Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Homemade freezer waffles

Catherine asks,

My dad loves waffles and I'm tired of having the frozen kind in the freezer. I was wondering if you thought it was possible to make a lot of your recipe for waffle batter, make them into waffles, and then freeze enough of them to last through the week?

Yes! The waffles are totally freezable!

I make mine and cook them like normal but don't get them too dark (just done, but not really browned). Cool them and then freeze in an airtight container or bag (I do bag since it's easier).

You can pop them in a toaster, thawed or still frozen. Do it on a light setting at first, to see how long they need to toast to get hot without burning. They should taste great, especially if they weren't over-cooked on the waffle iron! :)

You can do this with pancakes, too, by the way, if they're not too big to fit in your toaster. :)

A waffle-making photo tutorial that my boys helped me with can be found here. (Boy, those pictures bring back memories!!) 

Brown sugar syrup recipe

And my waffles recipes for quick reference:

Classic (no-sugar) homemade waffles -- a really great recipe handed down from my grandmother!

Belgian Waffles -- very sweet but make a fabulous dessert and are the BEST re-warmed waffles I've ever had!

Best Waffle Batter -- not as good as the above two, but a whole lot faster to mix up!

What's on top? Brown sugar syrup (my mom's recipe) or strawberry sauce (Joshua's recipe)

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My husband and I do the same thing with protein pancakes when we're bodybuilding. We make up a huge batch of pancakes (with protein powder in the regular batter) and then freeze them individually for quick, healthy breakfasts. Have a great week!

Danelle Ice from

oh yay!!!!! I took the plunge and didn't buy cereal. I hardly ever used to prebaby. time to get back to healthy breakfasts!Having waffles on hand would help in the quick breakfast department!

Waffles sound great! Funny that you should post this now- I was just thinking that waffles would be great for dinner! I will have to make extras and freeze them for later!

I am SUCH a waffle girl! Especially Belgian waffles!!! I am so hungry, I really think I'll go make me some. (Wow that syrup sounds heavenly, love to try it)

We just ate the last of our waffle stash this weekend. I will be making more soon! I like our recipe, but will be checking out your links too, I am always looking for something better!

We do this when I have leftovers. The boys love having them for breakfast before school.

Sorry about the wrong link goof above, Tammy. Feel free to delete the first entry. I fixed it on the second.

When I make a mistake on Mr. Linky, I've never been able to go back and edit it. If you or anyone else has figured out a way, I'd love to know! I can never find what I'm supposed to click on to do so.

Thanks for the link!

Maybe your readers will find this list of things to make for someone on a bland diet helpful!

God Bless,

They do freeze very well and may even taste better, after being toasted. We only use real maple syrup on them, though - bought at Trader Joe's. It's so good and all natural!

Freezing waffles and pancakes is a great thing to do for breakfasts. We make a quadruple batch and freeze the extra (put wax paper between). For the pancakes, we put a single layer on a baking sheet and put in the freezer, then we put them in the ziploc bags to store. We do this with muffins too. All of these make a great breakfast during the week with some juice or fresh fruit added. Best of all...this kids can fix their own breakfast and mom has a little extra time to get ready for the day!!!

I freeze my homemade waffles too. I didn't see it mentioned in your post, but I usually line a cookie sheet with wax paper and lay out the waffles in a single layer. If I have more waffles, I just add another layer of wax paper and the rest of the waffles before freezing. After frozen, I transfer them to the bag. It makes them freeze singly that way so they are easy to remove one at a time from the bag. (I might have read too fast, bad habit of mine. Sorry if I am being repetitious!)

Thanks for the post.
Mama Rika

I think I might try these this weekend! They look really yummy-


Tammy, Speaking of waffles - Can I ask what kind of waffle iron you have and if you like it? Ours is dying and we love waffles! I need to get another and have found so many mixed reviews on them. Thanks - Betsy

I've tried several recipes for both waffles and pancakes. (I love your waffle recipe, by the way.) Yet no matter how much we love them fresh, they always seems to taste like cardboard after they've been frozen. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

Have you tried heating/defrosting them in the toaster...the microwave does reduce breads to cardboard like consistency in my experience.

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