Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Go to bed hungry!

I shared last year about my weight loss endeavors. As Autumn passed, my time and efforts became consumed with the details of a cross-country move, and I was left with 10 pounds still to lose.

The problem with 10 pounds is that it's not depressing enough to get serious about the goal again. I mean, really -- 10 pounds is only minimally depressing in comparison to being 30-35 pounds above my ideal weight, which is where I started.

One of my birthday resolutions last week was to finish losing that weight. (And actually, it's more like 12 pounds now, not 10!)

I stayed on track today by writing down exactly what I was eating. I already know how many calories I should be eating each day in order to lose a pound a week.

At dinner time, I had 550 calories left for the day. (I had eaten a big breakfast and lunch, obviously!)

I put 550 calories' worth of food on my plate.

I slowly enjoyed that food. (It was chicken breast, half of a baked potato with cheese, and green beans, by the way.)

No seconds at dinner for me.

I think it works better that way. Instead of "I'll just have a little more chicken... okay, just a little bit more sour cream to finish up this potato..." etc. I just ate what I knew I should be eating.

I wasn't hungry when dinner was finished, either! Actually, I haven't been hungry all day.

But it's bed time, and I'm hungry now! But heading to bed a little hungry works great, because by morning I'll actually be less famished at breakfast than I would be if I had a big snack right now. I've noticed this time after time -- the more I eat before bed, the hungrier I wake up. Does it work this way for other people too??

Okay, so this isn't really a kitchen tip. But it IS a tip! And right now I'm all fired up about the best way to lose 12 pounds, not the best way to slice a cheesecake. Besides, I already know how to slice a cheesecake... ;)

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I have about 17 to lose myself now. It's been slowly coming off since our 5 month old was born.

I feel the same as you,going to bed hungry is a good thing. I don't know about the morning affect but I was thinking along the lines of that food in the tummy not going to fat while lying in bed at night??? Anyway, I have noticed that it does indeed make it easier to lose.

I look forward to hearing how you're doing as I lose mine as well.



If I eat right before I go to bed, I wake up thinking I am going to die if I don't eat a huge meal as soon as I get out of bed! But, if I go to bed hungry, I don't even want to eat until lunch time. If only I would remember that all the time...


In Christ,


I've done this before too but it's easy to loose the motivation once you've gotten almost there! I started jotting down what I ate just to see what I was putting in my body and I was simply amazed at how much I ate without realizing it! It shocking to see what you eat while watching TV, cooking, etc and not even really notice. That alone helped me control what I ate-made me focus on what and when I ate so I felt fuller longer while not depriving myself! Great reminder! I need to get back to doing that!

If I go to bed hungry, I wake up even hungrier. And that's the way things are going to be for months to come. I didn't lose 13 lbs after baby #4, and then developed gestational diabetes for the first time with #5, and it was bad enough that I needed insulin. Even now after he's born, I have some blood sugar issues if I am not very careful with what I eat. And I have family history of diabetes. I have 30 lb left to lose to get down to where I was before baby #4, and I NEED to do it for health reasons. And I really want to lose an extra 10 to give me more cushion. But, I don't lose any significant amounts of weight unless I feel almost constantly hungry. I just had breakfast 2 hours ago, and I have been feeling absolutely starved for the last hour!

Heather (married in Aug '00, mom to 5 children ages 7 yrs down to 1 month)

when i go to bed hungry, it can be difficult for me to fall asleep. but i am trying that method too. and slowly i am getting used to it. i also wake up less hungry. i dont really understand why, but i'm cool with it! ha!
thanks for your continued up-front style and homemaking tips!

I've never really snacked before bed so I know that it isn't the root of my weight loss problems. Mine is that I snack during meal preparations. Then I eat a normal sized meal as if I hadn't snacked. Not gonna lose weight that way. So I have begun chewing gum while I'm in the kitchen. I don't have a scale in my house so I don't know how much I have actually lost, but I think I feel different. Hope I'm not making things up in my head.


My goodness, why didn't I ever think of that, Quinn! I seem to always snack while cooking and baking, and don't even notice how much I've had until the entire bag of snacks are gone! I will definately start to try chewing gum while in the kitchen!! I have 17 pounds to go, and now hearing everyone's story is getting me motivated again!

Eating before bed makes me hungrier in the morning too!

I've tried this, but going to bed hungry makes me not able to fall asleep. I also have trouble going back to sleep if I wake up hungry in the middle of the night (I'm a very light sleeper and even without kids I wake several times a night).

I'm at about 25 lbs above what I'd like to be, being that I never got back down to my pre-preg weight after I had Merritt. I've been working out pretty regularly for the past year and lost 15 lbs last year, but I've gained quite a bit of that back slowly over the past couple months. I know my problem is in my eating, being that I am pretty fit underneath all the flab! :) But I'm a total emotional eater and tend to eat more when I'm stressed. I'm trying-trying-trying to seriously cut everything I eat in half, and writing down what I eat definitely helps!

Yes, the same thing happens to me. If I am hungry before bed and have a snack I wake up starving. If I just go to bed a little hungry, I don't wake up starving. Weird, but it is true.

I think the reason this works is because eating a big snack before bed fills and stretches your stomach out so it feels really empty in the morning. Eating less makes the stomach shrink and feel less empty.

Yes, this works the same way for me, particularly if I eat high sugar/fat (which is what I would be choosing) before bed. I wake up famished! Empty! I didn't realize the difference until I stopped having that bowl of ice cream every night, and suddenly realized I wasn't waking up starving--and even dizzy!

Yes definitely! I always wake up hungry in the night (or very early morning) if I ate just before bed! Weird isn't it.
Well as soon as I am allowed to diet after I have my baby I will be looking up your tips - they are very sensible and really common sense!


I thought I was some strange anomaly or something, how funny :). I'm not sure how that works out but the more I eat before bed the more famished I feel in the morning. Ahhh, I feel normal again :).

i wish i knew why and how the whole hungrier when eating before bed thing goes. its really annoying. im always hungry before bed and i give in more times than not...then pay for it in the morning. soooo hungry yet unable to get any food in my gullet :(

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