It's happy and sad.

After seeing photos of our new home, a few readers wrote to me asking things like...

Are you able to hang laundry outside in your new location? ...I love to read your blog entries about laundry...

...I will miss those photos of your laundry flapping in the breeze and the photos of your days spent canning garden produce. I was wondering if you will miss that part of your life, too.

And you know what? I do miss those things.

Just this evening, Joshua said to me, "You know what I'm really gonna miss here in a couple months? Fresh asparagus."  I had totally forgotten that we won't have all-you-can-eat asparagus from my mom and grandmas' garden this year.

It was sad for me to leave my clothesline behind. Seems silly but my clothesline has been therapeutic for me through many different seasons of the year -- and of life.

I did bring my wooden drying rack and my Tibbe line, and have hopes of utilizing the balcony for drying purposes when the sun decides to stay out more and the trees get all their leaves which will hopefully help with my undercover endeavors... ;) Just kidding; there's nothing in our lease about not putting laundry on the balcony. :)

And, due to several factors (including regulations on the moving truck, space in our car, and the pressure changes involved in driving through numerous mountain passes) I left all of my home-canned food with my mom. She is the one who gave us most of the food and spent many hours helping me can it, so really -- it was as much hers as it was ours anyway.

But anyway. It's tempting to think of all the things I left behind... a decent rental house where we spent 4 years of our lives and where two of our children were born into this world and the dining room didn't have carpet... a small yard, a garage, a front porch to sit on for picnics... a garden, compost bin, and lots of free food from friends and family who have gardens... getting to see my relatives... actually having a babysitter so my husband and I could go out for a few hours alone if we wanted... having a piano...

But, all too often we only remember the rosy parts of our past. You know?

Like, what about remembering how small our bathroom was and how very very steamy it got during even a quick shower... and that mold that never would go away around the bath tub? I have a dishwasher here... I don't have to trek down to an icky basement to do laundry... we have a church we get to attend every single week... oh, and the best part? My husband has a JOB here, and he doesn't even have to work midnights. Yeah, that's a pretty important detail. ;)

I don't feel sorry for myself, because I chose this life! I got to choose my husband (although I definitely felt and still feel that Yahweh totally brought us together as I cannot imagine a more perfect "other half"!). And we chose to move.

As tempting as it may be to just wallow in self-pity and sadness, we have to choose daily to step forward and do what Yahweh, our Creator, has set in front of us. He may be asking small things of us. Or it might be something monumental that we can only do in His strength.

We choose what kind of attitude we will display. We choose whether we will give our best and make the most of each day, or whether we will squander precious hours, days, even weeks wishing and daydreaming.

As Yehoshua (almost 5!) says about moving, "It's happy and sad. Happy because we get to live in Washington, but sad because we don't get to see Grandma any more."

Life is like that, isn't it? :) Let's keep plugging along! And thank you all so much for sharing the journey with me. :)


Thankyou so much for your heartfelt words tonight.........I am down about something and just really needed to hear someone else with a less than perfect situation take it in a good way, so thankyou!!

I've had a rotten week at work, and haven't been displaying the best of attitudes. And truthfully it's only going to get worse at work in the coming weeks. Not my attitude, but how it's done. i'm thankful I have a good job, and I'm not concerned about layoffs unlike a lot of Americans.

Thanks for helping me Tammy!

I think there are always the things you miss whenever something "changes" in life. But there are always better things that take their place in some shape or form.

Are you going to be able to do some canning this year?

Thanks for sharing! Yehoshua's words are precious. Wherever we are, we can look back to what we had before, but we need to bloom where we have been planted! You have taken on such a positive attitude. :)~Tanya - mama to 5 :)

You really send out possitive vibes, thanks and keep up the great work.

Hi Tammy,

Thank you so much for sharing this. You make some very good points about us only remembering the rosy parts of our past.

Take Care,


I just found your blog the other day, and read this post just now. I like the previous comment, "Bloom where you are planted." My husband is in the military and we experienced our first big move when I was 32 weeks pregnant, in August 2007. We moved from England, our first duty assignment together, to Alabama, which happens to be close to both of our families. I spent two years building a life and a home for us in England and thought I was prepared to leave it and all of my close friends, but I wasn't. Someone told me about a year after we moved that you just need to "Bloom where you are planted." I took that advice to heart and must say that it has been a wonderful life since then! You are so right, you tend to remember only the good times when you think about your previous home. I'm happy to see that you have a positive attitude -- that's a wonderful way to live. :)

I was so encouraged to read this post today!! My husband, our baby girl and I live a small rental home at this time while we save to build or buy. I find myself so many times complaining or just being discontent with what the Lord has blessed me with so far. As I looked through your new home pics from yesterday I was very convicted and realized just how blessed I truly am. So thank you once again for the encouragement you ahve been to me

I moved across the country last August and *loved* my old apartment. I would say it took until mid-January to like our new apartment. The hardest part for us was giving up the spaces between the words that we had with our wonderful friends.

Also, can you please post a photo of the Tibbe line.

Thanks for this, Tammy. I am an occasional reader...I have lived in apartments most of my life and my whole married life. The current one we have won't allow you to do pretty much anything on the balcony because it's considered "unattractive". It's like not even having a balcony.

There are many things that I do not like about apartment living like the fact that we can either have a very cluttered environment or simply not have the things we need around for the sake of space.

Thank you for looking at the glass half full today, you are a good example : )

How do you pronounce your boys names? Maybe this is a silly question, but when reading them I say them in my head one way, but I want to be able to do it right! :)

Sure! :) This post contains two links... one is to an audio clip where you can hear us saying their names, and there's also a link to a post about their names. :)

Dear Tammy,
I feel the same as most of the other commentators;) Thank you for your encouraging example. I completely simpathize with your whole journey from a tinge of sorrow to acceptance and hope. Though it is a bit different for me (since I am able to go home every few weeks), the many months here at school in a concrete dorm take a toll on the country, wildflower girl inside;) The amazing thing is that God didn't make beauty exclusive to our patches of wood, our gardens or our clotheslines;) -it permeates everything as He does, our gift is the ability to absorb and reflect Him everywhere:) I hope that beautiful sunshine blesses your home today!

All the Best, Monica

Look for a local Farmers Market this spring/summer/fall. They always have yummy organic homegrown fruits & veggies & more. We have one in our town, but it's only going a few hours on saturday morning and a few hours one night a week....both times which conflict with our business hours. *sigh*


That is a great attidute Tammy - thanks for the reminder. I need to hear that sometimes. Oh, and for a garden, what side does your balcony face? If you get at least 4 hrs. of sun you could do lettus in pots - or 6+ hrs will get you most of the other vegi's. It is amazing how much produce you can get out of a little pot! Oh, my kid's "job" was to keep our patio pots watered and such and that was soooo much fun for them. :)

Thank you for this wonderful post - it made me cry (but in a good way!). Tonight I was kind of down, thinking about the fact that on Monday my maternity leave is over and I have to go back to work, but your post reminds me that I only have to go back half time, and I still get to spend the majority of the day with my wee one, and her daddy gets to spend the rest of the day with her because we were both blessed to have flexible schedules. There are good and bad in just about every situation, and it's all in how you approach it!

Thank you for sharing with us, Tammy! I haven't moved in a few years, but the last time was really difficult for me. Then as I sought the Lord, He brought about so many good things here that I can't imagine NOT living here! Each stage brings new opportunity to see the Lord work in our lives, and I'm so thankful that I can trust Him no matter where I live or what stage of life I'm in. Keep looking to Him!

I understand. I moved away from "home" in 1991 and I still remember the emotions. It was my first big move away from my family.

Thank you for such a wonderful, encouraging post. It really hit home, as my husband lost his job due to lay-offs. We don't know what is in store for us but we know there is change on the horizon. We have a wonderful new home here but are looking at relocating for work. It is so scary, the not knowing....

I totally understand as well, because our children don't get to see Grandma or any cousins either, except when we visit them or they us. But I chose to come to Iowa with my husband together, and we have a blessed life here. You can visit our home online at my new site:

we moved from the lovely almost 1800sq ft home that i'd said i would gladly live in for the rest of my life to another state last june....and into a nice 2BR apartment (very similar to yours). we were able to rent a garage to store what "stuff" we didn't get rid of, but i feel like i wage a constant battle against clutter and the cramped feeling it brings :) my girls are 13 & 9 and sharing one room with bunkbeds and our room is spacious, thankfully.

you are right about keeping attitudes in check by keeping our eyes "fixed" on the "Author and Perfector of our faith"!! it is so easy to feel ungrateful and have a spirit full of complaining, isn't it? while i miss my house - with its sunny, spacious kitchen and COLOR that i'd infused into certain rooms - my Home is here....where my family is. it is evident to us that our loving Father brought us here for plans and purposes that He knows (some of which we've already been able to see!). thanks for the tour and the encouragement.... brandie

I needed to read this today. Serendipitous - I came looking for recipes and found food for my soul as well. God bless!


Hi Tammy!
I live in a townhouse behind mine and my fiance's seminary. Our trustees are not really fond, it seems, of homeliving - so I can't put a line out! I do hang my clothing from the top of our tiny stoop cover on hangers. It gets most of my things dry. I need a rack, though. I've put one on my wedding registry.

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