Links to share with you :)

A few interesting posts I've come across recently:

Raspberry-Peach Yogurt Smoothie is yet another beautiful photo and recipe from Julie's recipes! :) I love her pictures.

Jane wrote about making fried dandelion flowers, with pictures. I remember making and eating those with my siblings when I was a kid. :) And dandelion salad... yum! The little green closed-up buds at the bottom of the bowl were the best! :)

Katie wrote about the fate of returned food at the grocery store. I enjoyed her post and thought it was some good "food" for thought! I did leave a rather lengthy comment under her post with some clarifications/more info, so be sure to scroll down to get my "take". :)

I just came across Rachael's recipe for Southwest Salad, a meatless taco salad recipe. A lady from our church has brought that salad to several potlucks and it's very delicious!! :) For an easy, summery lunch, check it out! :)

I'm not able to read as many blogs as I'd like at times, so if you have something you'd like to share with me, feel free to send me your link! :)


I am so excited that you visited my blog Tammy! I've been using your recipes for several years and love them:)

Thanks for the link! It's fun that other people are reading my words (I'm a relatively new blogger....).

Hey, thanks for linking to me. I didn't know you did, until I got online to work on a Kitchen Tip Tuesday post. I think I will have to try the dandelion green salad. I've been given a recipe for that twice now in the last few weeks. My husband just mowed, so I'll need to wait a few days. We'll try it!

Thanks again for the link, I'll have a lot of visitors to my page for a few days. :)

I enjoyed the post about dandelions, although Ive never ate them, Ive heard of them being eaten. What are morels? Ive never even heard of anything like that before.

I just posted about eating dandelions too, and lots of info about the health benefits. :)

=) Hi, Tammy! Thanks for the link love! I can't wait to check out the other great links you've shared.


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