Joshua's latest summer drink: Homemade mocha frappuccinos!

Homemade mocha frappuccino recipe

As life goes, getting enough sleep is a challenge for Joshua and me. Our alarm goes off just before 5am and while Joshua heads to the shower, I pack his lunch for the workday.

Over the years Joshua has tried various wake-me-up methods from iced tea to hot tea to chocolate covered coffee beans! ;) While we aren't regular caffeine consumers, there are the inevitable late nights after which a delicious caffeinated morning treat just helps the morning... and the rest of the day... go a whole lot better! :)

This summer Joshua whipped up a "frappuccino" in our blender. I didn't even know what a "frappuccino" was! After a few sips, I decided it was something I could definitely enjoy on occasion. ;)

Joshua's Homemade Mocha Frappuccino takes just a few minutes to prepare, and gets nice and frothy in the blender. His recipe is a combination of milk and dry ingredients, which means a dry mix can be made in advance if desired -- just add milk and blend or shake! This is especially handy for early mornings. :)

There are more photos and details about various add-ins and methods over at the recipe! Enjoy! :)


But I'm not sure what exactly Dutch Cocoa is; perhaps I need to pay more attention in the store!

Love the new look!!! Just Delightful
- gave me a good feeling as soon as it loaded! So neat!
Did your hubby do this? Great job!

Looks good, will have to give that a try!!

I love the java chillers at Sonic. I think I will try this with a couple scoops of ice cream for a summer shake. Yum! Thanks for the recipe.

I don't use exact measurements, but the same things but blend with ice. Will have to try it the way you described. I also just read about freezing the coffee so as not to dilute it. I tried this with a different recipe and it tastes better than Starbucks, at least to me. Takes more time to freeze coffee cubes, but worth it!

I bet this would be even better with espresso powder--about a teaspoon would be enough. The jar is very small (and can be expensive) but it lasts forever.

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