In-Season Recipe Swap: Milk

Welcome to the first edition of the In-Season Recipe Swap! :) This week's theme is milk!

I actually have two new recipes to share that feature milk as a main ingredient. The first one is a family favorite:

Tapioca Pudding

Tapioca Pudding!

This tapioca pudding recipe was originally found many years ago on a paper of recipes titled "Bulk Food" which my mom picked up while visiting Smith's Bulk Foods, a Mennonite (or Amish?) owned store near Dalton, Ohio.

I grew up eating this tapioca pudding, and it's become a special treat that my mom makes for my boys when she sees them. :)

Tapioca Pudding is amazingly easy to make (only 6 ingredients, including salt!) and oh-so-very-delicious when it's warm... I love it!! :)

My second new recipe looks similar to tapioca pudding, but tastes very different: 

Quinoa Pudding

This is Quinoa Pudding, a delicious vanilla pudding with a nutty flavor. This is a yummy, healthy, and easy dessert! :) I don't think tapioca is considered a "health food" but I know quinoa is, so those who love extra protein and nutrients -- like me! -- can appreciate this tasty pudding variation! :)

Okay, now that I finished my little show-and-tell, I'm ready to check out your favorite recipes that feature milk as a main ingredient! :)

How to participate:

Post your recipe, including your own photo of the food.

Link to this post, and then come over here and let us know where to find YOU!

Recipes must follow the week's theme, obviously. :) Coming recipe themes: Asparagus (May 13), Lettuce (May 20), and Rhubarb (May 27).

Thanks for joining me! :)

Edited to add: Okay, I've really had enough of Mr. Linky's issues the past two days! :) I've taken it down so the page will at least load. Here are the recipe links so far. (New links can be left in comments and I will put them up here later!)

In-Season Recipe Swap Participants

1. Shannon (make yogurt in your crock pot)
2. Young in the Mountains :: Fluffy Kefir Biscuits

3. The Happy Housewife ~ Creamy Potato Soup
4. Amy @ Finer Things (homemade ice cream)

5. Newlyweds (Hearty Cabbage Soup)
6. Tereza~from scratch banana cream pie!
7. Bonnie -- Chai Tea
8. Snow White -- Confetti Chowder
9. Laura -- Creamy Mac & Cheese
10. Goldenrod Eggs

11. Angela -- Homemade Cottage Cheese 


Thanks for hosting this, Tammy! I love it. Sorry about not having a photo today of my recipe... I will have plenty next week :) Snow White (Joy in My Kitchen)

i love this idea for a recipe swap-- ingrediant guidelines and in season food!! thank you!

Great new recipe ingredient idea!

i'll have a photo after dinner tonight :)

snow white

Tapioca is actually a product of the cassava plant root, which is a starchy staple in many African countries. The plant has naturally occuring cyonide in it and must be soaked/treated in order to make it safely eadible. I think that there is little nutritional benefit to eating cassava products, but it does have the possitive effect of making one feel full. Inspite of that I still do enjoy tapioca pudding!

The quinoa pudding looks neat--I've been looking for a simple recipe for quinoa. :-)

When we went to Bolivia, we ate alot of yucca (which is the same as Cassava) and it is actually very similar to a potato. It is a starchy food, but I do not think it is bad for you other than that. We had alot of yucca patties, kind of like potato patties.... they grew it right there in their yard.

okay -- we have photos :)

Check out Confetti Chowder @

Snow White

I added a recipe to my page for golden rod eggs.

We visited a Foods Resource Bank cassava growing project in Zambia...a plant rich in nourishment in the root and leaves.

It's a bit late, but if anyone's interested in making cottage cheese very simply...visit here:


Great idea with the quinoa pudding! I am always looking for fun ways to incorporate quinoa in my recipes! I can not wait to give this a try, sounds and looks delicious! Just curious, would it alter the recipe if I were to use skim milk? I know some recipes request you use whole milk. Thanks for sharing, can't wait to give this pudding and many of the other recipe swaps a try!

Quinoa pudding would work with skim milk, but it wouldn't be nearly as creamy. :)

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