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Photo tutorial about kefir

Instructions for culturing your own kefir at home

Kefir smoothies are a tasty and healthy food that my children and I love!!

How to make kefir: Video tutorial

Once you have a few kefir grains, you're set. You can make batch after batch of delicious probiotic kefir for just the cost of milk. The grains are actually alive and will grow as you use them, producing more and more grains for you to use or give away (or sell). :)

Numerous people have written to me asking where and how they can obtain some kefir grains. (And yes, you want grains, not starter, which many stores will sell. Grains can be used forever; "starter" can be used a handful of times and then you have to buy more!)

I get many requests for kefir grains, and had been directing you to a friend who sold live milk kefir grains. Unfortunately, she is no longer selling kefir grains. I decided to try to find another reputable source for kefir grains (NOT "starter") and just signed up as an affiliate with Cultures for Health.

Cultures for Health sells dried milk kefir grains, which they culture and dehydrate themselves. The grains are shipped in organic milk powder and will rehydrate within 5-7 days and then will continue to grow and make kefir.

While I think the ideal source of kefir grains is live, fresh grains (preferably given as a gift from a friend!), Cultures for Health is a good company and I feel confident directing you to them. I wish kefir grains weren't so expensive to get started -- but remember, once you have them they will grow, and you can bless your friends and family by giving away your extras. :)

Cultures for Health

I see some folks have kefir grains for sale on I'm also opening the comments on this post for any of you who are looking for kefir grains or who are willing to share/sell yours with others. Leave your contact info (email address, blog address, whatever) if you're interested.

Strawberry Banana Kefir Smoothie recipe

Strawberry Banana Kefir Smoothies... our all-time favorite! :)

Fluffy Kefir Pancakes recipe

Fluffy Kefir Pancakes... a great way to use up extra kefir! :)


Thanks for the reminder about kefir and the etsy link. I never would have thought to look for it there! I'm really interested in giving it a try, and if I do, you can bet I'll be back here reading your posts about it again :)

I would love to get some grains. I've been hesitant about buying them from an unknown source online and not getting good quality.
My email address is mandibarnett at and I'm in Indiana if anyone has any extra they'd like to sell to me!
Thanks so much

mandi i am in indiana as well did you ever get your kefir grains? Thanks Clark

Thanks go much Tammy! I've been wanting a starter but didn't even know where to begin looking for one! I just completed my order for a starter at Etsy:)

Does anyone know if you can use a dairy alternative to make kefir? Like hemp milk? (We don't drink soy milk.) Has anyone tried it??

My husband is lactose intolerant and I'm casein intolerant: between the two of us it totally rules out all dairy-based probiotics! :(

Thanks for any tips!

lizzykristine @ Uplifted Eyes

Here is a site that tells you all you ever needed to know about kefir and more!! Dom is the knower of all things kefir- spend some time on this site. :)

I make kefir every day, so I always have extra, if anyone wants to contact me for some, I will mail to you free! :)

email me at

can you send to me some grains of kefir, please?
thank you very much

i'd love to get some grains. let me know how to get them, I live in Tampa, FL.

I am looking for some live dairy Kifer grains and came upon this website and your post. I am in Tampa and would like to know if you have any kifer grains you might want to share with us.

hi! i just learned about kefir today and i was wondering if its not any trouble can u please send me some of your extra kefir grains? thank you so very much! my email os

I know this is a very old post, but i'm interested in some kefir grains if anyone has any extras. Jenn, I just sent you and email.

I noticed your comment about free keifer grains. Realizing that the date on it was old, I am wondering if the offer is still good. I am on a very limited diet & have been recomended keifer for health reasons so would be great if I can start making my own keifer. I would appreciate a reply at

Thanks for your consideration,

I have never made kefir before and am really excited to try it! I live in Tampa, FL and would love some grains if you have any left.


I have purchased both kefir and kombucha from Nickole at Wells of Health (etsy store) and she is wonderful. Both cultures were alive and well upoin arrival. She gives lfetime email support too..and she means it! I emailed her on both for help and she was great! Just wanted to give my 2 cents since I saw that you linked to her etsy store!

PS I dont actually know her, I just bought from her In other words, I did not get paid for this

Does anyone know what "water kefir" is? It was on the etsy site as well. Would that be something lizzykristine could use?

I like the kefir because it can allow me, a lactose intolerant person, to drink milk products and its healthier then milk so I get more benefits from it.

I recently discovered (read it on a blog, but don't ask me where) that I can add spinach to my kefir smoothies. It changes the color but has no affect on the taste so even my pickier children drink it without complaint!

I live in northeast Ohio and have kefir to share. I don't want to try mailing it, I know its possible but not sure how. If you are local though I can help out. There is also a site online where you can find sources of kefir. I can't find it right now, but I will post it later if I ca nlocate it.

dkcdac AT yahoo DOT com

I found the site for finding local kefir grains-
Find your country, state, etc. and see if anyone is listed there.


I followed your link and found a local source for the grains. My husband has ulcerative colitis and we're putting him on the GAPS diet which targets auto immune problems by healing the gut. He's really suffering right now so I want to get things prepped for him quickly. Many thanks!!!

We struggled with mold exposure for our girls and we follow a site called She has several recipes since they follow the Gaps diet. We follow parts and have changed our eating habits along with all natural cleaning and personal care products. We have completely changed. Our daughter now three is thriving and not a failure to thrive baby. this is the direct link. I email her - Andrea Fabry, questions and she emails back. We still buy kefir bottled but I look forward to fermenting my own someday. I need the live grains in SD. Not very many people into that out here. I'll probably buy the grains online. darcycbeck @ yahoo dot com

My friend always made it in apple juice. She said it was really good!

I was very intersted i this little grains i purchased a starter kit from our whole foods store but not like the stuff my mom used to make. I recently donated a kidney to my mom and I thougth this would really help build up my immune. I was wondering if my mom can take as well due to her supressed immune? Does anyone who's been tranplanted ever taken kefir?

If anyone has a bit extra to sell please let me know! I live in Las Vegas, my email address is
Thanks for any info available!!!!

Hi, Tammy!

I love your site and gave us a lot of informations. I've been interested lately with Kefir right after it cured the infection of my 2 year old son from staphylococci. His other twin also love the taste of Kefir milk but I am looking for a recipe that my eldest and my other son would love it. By the way, I am also interested on how to have a kefir of my own. If you can direct me to a person who can share their kefir to me I would really appreciate that. God will shower the blessings. I am from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines but you can email me here Thanks and God bless.

LeMay Fuentesfina

ANy experience with taking kefir grains around the planet? I'm moving from NV to the Philippines. Do the grains need to be refrigerated? Would this work? I'd like to make coconut water kefir there.
Thanks, Rod

You may be able to put them in a plastic container with some dry milk powder

I see that several people have asked for kefir grains. I am fairly new to this, but I have been making kefir for about a month, using raw cow's milk. My grains are growing like weeds! If anyone living in northern Illinois (Rockford, Roscoe, Rockton, Belvidere) area would like some free kefir grains, please contact this site. I don't want to sell them, and I won't ship them. You can pick them up from me. Thanks, Tammy, for a wonderful, informative site. I am learning so much from you! -- Jean Marie

Jean Marie,

So kind of you to offer free kefir grains to those in your area! I was wondering if you could leave your email address in a comment here, so anyone interested can contact you directly. Thanks! :)


If you live in my area and would like free kefir grains, contact me at i don't have a lot of extra right now; have slowed down my kefir making because I'm getting too many grains. Like I stated above, I won't ship them, so you have to come and get them... free to a good home :) Jean Marie

Jean Marie,

I would be very interested in some kefir grains. I tried to e-mail you, but I am wondering if maybe my message didn't make it through your e-mail filter. Please contact me at Thanks, Sarah

Hello Jean Marie,

I noticed your post for kefir grains. I live in Rockford and am interested in getting kefir grains. If you are still offering the grains, can you please email me back?

Thank you,

After my Kefir grains arrived I put them in fresh water as indicated. But nothing happened, I left them at room temperature fro 48 hrs in organic milk and it didnt work. =(
i help some help!! did I do something wrong?

Did you purchase fresh dairy kefir grains? I've not really heard of putting those in water. Are you able to contact the person or company you got the grains from? I'd ask them for input and if your grains were indeed "dead" and not culturing the milk, a replacement. :)

I just learned about kefir recently. Befor use does the kefir gain need to be refrigerated?
Thank you!! Joan

Kefir grains (real, living kefir grains) should not be purchased before you plan to use them. :) They will keep in the fridge in some milk, in a sort of "hibernation" stage, but that is not good for long term storage (longer than 2 weeks or so).

If I buy some kefir grains online, how are they shipped ? do they need to be refridgerated or kept cold while shipped? do I put them in fridge asap? what if they are sitting on my porch for hours until I get home for work ?

Do you still have any milk kefir grains available. I am looking for some.

Unfortunately, I am only able to supply family members and personal friends with my excess kefir grains.
Check the comments above for people who may have kefir grains to share, or consider ordering from or Cultures For Health! :)

Could you use a 2%lactose free milk with kefir grain? I ,also received live kefir grain thru mail which took about maybe 5-7 days do i need to strain the kefir a couple time before it starts to grow? I am using the lactose free milk and it has been 24 hour, it still is not thicken? Am i doing it wrong? Pls help!!! First timer

The kefir grains need the lactose in the milk in order stay alive! :)

If your kefir grains were in the mail for a bit, they may take a few days to revive and get back "up to speed" making kefir. Just change the milk every 24-48 hours and see how they're doing in a week or so! :)


I am from India can anybody advice me what is the best way to get milk kefir grains in India.

I found the following list and contacted one of the people in my area and was able to get free kefir grains. Hopefully it can help some folks!

I have water kefir grains. I am selling them for $ 8.00 for a 1/3 cup of grains with free priority shipping. They are in organic raw sugar & ready to ship. Contact me at

Can water kefir grains be eaten any way, cooked, baked?

I've been using kefir grains that I've purchased from different e-bay sellers. I have a few questions about the types of milk kefir grains because the new grains I have don't smell, look or act like the ones I've gotten in the past from members who don't have anymore grains for sell. I've had slimy/stringy/small clumpy rice pudding looking grains that left the milk almost a yogurt consistency and smell good. The new grains look like cauliflower with holes all over it.. 1/4 of the size of a cotton ball.. musty dull yeasty smell.. and the kefir is too liquidy for my taste.

The seller has great reviews so I know that they're legit. I guess I'm looking for more of the type that I used to get... I miss the old grains !

Does anyone have experience with this kind of problem?

The new grains foam up the milk so it kind of looks like marshmallow or soap suds on top whereas the old grains made a thin flat yellowish surface on top of the milk sort of like a blanket of milk fat that you usually see stuck on the top of unhomogenized whole milk. I had always purchased organic milk kefir grains.. sometimes from raw milk and used it in my (not ultra) pasteurized milk and always loved the texture.. how quick it thickened up and the almost fresh very milk cheese like smell of the old grains.

the old grains made a thin flat yellowish surface on top of the milk sort of like a blanket of milk fat
I do think I've experienced both kids of kefir grains. My first grains (received fresh from a friend) made a thinner kefir; my current grains (purchased fresh from a different friend) do the yellow layer on top and make very thick, creamy kefir! I'm not sure how you would go about trying to get some like your old ones... did you pass any on to friends who might be able to give you a new start back? :)

Thank you so much !! I thought I was going crazy lol so you have experienced both types of grains !! Unfortunately, there's nobody I know that tries to make their own kefir, yogurt, homemade bread, cake, ect..

My best friend lives the WAPF/Nourishing Traditions way of life but in another state with her husband and daughter. Her husband used to make kefir but has since stopped when he had encountered problems like this.

I've posted in yahoo groups, forums and ect.. and you are the only one who seems to know what I'm talking about ! Some people think it's an overgrowth of yeast.. others think it's just the grains "adjusting" to my milk.. anymore adjusting and I'll be completely out of milk and money !

Thank you for getting back to me so soon ! :) I cringe to order more grains from a different seller because as a stay at home mom it's rough financially .. but I miss the old grains. I wish I could know for sure before ordering.. such as the grains being labelled.

EX: Brown Rice/White Rice/Jasmine Rice ect..

That way a person knows exactly what they're ordering. I tried adding some yogurt and it sort of helped a little.. but not much.. that odd off smell is still there.. it's a little thicker but not much.. so odd when I made the first batch of the new grains-the milk looked like water with diluted white out making it cloudy. It didn't look or smell okay. I've been working on it for a few days and have a feeling that these grains won't magically revert to the kind that I had enjoyed in the past. I didn't want to give up on it.. but will try maybe for one more day.. I'm not sure what to expect .. I guess I feel bad giving up on the ones I have even though they're the complete opposite of what I had hoped for.


Would you be able to ask sellers how thick their kefir is before purchasing their grains? The thickness/creaminess is one of the biggest differences I've noticed between the kefir grains I had the first time and second time.

I'm not sure what the yellowish layer on top is, and it forms pretty quickly; I do know that it started happening more quickly/regularly after I had been using my kefir grains for 6+ months... so it wasn't something I experienced right away. The thick kefir, however, was a result from the beginning of getting those grains.

I think kefir grains can change as far as exactly what's present, so there is probably no way for a home cook to determine exactly what bacteria is present in their kefir grains and in what amounts...

I should ask them ! Next time I'll know for sure. I just felt weird asking because when I was posting my question on other sites.. people seemed to think it was just an adjusting period only.. maybe they've had kefir for years but all the same strain and never had experienced more than one strain like you and I have. At least now I know for that different grains react differently because they're different.. not necessarily because of human error. :) Thank you for all your help ! You're amazing !


I've been using kefir grains that I've purchased from different e-bay sellers. I have a few questions about the types of milk kefir grains because the new grains I have don't smell, look or act like the ones I've gotten in the past from members who don't have anymore grains for sell. I've had slimy/stringy/small clumpy rice pudding looking grains that left the milk almost a yogurt consistency and smell good. The new grains look like cauliflower with holes all over it.. 1/4 of the size of a cotton ball.. musty dull yeasty smell.. and the kefir is too liquidy for my taste.

The seller has great reviews so I know that they're legit. I guess I'm looking for more of the type that I used to get... I miss the old grains !

Does anyone have experience with this kind of problem?

Mature Organic Kefir Grains for sale for $9.99 free shipping. Contact at

I received my grains from you last week and I put them in milk. The very first batch the next day was delicious! Also, these grains are like grains on steroids. They fermented the milk very fast and they even started to have a little whey separation. They are VERY strong and healthy grains. I did not have to spend days reviving them. They were very strong the very first day!

Every day this week I have had a glass of kefir and I will need to put some in the refrigerator because I am getting so much kefir. The flavor of this kefir is DELICIOUS!

You are an excellent seller and I will continue to buy from you if I need more kefir grains. THANK YOU!!!

Can you also make yogurt from the kefir grains? Thank you,

I am looking for kefir grains for free. I will pick up them. Tampa - Sarasota - Naples.
Thanks for your help, Iveta.

I'm in Jacksonville, FL and am looking for some free kefir grains. We can meet anywhere in Jax. Thanks:

I am looking for some kefir grains, This will be my first try with them, but with everything I have read on it I can't wait! Does anyone one know where I can get some reasonable? Also I could use all the advise and tips I can get.
Thanks, Chris

Just beginning this journey on making my own kefir. Does anyone know the best resource...even if it is an online purchase. I live in SoCal. Thanks!

I'm just starting this Kefir journey myself and live in Southern California. Did you have any luck getting good grains? Where did you get them?

Hi I have an over abundances of Kefir and would like to try and sell some of it. I live in the Philippines so if you happen to get any customers that are this far away please let me know. Thanks again JoAnn

I have water kefir grains for sale. Please email me at I am in Crystal Lake, IL.

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