The camera behind the food photos

Someone recently asked what kind of camera I have. Here is a link to the exact camera we have, from

Konica Minolta Dimage Z3 4MP Digital Camera with Anti Shake 12x Optical Zoom

We've had it for over 4 years now (it was our first and only camera purchase, ever!) and have taken thousands of pictures with it.

I really like that it takes AA batteries (we re-charge ours) and I highly recommend PowerEx rechargeable batteries. They're not the cheapest, but they last a LONG time, and the charger we have for them will re-charge them in just a couple hours. The charger also has a "reconditioning" feature. I am still using a set of these batteries that we bought 4 years ago when we bought the camera!

Sometime I would like to learn more about our camera, since I know very little about photography and just use the auto settings. (I only recently discovered the button for super-macro photos... that's how I take most of my food photos now!) Since starting this website a couple years ago, I have slowly learned how to take beautiful photos of food. Some of my tips for food photography can be read here. :)

Joshua did all of the camera research and decided on that camera... this was way back before the idea of a food blog had ever entered my brain! This camera is still serving us well, so we haven't done any more research on cameras in recent years. :)

I'm sure that, depending on your price range, there are many great (better!) cameras on the market now. I'd love some reader input on cameras! What kind do you use? How much does it cost, and what do you love most about it?

If you have a blog that showcases your photography, leave a link in your comment! :)


I use a Canon Eos 40D which I love; thanks to my generous brother! I am still in the learning stage but I started a blog in February which has motivated me to experiment more with the manual setting. It's definitely daunting at times though =) Thank you for your inspiring blog!
Sarah in New Zealand.

My husband bought me a little Panasonic DMC-LZ5 when I was pregnant with our first child (also four years ago) (and also with rechargable AA batteries that are still in use!). I love taking pictures of our food, too. So much so that when my husband looks through our pictures on the computer, he will often ask me if I ever take any "normal" pictures. Like of the kids.

I use the wonderful Nikon D80 10mp DSLR. It is the family camera, but I can use it whenever I want! It is so nice to be able to switch lenses easily and adjust the exposure to exactly where I want it.
About half a year ago, I started a photography blog:

A few months later, I started a cooking blog:

I have been visiting your food blog for quite some time now. Thanks so much for sharing your recipes and advice. It was an inspiration to me!

My sister asked me to email her some recent photos of the kids and I had to answer, "I don't have any. But I have some pictures of the pizza and soft pretzels we made." Bad mommy.

I have a Nikon D40 (at the time--or maybe still--it was Nikon's entry-level DSLR), thanks to a generous Christmas gift from my husband a year ago. We love it. It is easy to use right out of the box, but I know there is also more functionality if I ever get time to read the manual :) I use the kit lens but definitely recommend springing for a second battery. My food photography is nothing to write home about, but you can see some examples at my blog:

I just recently discovered your blog and have really enjoyed your posts, am slowly working my way through the archives :)


I have a Nikon D40. I had wanted a SLR camera for years and we bought one with the money I earned watching an extra baby. I actually bought the D80 first but returned it. I bought the lowest end Nikon so I could learn how to use it. Once I have it down, I'll upgrade. My husband has wanted me to get one for a while. I have to be honest though, if you don't know how to use it, your pictures from a point and shoot will be better. For a point and shoot, I LOVE my Canon Powershot sd750. It is SO easy to use, intuitive, and the pictures are just fantastic. I love using the supermacro for food shots. I'm no photographer, but I do use all my own photos on my blog. I much prefer that to stock images. I need a tripod really bad though. I have lots of blurry pictures.

I have a Nikon D50 and love it. We started with I think the exact one you have and loved it. Once our oldest daughter started playing on a larger soccer field we moved up to a digital SLR so I could switch lenses and get closer.

Minoltas are excellent cameras from what I've heard and judging by your pictures, yours works great!! If I ever saw a Minolta for sale for a good price... say at a yard sale, I would buy it! =)
I have a Canon PowerShot A530. It does have a macro setting (which I use almost on a daily basis!) and it has a lot of other great options and is also good for just point and shoot. Plus it cost just over $100 at the time. It's a nice size too- not to big and not so small that it might drop out of my hands accidentally.
Plus it takes regular batteries- we use Kodak re-chargables.
I would love to have a "super-macro" feature....
I'm looking at getting a "pro" camera eventually- a Canon Rebel Xsi possibly.
As far as a blog that showcases my photography... no, not yet. Though I do have some website pages of just my flowers from last summer.
Here's the links:

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