that is dishwasher safe?! I need to get one!!!

I have no idea! I got it at a garage sale for 10 cents before we were married. It's fairly small and stainless steel and so far (9 months in...) the dishwasher hasn't ruined it! :D

I buy a bag of shredded cheese instead of going through the hassel of doing it myself. I was happy when I got to be an adult and could make the decision to buy such luxury items.

Great tip! Thanks for sharing! BTW- I love the new look of your website!

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