In-Season Recipe Swap: Strawberries

My strawberry recipe for you this week is a super easy yummy Strawberry Slushie that Joshua created a few months ago and has been making regularly to keep us cool (plus we love it!).

Strawberry Slushie!

This is Joshua's Strawberry Slushie recipe that he created. He laughed when I asked him for his "recipe". (He is the one who makes them for us!)

Even though it's simple, I wouldn't have known how to make such a perfect one without his instruction. :) This is a great way to cool off in the summer! Actually, a lot of our favorite drinks use strawberries. Summer Strawberry Lemonade was the very first beverage recipe we put on this website! :)

Now, I'm ready to check out your favorite recipes that feature strawberries as a main ingredient! :)

How to participate:

Post your recipe, including your own photo of the food. Recipes must follow the week's theme, obviously. :)

Link to this post, and then come over here and let us know where to find YOU! Mr. Linky has issues, so just leave your links in a comment and I will manually add them to this post throughout the day. :)

Coming recipe themes: Green peas with edible pods (June 10), Blueberries (June 17) and Sour cherries (June 24).

1. Strawberries and Chocolate
2. Grandma's Strawberry Shortcake (Gina)
3. Strawberries with Pound Cake (Jane)
4. Strawberry Pie (Lynn)
5. Strawberry Bread Pudding (Crystal)
6. Yogurt dip for strawberries (Katie)
7. Red Banana Smoothie (Jessica)
8. Mint and Mapled Strawberries (Brandy)


Strawberries and chocolate!

ps- thanks for making me do math to post comments -- keeps me sharp ;)

I love seeing everyone's ideas on using fresh produce! Can't wait to see everyone's strawberry ideas!

This is our favorite June breakfast!

Gina at Home Joys!

That slushie looks really good!

Here's my recipe for strawberries with pound cake:

I love strawberries. Here is a strawberry pie recipe.

Our strawberries aren't ready yet, up here in my part of Canada. I am looking forward to lots of them soon, and look forward to lots of inspiration. Thanks.

I've got to try that strawberry lemonade. I always drink that at Red Robin. It would be great if I could make something similar at home.

Here is my recipe for Strawberry Bread Pudding.

I really need to make slushies for my children one day soon. They love them. I do too!

Here's my strawberry recipe

We went strawberry picking over Memorial Day weekend and came home with about 10 pounds of strawberries! I think some strawberry slushies are in our future! One strawberry recipe I've been using lately is for strawberry sauce for waffles:

A bit of orange juice
Some strawberries
Some sugar
A bit of flour or cornstarch for thickener

I cook over a low heat until it breaks up and is a saucy consistency. I don't use measurements but rather make it "to taste." It's quite yummy!

Here's my link! Love this recipe swap, even though I'm scared of rhubarb. ;)


Read about your Strawberry Slushie recipe earlier in the day and couldn't stop thinking about I made one after dinner and it was GREAT! So simple and so good - used the hot water, frozen strawberries and organic agave nectar...mmmmmmmm. Wanted to review the recipe but I'm not sure how? Do I need to register with your site? Love your recipes!

Jill, I'm so glad you liked the strawberry slushie recipe! :) Thanks for sharing and being willing to review the recipe!

Yes, since recipe reviews are limited to one per person (and are editable) you will need to create a user name and password. After you are logged in, every recipe page will display a review box at the bottom for you to type into! :)

Thanks for your time, and have a great night. :)

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