Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Spray-on Liquid Smoke

My husband makes some top-notch grilled chicken, salmon fillets, and strip steak! One of the seasonings he uses is liquid smoke flavoring. (For those interested in how liquid smoke flavoring is obtained, comment #8 in this thread has more info!)

Liquid smoke flavoring usually comes in a bottle like soy sauce does, but it can be difficult to apply in a thin even coat.

Joshua's solution for many years now has been to use a spray bottle to apply the liquid smoke flavoring to foods. Really any clean, food-safe (unscented!) spray bottle will work. We've used various ones, and our current favorite is an old salad dressing spray bottle passed on to us when it was empty:

This makes it so much easier to use the liquid smoke flavoring! :) The bottle/nozzle doesn't get clogged, but you will want something that does seal up pretty tightly around the top, since liquid smoke is really strong if it leaks! ;)

You can also pretty much forget about ever using the bottle for anything else after having liquid smoke in it. ;)

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Hi Tammy
Here is my link

Lenetta @ Nettacow - Clean Dishes and Cheap Clean Balance in the Dishwasher

I also have a link on liquid smoke in this post:
to this post discussing liquid smoke:

Hey thanks for putting my link up.
We love liquid smoke here. I always sprinkle a little into hamburger before I make them into patties. It gives it the flavor of ground steak instead of ground chuck.
I also add a little worcechestershire, salt, pepper, & some garlic powder. But it's the liquid smoke that gives it all the flavor. And then fry those babies out on the grill. Yum.
My husband may want to use your idea with the spray bottle. We'll have to try that! Thanks!

Mommy's Idea Book (Making Homemade Biscuits)

Here's my link for my Kitchen Tip Tuesday.
Thanks for posting it.


Freezer Containers!

Great idea! I never would have thought of that. My hubby loves liquid smoke, so we'll definitely be trying this.

(i forgot to sign in--sorry!)

thank you for adding it manually.

Thank you all for the great kitchen tips! :) I now know what to do with/about limp celery, how to transport frosted cupcakes, and more. :)

I just wanted to note that if your link hasn't appeared, you may need to re-check to be sure that your post contains a kitchen/cooking tip (i.e. a tip that will make someone else's life easier, and can be summarized easily in a sentence or two.).

If your post does contain a tip, be sure to make it easy to find -- bold it, put it near the top, etc. :)

Please also be sure that your post is linking back to Kitchen Tip Tuesdays. :)

If you have questions, let me know. :)

Here's my kitchen tips post for today.

I use a similar trick when I BBQ meats on the grill.
I learned from a former neighbor of a friend how to grill meat without drying it out and imparting flavor at the same time. She takes liquid (I use water but you can use vinegar-water (which is good for tenderizing less-tender meats) or apple juice depending on the meat) and seasonings such as worchestershire sauce, soy sauce, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, season salt, pepper, whatever, -- including liquid smoke -- the choice is yours). Combine it and put it in a 'reused' catsup or condiment bottle (the catsup bottle works best because it's big enough and allows you to control the amount you use by seing how much you use). Squirt a dab every several times a few minutes apart or as you turn the meat to add flavor and moisture to your meat. You can either discard what is leftover (by refrigerating it) or discard it and save the bottle for next time. Especially good on chicken and ribs. You can also add your BBQ at the end so that the meat is still dripping with sauce and the sauce doesn't burn when it's put on at the last few minutes of cooking.

What a fantastic idea. I have some liquid smoke but almost never use it. And my husband loves to bbq, so this is a perfect idea. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Sheer genius :)

I hope you don't mind, Tammy, I went ahead and linked to this tip because I think it's such a great idea! :)

I'm glad you posted this! I have been curious about liquid smoke for a while, and I'm feeling a little more confident about trying it now!

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