Shavuot celebration cookies!

Cut-Out Biscuit Cookie recipe

Happy Shavuot! We made Hebrew Alphabet cookies to celebrate. Joshua created these Cut-Out Biscuit Cookies, dipped them in chocolate, and they're so pretty!

We used our Hebrew alphabet cookie cutters, which were a gift from Joshua's parents. So fun!

We'll be taking a bunch of cookies to church this afternoon, where we're meeting for a Bible study about Ruth! :) I hope you all have a blessed weekend! :)


blessed weekend too!

Those cookies look yummy and they are so neat looking. Joshua did an excellant job with them. :)

~Tanya - mama to 5 with #6 on the way. :)

Wow, those are so pretty!


anything with chocolate is pretty! yummy

Those cookies are beautiful! They look delicious too.

Those look so neat! Dipping them in chocolate gives them a gourmet look, or maybe it's the alphabet shape that does. Good work, Joshua!

That is so neat! That looks like a fun way of making cookies especially with the alphabet shapes. :)

What lovely cookies!! May you have a blessed weekend as well. :-)

Those cookies look delish. I am trying to come up with something to give to my children's teachers at the end of the year (I tried homeschooling and it was no good for me).
Enjoy your weekend, they say the weather is supposed to be this nice for a few days at least. Hope it does not get too hot in your apartment:)

I'm so impressed, they are so neat! and they definitely look yummy!

As a Hebrew speaker, those look so beautiful! And yummy!

Those are very pretty cookies! Have a wonderful weekend!

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