Bulk Herb Store: Review, Giveaway and Discount!

I love finding family-owned companies with great products and excellent service. Bulk Herb Store is one of those companies! I'm more than a little excited to be able to tell you about them once again, and even better -- offer a discount code and give away DVDs to two winners!

Bulk Herb Store has excellent prices on high-quality herbs. I've ordered from them in the past and was very pleased with their service. After waiting and saving, when I finally placed my order I was delighted when it arrived quickly.

red rapberry leaf

The pound and half-pound bags of dried herbs were even larger than I expected, and the box smelled delightfully of peppermint, red raspberry leaf, alfalfa, nettles... Mmmmmm! :) One of the perks of ordering these herbs in bulk is that you get so much for so little! When I looked at the huge (gallon-plus sized!) bag of dried red raspberry leaf herb I had just purchased for $6.60 I could only imagine the mounds of fresh leaves I would have needed to harvest in order to produce that amount. (Yes, red raspberry leaf is probably my favorite herb. Forgive me for going on about it!)

A great resource on their website is the Cooking With Herbs page. You'll find lists of different types of foods -- things like stir-frys, vegetables, rice dishes, soups, fish dishes -- with a list of herbs or seasonings that accent those foods and some of their health benefits. Cooking with herbs is flavorful, fun, and good for you, too!

There is also an articles section with a list of natural-health-related articles, along with a few recipes. All of the recipes use chocolate! I'm planning to try the Dark Chocolate Coconut Balls, for sure! :)

I love to drink herbal pregnancy tea, and believe that it has helped support me in healthy pregnancies. A couple years ago when I was expecting my third child, I had run out of pregnancy tea and decided to order from Bulk Herb Store. (I've already blogged about the herbs I purchased from them, the recipe I used to mix up my tea!) I drank lots of this tea -- more than I had in my previous two pregnancies -- and was blessed with a surprisingly easy 85-minute labor and birth. I'm not saying that herbal pregnancy tea will guarantee anything -- but the herbs are known to support a healthy pregnancy and delivery, and I'll definitely be drinking lots if we're blessed with future pregnancies! :)

If you're interested in herbal teas but not sure where to start, Bulk Herb Store sells some great pre-mixed blends. Mama's Milk Tea supports breastfeeding, Rise and Shine Tea provides a morning boost, Stress Buster Tea helps you wind down, and Sleep Tight Tea will put you out! Well, it's not quite that potent. But you get the idea. ;)

And now for the really good part: You can leave a comment for a chance to win the DVD Making Herbs Simple!

Bulk Herb Store sent me two copies of Making Herbs Simple, a DVD all about getting started recognizing, harvesting, and using some of the herbs that are most likely growing right in your back yard!

About Making Herbs Simple:

You can watch a trailer for Making Herbs Simple here. (There are links on that page for other videos and podcasts as well; take a look!)

I watched the entire DVD with my boys and we all loved it! It's got beautiful close-ups of various herbs and lots of tips sprinkled in here and there. If you've ever wanted to know more about using fresh herbs or how to prepare/use poultices and tinctures, this DVD makes it simple and attainable! If you've already done lots with herbs, then it might be a little too basic. I learned from the DVD and it definitely inspired me even though I already knew some of the information presented. :)

I will draw two winners from all the comments left on this entry. This giveaway is only open for two days -- Wednesday and Thursday, March 4th and 5th, 2008. Please include a way for me to contact you in your comment so I can notify the winners!

Bulk Herb Store is also offering a 3-day-only 10% discount for anyone here who wishes to place an order. This discount is good Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week (March 4, 5, and 6, 2008). Use this code at checkout: TAMR09

P.S. Bulk Herb Store also sells just a couple models of the Berkey water filters, so if you read my reviews (here and here) of the Berkey but missed the 10% discounts in the past, here's one more chance to get one at a discounted price!

P.P.S. Check out their blog for even more articles and updates on herb and health-related topics!

Full Disclosure: I jumped on the opportunity to blog about Bulk Herb Store and help promote their great products with a discount and giveaway for you, my readers. In return, Bulk Herb Store sent me a copy of Making Herbs Simple and a tin of Eden Salve. :)


Wow, what a great giveaway! I've wanted this dvd for a while. I'm in Canada. Do I still count?


Oh how I have wished for those!
I would love to win- what a great giveaway!

I love BHS too!
I've ordered several times from them
since you first posted about them! I
love them and their products, and you
are so right about the quantity! An
amazing amount!!!

I'm going to see if DH will let me order
while I can get the discount through you!
I've been out of a few things for weeks now
and it seems like the PERFECT time to order!

Please enter me!
and thanks soooo much!

This sound great! You can certainly count me in.

My email is Wsa7777@aol.com


This sounds like a great giveaway :D


I would love to be a contestant, but am out of the country for awhile longer. GOOD to know about such a good company!

Thanks for your very informative blog!

I love the bulk herb store as well. We have been meaning to order some more herbs, so I may do it now with your code. I've also considered buying the DVD, so getting it for free would be wonderful!


What a great site! I hadn't used it before, but I'm glad you told us about it! Please enter me in your giveaway...I love herbs.

I would LOVE to have this DVD. I have wanted to know how to grow and dry my own herbs for a long time. I have gone to their site and read their articles. I love them too!

I love ordering from bulk herb store! I use their herbs for making tea often and they are wonderful!

During my last pregnancy I ordered from the Bulk Herb Store for the first time and had a great experience. And the quality of their herbs is just great. I was very pleased. Their Mother's Milk Tea is one of my favorites. Thanks for giving a review! (And ty for the discount and giveaway! ;) )


I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to own this video!! My husband and I would love to grow some herbs but are not sure where to begin Thanks Christy Boyd christyboyd56@hotmail.com

Please enter me in the giveaway.

pinecone 304 @ yahoo . com (spacesremoved)

Please enter me! Off to check out their website.

Thank you for such a nice give-away! Count me in!



Thanks for offering such a great giveaway! I will definitely be using the 10% discount as well. Thanks again!

I love loose leaf teas. I am trying to grow my own so will see what happens!!! Blessings Amber


I love the Bulk Herbs store. I ordered for Christmas one year from them and everything was well received. The DVD looks very interesting.

sounds like a great giveaway!

Thanks for the chance!

nettacow at yahoo dot com

I'm a big fan too, Tammy! Count me in for this one. hi_itsgwen at yahoo.com

Thank you!

Thanks for the chance!

holland1632 at yahoo dot com

Thanks for the chance to win! I am just starting to get into herbs and this would be wonderful!

theraulersons at msn dot com

Hey! I have ordered from them before, but never could afford the DVD. You are right when you say they have great prices and quality.

Please count me in for the giveaway!

Please enter me in, too! I'd love to win this and learn what might be growing around our house! We found muscadines growing last year down by the creek and I was able to make quite a bit of very yummy muscadine juice. And we had a tree fall in front of our house that had honeybees in it, so we were able to get a couple quarts of honey out of it on a cold 7 degree morning in January so that we wouldn't get stung. I love being able to be thrifty and use what God has provided all around us. Thanks for doing giveaways!
-Kimberly in NC
knchock at yahoo dot com

I LOVE Bulk Herb too! I just started using herbs and I placed an order about a week ago and WOW the shipping is so fast and I couldn't believe how much you got! I am learning about herbs and this would be so nice..I have really wanted those cds as well!
I planted a few herbs last year but want to expand my herb garden greatly this year if the "Lord Wills"!
Thanks so much for the chance.


p.s. I might just order something I left out with your discount thanks so much for that too!

Great giveaway!!!

I'm going to have to try that Rise and Shine tea.
nikkibrowneyes at yahoo dot com


Thank you for a wonderful gift. I have just recently gotten into using fresh herbs and love them.


I love this store they have such fast service.


Hi, this sounds really great. I checked out their website and it looks so interesting. I have a lot to learn about herbs.
I have recently started reading your blog and have used quite a few of your recipes for my family with great success! Thank you for that! Awesome site!

ooh, enter me in the drawing! I want to learn more about herbs, and this sounds like a good resource.


Thank you for these opportunities! I love herbs and do make my own mint teas. Would love to learn and have more!


I love herbal teas. What a great giveaway!

Thank for doing this! I love learning new things, and this would definitely be new for me!
:o) Rachel

Wow. What timing on this giveaway. My husband just finished out backyard, sod, mulch, pavers, the works. He even made in the very back of the yard a section for me to grow a garden. I'm excited about this. I just told him yesterday how much I wanted to grow some mint.


We love herbs around here! My two daughters, numerous friends and relatives,and I would love to see this DVD I'm sure! It would be an awsome DVD.

MountainLamb at gmail dot com

What a great giveaway. I know my grandmother really knew her herbs but...that knowledge has been lost. How wonderful that these bits of knowledge continue to be gathered and shared by others. Fingers crossed!

wildwmom (at) yahoo (dot) com

Thanks so much for sharing this amazing giveaway! I recently found their website while researching information about Debi Pearl's book "Created to Be His Help Meet" which I am reading alongside a few friends. I LOVE their recipe for pregnancy tea. I have just started making it for my second pregnancy and it is SO good.


What a great thing to win. I have never picked any of the herbs out of fear of danger. WOW, did not know they made a DVD about it. Thank you for the chance.


I'd love to be considered for this drawing. I love herbs... yay! :) You can contact me at joelled at gmail.com


I love bulk herbs!
Growing up my mother and grandmother always made iced 'Mint Tea' for every picnic and family get together yet drinking the 'mint' teas (peppermint) at the store weren't the same. I tried spearmint tea, and its mild minty flavor is the one I remember. Even my picky husband thought it was yummy and I didn't have to add any sugar. I am growing a large herb garden this year, and this giveaway sounds perfect.
rebecca342 at gmail dot com

I'm a huge fan of herbal teas, and would love to try this supplier out! Thanks for the chance to win!


Hi, this sounds really great. I checked out their website and it looks so interesting. I have a lot to learn about herbs.
I have recently started reading your blog and have used quite a few of your recipes for my family with great success! Thank you for that! Awesome site!

oh - I need some more herbs! I hope I can manage to pull together an order by Friday....
BHS's recipe for muscle rub is excellent!!! well - at least the finished product is...

I would love to win the DVD!

thanks, Tracy

Oh, I would love to win one of those DVDs!!! I've been thinking of buying one for a while now. I love the Bulk Herb Store! After you posted about your pregnancy tea, I bought herbs from them and made my own, for my last pregnancy. I've used red rasp. leaf tea near the end of all 3 of my pregnancies, but I definitely liked the "homemade" version the best. And I seriously give the red rasp. a lot of credit for my easy labors. My first was only 5 1/2 hours (hospital) and my other two were about 2 hours each (homebirths). It's a wonderful herb!! :)

Wow! Please enter me in the drawing!



Please enter me. I was just visiting the site last week.

My grandmother had a wealth of knowledge when it came to herbs, unfortunately that has been lost. How wonderful that this information is still being kept and shared. Fingers crossed!

I also have orderd from them, and they are great. I ordered after you shared about them the last time. I have been very pleased with their product and service.

I'd love to enter your drawing.

I was just saying the other day that I have ALL these great herbs growing in our backyard and I have NO IDEA what to do with them, how to harvest them, nor even what some of them *are*. Ha!

So this DVD sounds perfect! And thanks for the link as well to the "Cooking with Herbs" page ~ this will definitely come in handy this summer!!


*Michigan Momma*
wife to The Pastor & momma of:
~Isaac ~Selah ~Talitha ~Elijah
~lil' one due 3/9/09 (c/s)

p.s. there's an email button at my site:

I would love to know more about herbs- I love them, but have very limited knowledge of how to use them to their potential and never "step out of the box" and try anything new. What a great resource!


over their site and thinking of ordering the Preg. tea! Great timing on the giveaway and discount! ;-)

mrshuntinak AT msn DOT com

I have ordered from the Bulk Herb Store several times. The service is speedy and excellent, and the products are wonderful! Their website has lots of great info to educate and help. I had been looking at getting this DVD...it would be wonderful to win it!
Thanks so much!

That looks awesome. I would love to win.

theresa5311 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Count me in too. :) ~Tanya - mama to 5 :)

I have wanted to purchase from Bulk Herbs for a while now, but just have not been able to. I added to my mint garden with my first try at an herb garden last year with Lemon Balm, Fever Few, and some garlic, this year I am expanding. My husband has jumped on board with me and is even talking growing sprouts for eating (thank you Pearl's for your teaching on how loudly silence speaks, by that I mean no nagging). We would love to have this DVD. Thanks for the opportunity!!!

sorry I forgot to add my email. valerieneal@valornet.com

I am drinking herb tea from Bulk Herb Store even as I type! Everytime I walk into my pantry I can smell those wonderful herbs!

I would love to win this! Herbs are our only "medicine" around our house. I've heard good things about this company and the owners. Thanks for holding the drawing.

Loretta @ http://veganfootprints.blogspot.com/

Thank you for doing these reivews and give aways. They're very intersting and informative! :) I'd been thinking about ordering from this company, anyway. :)


gelbviehcow (at) hotmail (dot) com

Yay, I'm excited!! I just viewed the trailer for that dvd a few weeks ago and thought it looked really neat!

Here's my email: burnettclan@sbcglobal.net

Thanks for all the info!
Hannah Burnett

The herbs from The Bulk Herb Store are so fresh, and smell so great! My favorite is the Mama's Rasberry Leaf blend. I have never felt like we could afford the dvd, so to win it would be wonderful! Tami

Please enter me!! I've been eyeing this dvd ever since it came out, but can't find the extra money in my budget right now for it. Thanks for the reviews as well!!


I love the Bulk Herb Store too! I daily drink a Mama's Milk tea that I mixed up with herbs I purchased from BHS. I also use the Eden Salve-works great for baby's diaper area. I've had my eye on the DVD, so count in please.

I have been wanting to learn more about using herbs. I have also been considering buying them in bulk. I was just thinking about trying to find a place today. Thanks

lorrie briggs 10 @ yahoo dot com

Giveaways are always fun....especially one that could teach you something. I've always been curious about herbs and going to try to grow my own herb garden this spring.


I found your site from someone linking to the recipes, and I'm bookmarking! Lots of great info, not just recipes! :-)
I've been wanting to know more about herbs - I really hope there's good info about pregnancy in the DVD, since that's something I worry about. That and which essential oils are safe during pregnancy... I would think some of it is overlapping, but it's hard. There's so much to learn!


delly 77 {at] hot mail (dot) com

I love growing simple herbs in the garden and learning more information on what to do with them would be wonderful. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!


Thanks for the heads up. I believe red raspberry helped with my second birth as well.


wanted to know more about herbs. We just pretty much use the same old, same old.

Herbs make for wonderful outdoor aromatherapy, especially when right by your house!!!

Herbs are alot of fun. I'm waiting for my herb garden to get done so I can grow some of my own herbs.

I would love to win this fantastic prize...I would love to learn more about herbs...thanks

I would love to win. Their site looks great. And of course, I love your site. Thanks for all of the great recipes and info.
alccjunk at yahoo dot com

Please enter me!

Thanks for the discount code... I think I will go place an order now!

Oh, and I'd love to enter the drawing: http://rowannrose.blogspot.com/

~Elizabeth in Alaska

How neat, I will be checking out there site! I just bought a box of red rasp. leaf tea and I think it was 6.60 for 20 bags!(i am in hawaii if that seems high) But I love to drink the tea during pregnancy too!

Jen` jen_jen68 at yahoo dot com

I've been thinking about ordering that exact DVD. If the draw is open to Canadians, please add my name. :D


I too have wanted this DVD ever since it came out. Please add me to this great giveaway!

I really like their quantity and quality also.

Their products are so good! I'm glad more people are starting to use herbs. Please enter me in the giveaway.


We grew basil and sage last year, but I'd love to know more about how to diversify a little! : ) Count me in!

hopeistheword at gmail dot com

I would LOVE to win this! Thanks for the intro to this company, I never heard of them before. Will be checking out their website.

I've been wanting to start an herb garden, and have been hoping to get reliable info. about how to grow, harvest and use herbs. What a fun giveaway! Please enter me.


I have had trouble getting the herbs for the recipe you have "Pregnancy Tea" and finally gave up on "physical" shops and found an Australian site www.adoretea.com.au. They seem pretty competitive.

asmeggison at hotmail dot com

Wow! I've been looking for something like this site and love hearing that they are family owned.

I'd love to be able to participate in this great giveaway!

torynado at gmail dot com

I would love to win!



I'd like to win the DVD.


business 83 @ verizon. net

I have wanted to know more about herbs.
Thanks for the information about the herb company.
Lynne in NC


wow. great giveaway. that dvd looks really interesting.

The Bulk Herb Store is our family's favorite place to purchase our herbs! The double E immune booster is fabulous and takes care of just about any sickness you may feel coming on! I am so grateful for their ministry in helping families to choose healthier ways that won't break your budget! I am getting ready to place another order for the year, and I am sure that this won't be the last time, you really cannot go wrong with the Bulk Herb Store!

Nicci Kilcoyne

Great Giveaway! I am especially interested in their teas and the dried red raspberry leaf herbs. Please include me in the giveaway!


That would be awesome to win.

Contact me at chris26black@yahoo.com if I am one of the lucky winners.

Thank you

Great giveaway! Please enter me, thanks!

Meghan F.
thegracefullady @ gmail.com

Tammy, I don't post much at all, but I'm a faithful reader of your blog and try many of your recipes. I love learning about herbs and also visiting my local health food store. :)


Tammy - I love BHS and I really love the eden salve. It is great for all kinds of boo boos. We use it religiously here. It lasts a really long time too. You will have to give us a review with your opinion.

tzimmer1 at tampabay . rr . com

I'd love to be entered! are you pg again? is that why you are ordering RRL again? hehe Sara_rudy@yahoo.com

Please enter me! Thanks!


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