Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Little stuff in the dish washer

I am still learning how to best use a dishwasher, now that we've lived here for 6 months. I finally figured out how to keep little things, like measuring cups, from flipping over in the wash and ending upside down with food and water in them.

I hook the little holes around the spokes that stick up. 

Another trick, which I personally do but can't recommend, is to put the small sippy cup parts in the silverware holder, at the bottom underneath lots of silverware. The silverware keeps the little pieces from flying away!

I do this because I usually only have 1-2 little pieces, which is not enough to bother with a big plastic basket for holding small stuff. But I can't recommend it since most plastics say they are for the top rack only!

Any more dishwasher tips to share with this novice user? :)

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Mommy's Idea Book - 14 Way to Save Time in the Kitchen

I do the exact same thing in my dishwasher. I put at least 2 measuring cups on one hook just like in the picture. I also put the sippie cup parts in the silverware thing. I have 5 babysitting kids so I have lots of sippie cup parts in there. You are right, the silverware keeps them from coming up out of the holder. Also, if one of the kids happens to bring their own cup & the leave it here, I put their small parts (the plastic/rubber stopper) in a different section. I keep the babysitting kids' parts on the right side, our son's cup parts on the left side, & any cups that accidently get left here over night get their stoppers put somewhere in the middle. All this so I don't mix them up. LOL

My tip this week is for No Mess Meat Thawing.
Here's the link:


That is how I make my measuring cups stay put as well. I hate opening the dishwasher and finding cups full of water--ick!

My kitchen tip this week is My Recipe Binder--here is the link

Thanks, Tammy! :)

Here's my link:

A great dishwasher tip, every once in awhile, I run a quick cycle with white vinegar, helps cut down on the odor that can build up in the dishwasher sometimes.

We will be moving soon (maybe be all moved this weekend?)....just across town, but I will have a smaller kitchen, set up totally different than the one I've used for almost 15 years. I've posted my ideas, but I sure could use everyone's tips and hints on making the most of the space I have. Here's my link:

I found a great solution on Pinterest (of course!!!) for all those small little pieces, that I love and don't know how I didn't think of it sooner! The solution is ..........mesh laundry bag!!!! I just bought an extra mesh bag that I would normally purchase to wash my more delicate items in the washing machine, throw whatever I need to it in (sippy cup lids and straws, lid to our reusable water bottles, etc.), zip it up and throw it on the top rack of the dishwasher in any little area that i can squeeze it into but that it will alll still get clean. Sorry, I hope that isn't too long winded and makes some sort of sense!!! Since the bag is mesh i do set it on top of a few dishes and everything still comes out clean so you aren't loosing spaces for other things like when using those bottle lid baskets, etc.. Try it and let me know what you think :o)


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