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Welcome to this week's Making Your Home a Haven challenge! (If you missed my intro, you can read it here.)

We're going to stick to the basics this week. For years, Crystal has plugged the idea of having a Morning Routine.

A simple Morning Routine is a list of 5, and only 5, things that you plan to do each morning. Getting a good start for the day can set a beautiful tone for the rest of the day's challenges!

I've done Morning Routines in the past, and even stuck with them for quite some time because having a little daily list, a little structured routine, worked wonders for me -- even while juggling babies and toddlers and everything else.

However, I am somewhat ashamed to admit that in recent months I haven't been using my mornings very wisely, and I certainly haven't been following any Morning Routines.

Far too often I am finding myself unmotivated, staring at a pile of leftover dishes, toys, dirty laundry, or messy floors and then crawling off to the living room to goof off with the children. (Yes, some goofing off is good. But things like not planning dinner and not clearing the dishes is not good!)

That said, I am motivated to re-institute a 5-Things Morning Routine for where our family is right now!

Here is my Morning Routine:

1. Put away clean dishes.
2. Bible time with the children.
3. Make tea and take vitamins.
4. School time.
5. Take children outside.

Join me in making a list of 5 things you want to call your Morning Routine! Your 5 things will likely be very different from mine! Do what works for you. Keep it simple and manageable: something you can reasonably do on a daily basis.

Leave me a comment with your list, or post your list on your blog and come back here to link! (Please link directly to your post.)


1-Work out
2-prayer and bible
3-breakfast with family
4-school with little one
5-read to younger children

This is what I think should be most important for me in the morning. I am a slow habit former (is there such a thing?) so this will take a little bit. I have been working on the first two for about six weeks and the first one I have down. The second I struggle getting done before little one wakes. Thanks Tammy

You've got a big list and it's impressive that you're making progress with #1 and #2!! Oh, BTW, I doubt there's anything except a SLOW HABIT FORMER!!

This is a great idea. I am not a SAHM, I'm a homemaker soooo I'm horrible at just pulling the ocvers over my head and/or rolling over for a few more ZZZZs when I should be doing something constructive. I've actually added the 6th item... because I am infamously bad at staying in jammies and not showering or getting dressing till afternoon-time.

Here's my routine:

1. Get up with BF and see him off to work
2. Take morning medications (at a set time every day)
3. Make and eat a healthy breakfast
4. Spend time couponing (Mondays), writing letters or reading
5. Make bed (I'm infamously bad at this!!)
6. Shower and get dressed

Here is the schedule I intend to keep (no children at home these days!). It is based on wise advise given to us in our pre-marital counseling by our pastor: Get up, wash your face, comb your whatever must be done so you are ready to serve. :)

1. Quiet time with the Lord
2. Exercise
3. Shower and get dressed.
4. Breakfast
5. Clean kitchen, straighten the public rooms in the house. Often, I start dinner.

If I do these things, I can go where I'm needed, I can be there for a friend, etc.

One thing I would like to add is simply this. When my children were small, I did a lot of my teaching "as we go". Sure, we did have formal training, but it was a top priority for us for our children to see us serving and loving others every day. This often meant being away from home with them. So we got up, did what was necessary in our home, and then were ready to spend time with others in meaningful ways. That meant keeping diaper bags packed, clothes clean, and thinking about what needed to be accomplished with the children each day.

For example, I might have noticed issues with one of my children having trouble sharing, or being impolite. Before bed that night, with the Lord's guidance, I would think of ways to encourage the proper behavior the next day. So no matter where the Lord led us, we were accomplishing what was important in their lives each day. "Living devotionals" in addition to our family Bible and prayer times.

I really want to encourage young moms to not be too focused on being at home, alone, with the children. God intends us to live as a community of believers, carrying each other's burdens, sharing our gifts and talents. He also intends for us to be salt and light for those who do not know Him. I know it is difficult sometimes, with naptimes, feeding schedules, etc., but I believe our children seeing us invest in the lives of others, actively serving, actively loving is much more important than a spotless house or a regimented schedule. I can say that our now grown children do display evidence of servant's hearts now, which I would much rather see.

Long story short: Focus your days doing things with your children that really matter.

1. Let dog out while getting a cup of coffee
2. Bible & prayer time
3. Put away clean dishes
4. Breakfast with fam
5. Read to my daughter

This is my "wish" list for mornings! I have been inspired by this challenge to create a morning routine and try to stick to it so my day will get off to a good start. Thanks, Tammy, for the challenge!

I really enjoy your site. Just made the cheesy italian bread last night for the first time and it was a huge hit! :)

My morning routine is:
1-coffee with husband before he leaves for work
2-bible reading and prayer time
4-shower and dress
5-breakfast with boys

If I do not exercise in the morning, well, life tends to get in the way and exercise is the first to go. It works for me to exercise in the morning.

I have already completed most of the things I had on the list for today, which is good since its almost not morning. :-)

1. Wash Whites (they are dried!)
2. Wash another load of laundry (in the washer)
3. Repot tomato plants (they are all in 4" pots and taking over the kitchen)
4. Call city about compost bin (they are selling them for $30! and will drop it off when they pick up trash, and I need to do this still)
5. Vacuum (baby is asleep and I will not risk waking her for at least a little while longer).

I've been working on my list for awhile, so this public accountability is good for me! My list is on my blog...

I love the mornings! As a single young woman with a busy schedule at my office, the mornings are the beginning of a streamlined day. This routine takes twenty minutes:

1. Quiet time and Bible study upon rising, while still in bed.

2. Turn on tea kettle and walk my dog.

3. Tune into news radio; during Lent, I only listen to sermons or Scripture memory tapes during this time.

4. Dress

5. Make lunch and out the door.

So glad to have found this. I posted about my routines on my blog-

My husband is quite the routine person, and since having children, it has been a live saver. Here are my top five that get done just about every morning.
1. Make hubby's lunch
2. Bible reading
3. shower
4. Make bed/start load of laundry
5. Breakfast
Usually all of that is done before my 3 year old is up. Sometimes he'll be up early and we'll have breakfast together. If I get all of that done before 8 am, we're in good shape for the day.

1- Bible and Prayer
2- Shower and Dress
3- Load of Laundry
4- Tidy papers (if not they pile up; papers can be bills, letters, odds and ends, whatever.
5- Breakfast with family

You have a lovely blog. Ana

i remember after i first got married, my wonderful husband once told me that he would rather stay at work than come home because it was such a battlefield when he walked in the door *ouch*...i am happy to say that is no longer the case. now he comes home to the 3 children running to the door to meet him and a wife (hopefully) glad to see him! i try to refrain from blasting him with all of the little arguments i have had with him in my head throughout the day and just focus on letting him settle in and enjoy the family. i am not perfect at this, but i work on it regularly! but i digress :)

so here is my ideal morning routine:
1. get up with my husband (0500) and make his lunch to bless him and help him get out the door on time...
2. exercise
3. start a load of laundry
4. get some coffee and spend time with God
5. have a hug and a kiss ready for the kids when they get up.

if you have any ideas on how to get my children to sleep past 6 am i am all ears!!

i plan on starting tomorrow :) so i have to get my evening routine in order as well...
1. get a load of laundry ready to throw in
2. get the coffee ready to go and have my bible and journal out and ready
4. set out the tennies and ipod and access bar by the elliptical

wish me luck!!


Five things I would like to do every morning are:

1. Read with my baby
2. Have breakfast
3. Read my Bible and pray
4. Clean the kitchen
4. Make the bed

Thank you for encouraging us Tammy.


I was happy to see that you took this over! :)~Tanya - mama to 5 :)

This is such a good idea. Since I've been out of work, I've been back in school and getting very lazy. I was just thinking the other day that I need to get back on track and this is a great way to do it! Here goes.
1. Clean up my kitchen
2. Read the Bible/devotionals
3. Cup of tea and medications
4. Feed the pets
5. Spend some time on my new eliptical trainer.

Thanks for the great idea, Tammy!

Mornings tend to happen to me, rather than my approaching them with any sort of plan. I have tried to implement a morning routine, but as I work nightshift 4 nights a week things get a little weird. I would like to have a set routine for when I get home from work and go to bed, then another for days when I didn't work and when I get up (if I slept during the night).

Coming home from work routine:
1 take kids to school
2 shower and pjs
3 put scrubs and shoes in washer
4 take meds
5 go to bed

Day off routine:
1 shower and get dressed
2 reboot laundry
3 put away clean dishes
4 take meds
5 read Bible

1. Pray upstairs before coming down.
2. Breakfast for all
3. dishes away
4. tidy counter
5. do the dishes that can't go in the washer

I know it's a simple list... but If I can excavate the kitchen each morning then I know I got something done that day.

My five goals for the mornings are:

1. Get up BEFORE the kids - this is a HUGE struggle for me!!
2. Have a quiet time that doesn't have two interruptions (aka kids).
3. Workout
4. Shower and get dressed!! (unless I have a set activity that I have to leave the house for, this tends to get neglected til late afternoon or just forgotten altogether)
5. Spend quality time with both kids - investing in each of them individually.

If I can get #1 down, the rest will follow quickly!

Here are my five things:

1. Get up and take all medications.
2. Eat breakfast.
3. Take out something for dinner for the family.
4. Get in the pool and exercise.
5. Take a shower and get dressed.

1. Change Noah and nurse him.
2. Breakfast while I check my e-mail/read the news.
3. Dishes and general tidying
4. Spend time working on developmental skills with Noah
5. Shower.

Of course this hardly happens with a 7 week old. =)
It would be nice though.

Thank you all so much for sharing your morning routines and links with us!! It has been a blessing and encouragement! :)

I need this! I haven't had a morning routine, maybe ever, and I want one.

My five things (not necessarily in this order):

1) Bible/prayer time
2) Exercise
3) Quick house tidy
4) Shower and ready self and Lily for the day
5) Set out dinner

This is great--I've also fallen off on having a morning routine.

1. Breakfast for LO and me + Make lunch for my husband
2. Unload and load dishes
3. Shine the Kitchen Sink
4. Prayer/Bible Time with LO in the Pack n Play with his Bible
5. Shower/dress

As a career woman turned stay-at-home mom, I am still learning what works for me in the way of routine. I am encouraged to see others striving toward these goals, while admitting that they don’t do it as well as they want to. I’m right there!! . . .

I thoroughly enjoy your website and blog!

This is the routine I've been attempting since the new year began:

1. Rise and prepare daughter's lunch for school
2. Morning Bible reading
3. Shower and dress
4. Walk dog and prayer (I pray while I walk!)
5. Prepare and eat breakfast (and take vitamins)

This was a very timely post for me as I was trying to get into a routine but didn't seem to be able to.

My list is on my blog

Morning routine:
1-wake up earlier than the kids (45 min) not just 15 minutes
3-get the kids dressed and ready for the day
4-make the family breakfast
5-put away clean dishes

The big change for me is to wake up earlier....the day runs smoother if I get the house in order before the kids wake up!

Blessings to all! This is my first time to visit here. I am intrigued about being held accountable to so many & diverse ladies! I hope to find comfort and encouragement here as I struggle with reprogramming myself to be a more loving, sensitive, industrious SAHM.

Here is my list for my morning routine. I find #2 on the list a bit hard as well as doing the dishes in point 5. I suppose this list is really more than 5 things to accomplish but multitasking makes the list shorter :D (at least that's what I'm telling myself)

1. Prayer time
2. Get dressed & ready like I'm
ready for work
3. Let out the 4 dogs
4.Make hubby's & daughters'
5. Pack hubby's lunch; Clean up after
breakfast, do dishes

This is a little tricky for me as I am on call in the mornings and can be completely deluged with calls or not at all. I will do my routine in between calls or after 8am when I am off work.
1-Walk dogs
2-Coffee, meds, Bible, prayer
3-Feed kids
4-Laundry in
5-unload dishwasher/Reload as needed
Lisa in CA

My routine is:
1. Bible time with kids
2. My bed made
3. My hair done
4. Do at least one job off cleaning list
5. Take kids outside or (in inclament weather) do "school" or craft

1. Bible study
2. Exercise
3. Load of laundry
4. Empty dishwasher
5. School time with daughter

Melissa in OR

1.shower and get ready for work
2.make bed Bible and Pray breakfast and take vitamins
5.get lunch and go to work

1.shower and get ready for day
2.make bed Bible and Pray breakfast and take vitamins
5.get lunch and leave for work (Mon-Fri) ( Sundays go to church)

Here is my list:
1. Quiet time in prayer
2. Unload dishwasher
3. Pick up living room
4. Start a load of laundry
5. Make sure something is out for dinner.

I work full time too so these are just small things that I can do in the morning to help my evening be less hectic! And I just love "less hectic".


This is a great post. I have tried morning routines in the past but always have too many "to dos" listed. I never seem to be able to complete it. Well here is my list of 5:

1. Quiet Time Devotions and Prayer
2. Exercise
3. Get dressed to shoes
4. Make Bed/start load of laundry
5. What's for dinner?


What I do now is something like this:
1) Up and dressed, wash face, put in contacts
2) Make bed
3) Take meds
4) Tidy kitchen (unload dishwasher, empty dish drainer)
5) Make and eat breakfast (by myself, hubby has already left for work)

My prayer time tends to be in the evening and not the morning.

Make Coffee
Get Ready

Hmmm...that's about all i have time for. Unless i further break down getting ready in details lol. My husband takes care of making breakfast and lunch because he leaves a little after i do, and i take longer getting ready on most days.

Whew, Tammy! Thanks so much! I need a nudge to get back into the swing of things again! I struggle with sticking to a schedule. I get distracted so easily!!
I am a SAHM with four kids 3-18. By the time I take care of preschool, elementary school, high school and volunteer work, (not to mention sick kids, etc) my head is spinning! This routine will help to get me settled down again! I think I should be able to get this stuff done before we have to leave in the morn.
1. Read Bible
2. Make Bed
3. Stretch
4. Breakfast for me and kids
5. Put in a load of laundry

Ok. This is what I attain to do. :)

1. Breakfast

2. Empty dishwasher while kids finish breakfast

3. Computer work

4. Bible study time with kiddos

5. Get dressed

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