Making Your Home a Haven: Evening Routine

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Thanks for joining me for this week's Making Your Home a Haven challenge! :)

Last week I encouraged everyone (including myself!) to choose love and joy during those moments when we're tempted to be grumpy and unpleasant. This is truly a challenge that never goes away. I know I'm still in need of a lot more practice!

My week didn't go how I had planned and I'm humbled to report that today I realise even moreso how far I have yet to go in this area. Thank you for your encouraging blog posts and comments -- you are truly a blessing to me!

Okay, so, we've written down our morning routines. Have you revised yours yet? I have! There's certainly nothing wrong with making changes and adaptations as we figure out what works best in each of life's many seasons! :)

I've found that my initial morning routine was too huge for me to tackle with success every day, so I pared it down to the 5 things that will help boost my morning and inspire me to keep going, rather than bogging me down and taking the entire morning to complete.

My revised Morning Routine:

1. Make tea/take vitamins
2. Bible time with children
3. Make (put away) bed
4. Put away clean dishes
5. Breakfast (hot cereal)

This simpler morning routine is helping to energize me in the mornings. Instead of doing a larger project (like school time) and not getting our bed made until mid-afternoon, I'm getting the easier pick-me-up stuff out of the way first.

How are you doing with your bed time? I am making it about 50% of the time. I am working on successfully streamlining a few more things in order to have more time for sleep. I'm hoping to have a good progress report in this area by next week! :)

This week's challenge is to implement an Evening Routine!

Your evening routine can consist of five (or fewer) things that you can do each evening to help give you (and your home!) a better start the following day. Sometimes the extra 5 minutes spent planning ahead for the next day is all it takes to make your home more of a haven. :)

My Evening Routine

1. Plan tomorrow's meals
2. Write a reasonable to-do list for tomorrow
3. Clean up kitchen
4. Bible time with Joshua
5. Shower

I would love to hear how you're doing this week! Did you have a challenging week, or is everything running smoothly? :) What will you do for your Evening Routine? As always, tips and ideas on any of the topics we've covered (or things you'd like to hear more about!) are welcome. :) Leave me a comment or post about it in your blog and add the link to your post here! :)


I have been doing a making your home a haven on my blog for awhile and came over today to join forces with another wonderful meme! Thanks for bringing this back to life Tammy!

Thank YOU for sharing with us! (I think this is from Stephanie?) :)

I need a morning and evening routine. I'm just finding you so maybe I can work on the evening routine this week and catch up a morning routine later. Mornings give me fits. I just don't want to get up and get started. My evening routine now is supper, clean up dishes, tv time (either a soap or whatever my 5 year old is watching), little one to bed and then mommy time for blogging, emailing, etc. I'm always up too late (got to work on that, too).

Feel free to jump in now and add more later! :) Glad to have you! :)

this definitely looks like something I need to start!!!

i just sat down yesterday and tried to divide my day in to short segments of routines. now i just have to work on implimenting them. my evening routine is(other than the obvious getting kids in bet etc.)

1. Clear off dining room table
2. load and run dishwasher
3. empty sink (hand washables) and wipe out
4. wipe off stove
5. pick out tomorrows clothes

the little people do a tidy up of the floors etc. so i don't worry about that. it's done before my chores.

Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for picking up this meme. It's such a blessing not only to purposefully make my home a haven but also to connect with other lovely ladies that are called to this, too!! How encouraging!!

I've written a catch up post and added my link. I'm excited to start doing this every Monday!

I have found your little challenges to be very helpful - struggling with an evening routine as I like to just veg in the evenings.

I would like to share a simple rule that has changed my life. It's called the thirty second rule. If it takes 30 seconds or less do it NOW , don't put it off. This has made my home a much tidier place nad made my 10 minute clean up each morning much easier.

This one is harder than the morning.

1. Give kids bath/take shower.

2. Get kids to bed by 9pm.

3. Work on crafts.

4. Take night meds/super seed.

5. Be in bed by 12am to read.

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