Simple and easy free stuff from Rite Aid stores

One of the handful of stores in our former hometown was a Rite Aid store. Over the years, we have been blessed to get many items there for only the cost of sales tax, through their Single Check Rebates program.

Their weekly sales flyer highlights any items that are free-after-rebate for the week, and the info can be submitted online and the next thing you know you're getting a check in the mail for the price you paid, minus sales tax.

The sales tax is important if it's a high-dollar item that you and everyone you know really has no use for! The "free" 3-ounce tube of hair gel that normally costs $6.99 is going to still cost you over 50 cents in tax!

It's not usually a lot of items, but my purchases probably average out to 3 items per month; some months more, some months none. I usually skip all the medicines and things we don't need since I'd still be paying tax, and end up with things like shampoo, conditioner, tooth brushes, hair gel, and the random box of cereal, Soy Joy bars, deodorant, etc.

If you're interested in free stuff from Rite Aid, here are the simple steps:

1. Look through their weekly ad for free-after-rebate items, or subscribe to the Money Saving Mom blog for alerts on good deals (not posted every week though, so you may miss something).

2. Go to the store and buy exactly what's advertised as free after rebate. 

3. Go to and follow their simple instructions for submitting Single Check Rebates. It seriously only takes a couple minutes and is SO easy!!

4. At the end of the month, request your rebate check online. You will get emails letting you know that your receipts were accepted, and they give you plenty of time to request the check and submit rebates (longer than a month I think).

If you have a Rite Aid nearby, this could very well be worth your effort, as it has been to us! :)

When we lived in Ohio, my mom and I had a system worked out where she would stop and pick up the items for both of us (I'd pay her back; gotta get separate receipts for that, of course!) and then since I had internet access and she did/does not, I submitted both her receipts and mine. If there was an item one of us didn't want, the other could end up with both! Yay! :)

For more frugal tips, be sure to visit Jessica's blog! :)


I'd be lost w/o my CVS and Walgreens. Do you have a Rite Aid there or are you learning a new system?

We don't have a Rite-Aid...but I did just start Walgreen's rebates!

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