Making Your Home a Haven: Drawer or closet challenge

This week's Making Your Home a Haven challenge is to clean out or organize a drawer or closet! Most of us probably have at least a few over-stuffed or messy drawers in our homes... so choose one that will have a positive effect in your home and tackle it!! :)

I'll be organizing our food pantry closet (you can see a photo of that closet at the bottom of this post). It doesn't look at all like that picture right now -- it's super full with stuff stuffed everywhere!! I'm sure that a good organizing will yield more space, along with giving me a good idea of what we need to use up in the near future. :)

I'll post "before" and "after" photos later when I get it all done! :)

If you want to follow along with doing this week's challenge, just leave a comment telling us what you worked on, or post about it in your blog and leave a link in a comment here! :)

1. The Southern Housewife (junk drawer)
2. Sandra
3. Shoshana (container cupboard)
4. Deborah (mics. drawer)
5. Tanya (desk)
6. Lisa (pantry and fridge)

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