SwagBucks: It gets my vote too!


Have you signed up for SwagBucks yet? After hearing about this program from numerous sources, I finally paid attention when a couple of my close friends gave their vote that it's actually something worth signing up for!

SwagBucks allows you to earn points (called "swagbucks") just by using their search engine online. If you're attached to using Google.com, like I am, don't worry -- the search results pull right from Google.com so it's really no different from Googling!

These points, which gradually accumulate, can be redeemed for prizes. Some of the most popular prizes are $5 Amazon Gift Cards (costs 45 points) and $10 Starbucks Gift Cards (costs 130 points).

The good part is that you can accumulate these points while doing your normal, everyday searches, so it's not taking any extra time! Who couldn't use a few extra dollars for Amazon goodies every now and then?! :) I've been signed up for a couple weeks now and just earned my first $5 Amazon card.

The even better news is that SwagBucks has a referral program. When someone signs up for SwagBucks through your referral link, every time they earn a point ("swagbuck") you earn one too, up to 100!

I also downloaded a little SwagBucks search box for in my browser toolbar, to make it even easier to use SwagBucks for all my searches.

So, if you've heard about SwagBucks but weren't sure if it was soemthing worth signing up for, here's my vote for it, too! :)

Full Disclosure (as usual!): The SwagBucks links in this post are my affiliate links and I'll get extra points when you sign up. :) Once you've signed up, you can email or post your own referral links on your blog to earn some extra points as well! :)

Those of you who've been using SwagBucks for a while now, tell us what your favorite prize is! I'd love to hear how SwagBucks has worked out for you. (Or, if it hasn't worked very well, I'd like to hear about that too!)


We enjoy using swag bucks. I signed up using my husbands link. However, about two weeks later my account was discontinued because they said that you were only allowed to have account per household. Has anyone else had this problem?

You're right! It is one per household. Now we'll have to cancel Joshua's tonight... :P :)

Hummm...that's interesting, because at the time my family members signed up under me, I looked through the FAQ and didn't see anything about only one account per household. When someone else mentioned that their second account was cancelled because of that rule, I wrote to swagbucks directly and asked them about it, but never got a reply. Maybe it's still working for us because we have several computers in our house, and only one swagbucks account on each? That's odd.

But anyway, I do *highly* recommend Swagbucks - it's a very legit, easy way to earn a bit of money with basically no time investment. I'm currently bringing in about $15/week in Amazon gift cards, which is pretty fun. :-)

Whoa, $15/wk sounds great!!! :) Yay!! :)

I think they recently changed the 1-per-household part. I was reading about it on a forum just now...

We love swagbuck. (Tammy, you and I must be thinking alike today, I just posted about Swagbucks on our blog this morning.)

We've been using swagbucks for about 2 months and have received over $150 in FREE Amazon gift cards. The key is to get others to sign up under you, but that's not too difficult since it is such a great program. Even if you're just earning points on your own you'll be able to get enough to redeem them for a gift card, it'll just be a lot less. Every little bit helps!

Read about all the things we've gotten for free here (but, please sign up through Tammy's link)


I had heard many good reviews of Swagbucks and signed up myself. I find the bucks hard to accumulate if you don't use the referral program. I also find the searches to be of poorer quality than Google. The sites it finds just aren't what I'm looking for.

Again, I've heard many rave reviews and know it works well for many people. I just have had a contrary experience and was a bit disappointed.

Yup, same. I'm only using it while i'm here in the States so I wasn't committed to long term use. But just searching left me with very few points and it definitely doesn't give as many results for me as just using Google.


I have earned about $270 in Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks! You can add the codes in to your Amazon account as soon as you get them so you don't lose them in your inbox. I'm saving up for a new camera. I hope it works for you too!

Good to know about the one account per household thing. My husband signed up under me, but then the hard drive on his laptop crashed and he hasn't reinstalled Swagbucks. I'll tell him not to do the reinstallation!

I replied to your tweet earlier. I love Swag Bucks too :-) I've redeemed my "bucks" for several gift cards.. and it's just really easy to use :) You'll definitely have to check out their blog (I included the link in my tweet reply), facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Swag-Bucks/37122264757) and twitter (http://www.twitter.com/swagbucks) because they often give out free swagbuck codes. A lot of them are short-term (good for an hour, or up to so many users) but it's nice to use whenever you can get one that's still valid. There are several twitter accounts or blogs that try to post codes when they get them.. which is helpful too :)

To give you a little tip on earning bucks while searching, they say that your first 20 searches/pages each day count. You can increase your chances by logging out and clearing your cookies after you collect one.. and searching again. I've had better luck by doing this.

I'm working on earning points, but it is hard without any referrals. I do a lot of searching, but I don't accumulate more than a few points each day that way. I definitely need more people to use the referral link on my blog!

I don't think anyone has signed up under me so it is slow going. It's been about 3 months and I've gotten 3 $5 Amazon gift cards. It works for me, though!

I do agree that the search engine is not as good as Google, even though they say it is powered by Google. If I don't find what I am looking for under SwagBucks, then I do a Google search. Simple!

I'm waiting until we get 2 more $5 Amazon giftcards so it equals $25. Then we can order something off Amazon with free shipping! :-)

Michele in No. VA

Tammy, which link do I go to in order to sign up? The big swagbuck box? Thank you. I want to sign up on your site. Thanks again.

Any of them will work. :) And thank you! :)

does anyone have a link to the household limit info? We recently signed up and haven't had any issues with it yet, I want to be sure we aren't breaking any rules!

Never heard of them. Thanks for the recommend--with full disclosure. Cool! :)

I like it because even though I don't have a blog to get some people "under" me I still get free stuff for something I will do anyway. I bought my sons bed and a planner through there website (Got it at Walmart, they deliver free to the store so I paid nothing for shipping but got bucks!) and that brought in a few bucks. I am not sure how long I have been on it, maybe two months and I have 160 bucks right now. For me I wanted to get Starbucks cards, something totally frivolous! I am ok with getting a couple free venti fraps (if you have not tried the green tea frap, YOU MUST TRY ONE!hehe) every two months for doing NOTHING!hehe I think if you have a blog you should totally do what Tammy did, I am sure you can RACK up the bucks! Good luck Tammy! When you do buy something post it here with another "disclaimer" and I am sure some more people will sign up under you.

This Site is way too slow. Ive made 0 swag bucks and ive been searching for several items. Its a total waste of time

I think you should have gotten at least 2 SwagBucks just for signing up? :)

My younger brother discovered that if he does a couple searches every day, he'll usually get a swag buck on the 2nd or 3rd search. I don't think he does much searching, but has racked up a handful of swagbucks each week just by doing 2-3 quick searches when he gets to work in the morning. :)

I've been trying that and it seems to work! I usually get a SwagBuck on the 2nd or 3rd search! :)

This is incredible as we do LOTS of searchs on Google, daily!! We are in the process of moving from Alaska to Indiana so you can imagine the amount of searchs we are doing.. anything from churchs to housing to grocery stores searchs!

Thank you so very much! I will check this out immediately..

Also, how do I sign up to be a follower on your site. We followed your blog when we lived in OH but things get a little crazy when we moved last time and changed e-mails.

Thank you so very much!!

Peggy in Alaska

Peggy, I hope you enjoy SwagBucks! And... I hope your move goes smoothly!! :)

I don't have email subscriptions set up for my website, so unfortunately the only way to "follow" is through a feed reader (like Google reader or Bloglines or Feed Reader) or by coming directly here. :)

Hi! I am new to reading your blog, my friend sent me a link and I am interested in signing up, under you of course, but one question is can you have friends sign up under you even if you don't have a blog??? Like send them info and a link through email?? Also, can you MAKE points by shopping on amazon and vitamin shops etc??
I like in Guate as missionary and we do quite a bit of shopping on line. Thanks so much. Jane

SwagBucks will give you your own referral link which you can give to friends, or anyone -- without having a blog. :)

SwagBucks doesn't give you points for purchasing things from Amazon.com. You could, however, use SwagBucks to "buy" $5 Amazon.com gift cards (which can be used, many on a single order, to cover shipping and everything) and if there are other programs that reward for using Amazon, buy through those programs (using gift cards to pay). (Or if you know someone who is an Amazon affiliate, they would get 4-6% of your order if you used their affiliate link.)

I hope this helps! :)

By the way, in the time since I wrote this review, SwagBucks has changed their "currency" and everything is multiplied by 10. Five-dollar Amazon cards now cost 450 SwagBucks instead of 45. But you can earn them almost as quickly as before. :)

How do you know when you have been awarded swagbucks? Do they send you an email or you have to go to the website?

When you have been awarded SwagBucks, it will tell you at the top of the search page. So, you will do a search and then when you "win" there will be a big box that says "You won XX amount of SwagBucks!" and they automatically go into your account. :)

You do have to go to SwagBucks.com to redeem your points for prizes and view your account info/balance, etc. I just made it my home page on my internet browser so I can easily go there.

I used to have the toolbar search box installed which was even easier for searches, but when I updated FireFox I never got that reinstalled. I should though!! :)

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