A chance to use the pizza cutter...

Like the normal 4-year-old boy he is, Yehoshua would love to run around the house with the pizza cutter, pretending it's his knife.

Yesterday's lunch of cheese quesadillas provided the perfect opportunity for Yehoshua to have some fun with the pizza cutter!

He cut numerous different shapes and then we had a little "math class" during lunch, talking about shapes. ;)

Surprisingly, the melted mozzarella cheese on crispy flour tortillas was almost as tasty as a breaded/fried mozzarella stick! We used flour tortillas and shredded mozzarella cheese, both from Costco. Yum!!


Those quesadillas look delicious and Yehoshua looks so professional with that pizza cutter! I like the way you take food and use it for nourishment as well as teaching..now thats fun.Its nice to see your daily blogs..I really enjoy reading them. Have a great weekend!

You always inspire me with these accessible ways to get my kids involved in ways that are fun for them, Tammy!

Boys are so funny with their knives and swords! This sounds like something my five year old son would really enjoy doing, thanks for the idea!


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