Something I normally neglect: Planning the week's menu.

One of my biggest struggles in the kitchen is with menu planning. Oh, I am great at planning extravagant menus for dinner guests (and we do try to have dinner guests weekly if possible!) but what really stumps me is the day-to-day dinner plans.

I want our dinners to be:

  • healthy (Joshua and I are both still working towards losing a few more pounds!)
  • balanced (protein, fiber, veggies, fruits, and carbs!)
  • varied (serving pizza twice in one week is a no-no for me!)
  • easy (60-90 min. of dinner prep time, max!)
  • affordable

I usually plan the day's meals when I get up in the morning. Many days, nothing really sounds appealing to me and I'm still trying to decide what I should make, mid-day! Menu planning is the hardest part for me; I always say that I'd be glad to cook whatever's "on the menu", if only someone else would make up the menu. ;)

But. I want to do better. And I can, if I put more effort into it. So, here's this week's menu! :)






  • Pizza, salad, fresh fruit



There. Now that feels MUCH better!


When I plan our menu for the week and shop for it the whole week goes much better. I look at the ads, plan a menu that uses what we have already and what is on sale. Then I shop and feel good. I don't attach a day to most menus, we can be flexible. But knowing we have what we need to make any of the meals on the list is so nice.
Best of luck with the weekly planning! Keep those recipes coming!

and they all sound yummy!! I'll have to take a look at that potato soup recipe! Do your kids like it? I'm always looking for kid friendly recipes!

My kids like the potato soup... but, they eat anything and everything that we do. So.... :)

Here is my Menu for March 2nd-March 8th.
In no certain Order:

*Hashbrown casserole,
Green Beans,
Sliced Tomatoes.

*Potato Soup(Tammy's),
Homemade Bread.

*Pasta Noodles With Tomato Sauce with Spaghetti Seasoning Topped with fresh Diced tomatoes,Diced Yellow Onion,Diced Green Bell Pepper,Diced Celery,

*Brats cooked in Beer(have some in the fridge from I don't know who?Or when?So I am using it :) ) & Onions then Satued,
Hot Dogs,
French Fries,
Chick Pea Salad.

*Grandma's Soup(Left over Roast,Gravy,Mixed Veggies,Cabbage & Zucchini),
Artichoke Pepperoni Salad.

*Baked Whole Chicken,
Mashed Potatoes,
Green Beans,
Homemade Bread.

Oatmeal Cookies.
Need to work on this some more...

I just got done doing my March menu. I am able to do a month because I shop sales and stockpile so my menus include food from the freezers and pantry. If I had to decide every day what to fix....well, I used to do it that way and you just can't decide at 5:30 to make meatloaf from frozen ground beef. And as they get older you can't feed them oatmeal and toast for dinner and not have them eating the house down in an hour. So I cook and menu plan.

60 to 90 minutes????????
gosh I think that 30 mn is already a lot!
AsI am blogging, I have a steam two layers machine(???)
with potatoes on one and sliced courgettes(sukini??) on the other... I'll cook some meet just before going to table and serve it with chopped parsley and garlic, and butter melting on it!!...mmmmm

Like you, menu planning has always been a day-to-day (sometimes mid-day) thing for me. Although I am currently on maternity leave, I have been working full-time in the afternoons (3pm - 11pm) so menu planning has more fallen on my husband's shoulders than mine. So, while on leave, we have been trying to menu plan before grocery shopping, and have been trying to come up with easy mid-week meals that can partially be prepped ahead so that when I do go back to work, dinner won't be so stressful for Dad, and worry-free for me. Menu planning isn't easy, but each day that I don't have to think "what's for dinner?" is worth it!


is to keep my menu plans in a folder so I can either reuse or glean ideas from. It's better than starting from scratch every week. I also divide it up - one day is red meat day, one day is beans, one day is pasta, etc. Hope that helps! Jayne

I plan meals not days. I find planning a certain meal for a certain day is way too constricting. I have a list of meals which I look at every morning then evaluate which one will work best for the day. It depends on my mood what we have going on and if I've had a request. I generally have about 14 different meals that I can choose from.

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