Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Time those waffles!

We love waffles! Waffles freeze well, and make a yummy breakfast or dessert (with whipped cream and strawberries! Yum!).

We've found that when we're making waffles, it's much easier to use a timer.

Time those waffles!

To start, we time how long it takes for our waffle maker to cook a waffle to perfection. Then we just set the timer for that many minutes. We always know when the waffle is done, without having to check or forgetting and burning them!

For our waffle maker, the "golden" time is 3 minutes!

My waffles recipes for quick reference:

Classic (no-sugar) homemade waffles -- a really great recipe handed down from my grandmother!

Belgian Waffles -- very sweet but make a fabulous dessert and are the BEST re-warmed waffles I've ever had!

Best Waffle Batter -- not as good as the above two, but a whole lot faster to mix up!

What's on top? Brown sugar syrup (my mom's recipe) or strawberry sauce (Joshua's recipe)

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We just had waffles last night! A while back Mom bought a handy dandy professional waffle maker with a built-in timer. But before we had that wonderful machine, we liked to time our waffles. It really helps.

Erica from

Lenetta - Converting Standard Recipes for a Slow Cooker

I'm learning to make waffles; unfortunately I bought a Belgian waffle maker and I'm discovering that most waffle recipes don't work on it - the batter is often too thin and runny and therefore the waffle doesn't cook all the way through or the batter runs over the edges of the wafflemaker.

here's my tip for getting a good rise from muffins:


Ours is a Belgian waffle maker too, and we haven't been pleased with our waffles, either. There is a Light & Crispy Waffles recipe from America's Test Kitchen that has a variation for Belgian waffle makers that we're going to try.

What a great tip Tammy! I tend to avoid making waffles very often, as my yougest is allergic to eggs and most substitutes I've used just don't work very well for crispy waffles. Plus, it drives me bonkers having to open the waffle iron every few minutes to see if they are done. With your clever tip I might give it a go again!

Hey Tammy we also love to make waffles and freeze them. I found this very delicious to enjoy during my 3 am breast feeding session with my little guy! hehe.. We also love to freeze pancakes as well. They make a quick easy breakfast, lunch or snack

Kolfinnas Korner.....Here's my KTT version of soft scrub:

Must I have a Belgian waffle maker in order to use your Belgian waffle recipe or can I get by with my regular maker that makes four little heart shapes but only has tiny squares, not the deep ones that a Belgian waffle has?

Hmmm, good question! When we were first married we got a waffle iron at Wal-mart. I don't remember it being called a Belgian waffle maker. I make all of my waffle recipes on that same one and they turn out fine! Mine isn't heart-shaped (it does 2 larger squares).

Does anyone else know which waffle recipes will work on the different irons??

Love those waffles; it's been a while since we had any though. I should make them next week with the special brown sugar syrup. Or maybe we'll get some strawberries....
We have that exact same timer! :)

I have never had a homemade waffle:( My husband tells me I am missing out, maybe I will get him a waffle maker for father's day and he can show me!

Here is my link :

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