Pike Place Market, and a whole lot more!

Produce at Pike Place Market

Two of my brothers flew out to Seattle from Ohio and spent 5 days with us earlier this week. We had a very full and very fun time with them! We got out to see just a handful of the many things in this area, and still had time for quiet woodsy walks, relaxing evenings, and some sleeping-in. :)

I was especially excited about getting to go to Pike Place Market for the first time! It was full of interesting things and people.

Produce at Pike Place Market

The produce displays at Pike Place Market were so beautiful. I bought a few bananas and apples for us to snack on. :)

One of the many fish displays at Pike Place Market. The boys even got to see live crabs swimming in a tank!

I didn't buy any salmon, although Joshua makes fabulous grilled salmon... :)

We saw these beautiful blue roses! A little too pricey for me though. No wonder the blue roses at our wedding were made from silk! ;)

Vince Conoway

We got to see Vince Conaway performing at the market. It was beautiful! My brother Phillip bought two CDs from him and we enjoyed listening to them. :)

Some random cuteness spotted in the original Starbucks store in Seattle... For the record, I have never actually bought or drank anything from Starbucks!

After spending the morning in Seattle, we went for a walk in a park near our house. There is a long trail and little hills everywhere, and we all walked for about 1.5 hours! It was good exercise and fun. :)

The children and I got our picture taken by this huge tree stump. :)

We hiked to the top of a huge hill and were able to spot the Cascades through the trees. Okay, so, we're folks from FLAT NW Ohio and mountains make me feel all happy inside. Haha! :)

It was a long ways back down! Yehoshua (4, above) and Eliyahu (3) really got a workout! :)

Yehoshua and Eliyahu, looking up at their Uncle Rich. :) This park is huge and mostly wooded, with nice trails, but no real views.

Back at home...

The park explorers read some stories with their Uncle Phillip.

Ruth got lots of holding from both of her uncles.

On Saturday, Rich and Phillip drove out to Eastern Washington to visit a friend of ours there.

They were cowboys for an afternoon. Fun! :)

Traveling on I-5 through downtown Seattle... a bit of beauty even amidst layers of freeway.

Looking up, up, up! Skyscrapers are difficult to photograph. Especially in a moving vehicle.

We drove across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. This one is really sturdy, don't worry. ;) We drive over this every week on our way to church, actually.

We arrived in Bremerton, WA and got to explore a battleship! It was a self-guided tour, and was quite fun. We spent almost 2 hours on and in the ship.

On one of the decks...

...and in the kitchen. I would not have wanted to live on a ship like this...

...even with a stainless steel kitchen! ;)

Rich tried his hand at navigating...

...while Phillip talked on the phone. :)

We took the ferry from Bremerton back to Seattle. Beautiful. :) It was a new experience for Rich, Phil, Yehoshua, Eliyahu, and Ruth. :) The hour ride passed quickly.

It was dusk when Seattle came into view.

Yehoshua and Eliyahu begged Rich to rough-house with them. What is it with little boys and rough-housing?! They frequently run circles in our living room. They also like to run around and around the kitchen table, driving cars along the edge... Like, the long hikes we'd been taking didn't do a thing for them! :)

On Tuesday we did some leisurely shopping and then stopped at Walnut Street Coffee for coffee and tea and scones. That was so fun! The experience made me totally want to use my fancy tea pot more often. :)

We walked around at Richmond Beach Park, just a few miles from our house. It was lovely!

Hilly terrain, lots of mountain views and lots of water!

I don't really get tired of looking at the mountains. :)

And now... it's late. We're coming down with colds or something. I need to get my teeth brushed and head to bed!! :)


Looks like you took in quite a few of our most distinctive sites. I can't believe you drive from North Seattle over the Tacoma Narrows for church! I did almost the opposite commute all through grade school, multiple times a week, and don't miss it!

I loved the beautiful pictures, and you have a beautiful family!

Enjoyed reading about your time with your brothers. Looks like you made lots of memories to treasure. How fun and thanks for sharing!

~Tanya - mama to 5 :)

Pike's Place Market is such a fun place to go. I also recommend going to Port Angeles and visiting the Olympic Range just west of Seattle when you get a chance. The hiking trails are beautiful and it's a really fun place. Hope you are enjoying your new home!

-Sara (adamandsara.blogspot.com)

Ruth is really becoming a little girl and losing her baby looks :-).

I went to Seattle on my honeymoon, and seeing your pictures brings back so many memories. Hard to believe it's been almost 8 years since I visited!!!

I love Pike Place Market!! We live in Texas and both times we've visited friends near Seattle, we've traveled in to spend time there. So many things to look at and the flowers are beautiful! Glad you had a great time!

I know you have probably answered this before, but what type of baby carrier is that that you are using? My son is just a bit younger than your Ruth, and I would love to have something like that.

My baby carrier is a mei tai that was made for us when Eliyahu was a baby. :) I really like it! I carry it in the diaper bag and use it frequently, and it's the only baby carrier I own. :)

Here are some pictures from when I first got it... and pictures of Ruth in it. :) I have found that really small babies (a month old or so) can sit sidways with both feet poking out one side, and then of course with an older baby, I have their feet one on each side of me... :)

OH OH OH! Seeing the Narrows Bridge, and the battleship, and the ferry, and the water, and even Pikes Place Market made me so homesick! I grew up in Bremerton; lived there for 20+ years. We are in way Northern California now, and it is so different. I will definitely be coming back to this post and looking at the scenery pictures again. Thanks so much for posting these.


"Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become."

Great pictures and sounds like lots of fun. How blessed you are to be able to go outside in Janurary/February. I visited Seattle many years ago - it is a beautiful city.

I didn't know there was a battleship to tour! My 4 year old son would LOVE that. We'll have to check it out.

I never get tired of the mountains either. We live close to the cascades, and there are fantastic views from the other half of our neighborhood (where we can't afford to live!). Makes for some beautiful walks, though.

I laughed when I saw the photo of the Convention center. When I was in labor with my first, we took the carpool lanes to Seattle from Edmonds, and the exits were labeled with different street names. We wound up at Renton before we turned around and got to Swedish Medical Center. I remember being under there and frustrated. I had my son 2 hours later! Now it's a happy memory. And hopefully I won't have to ever have another baby in the hospital. O had the most wonderful midwives in Seattle. We almost flew down there to use them again, but opted to stay in Alaska.

Oh my goodness Tammy, you were totally in my backyard! We can practically see that battleship from our apt! I wish I would've run in you all..that would've been too fun)

Your beautiful pictures of everything bring back bittersweet memories. I lived in Bremerton and Paulsbo some years ago when I was married to my 1st husband - Navy man. I keep telling my current husband one day am going to kidnap him and live up there again! Seriously. LaPush and HO (sp?) rain forest are worth an overnight camping trip! Enjoy!

Either my math is bad today (i will use the excuse of a cuddle bug in my lap).. or my original post got sucked into internet death.

Anyway- Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures of your adventures around Seattle and area. I miss it there dreadfully and want to move back. To include telling my dh that I will kidnap him to live up there again. Eventually.

Seeing your pictures and reading your stories really makes me want to move to WA! I've been there three times in the past few years and the trips were all full of memories I hold dear in my heart!
I just found your blog and I love it!

These were just too fun to look at, and here in Oklahoma it is nice to see a very different scene. Have you ever posted pics of Joshua? I haven't seen him with the kiddies..... It just seems so funny, as looking at your blog pretty much daily for a while... I feel like I know your whole family so well, but then I just can't seem to get a pic of Josh with yall.... Pretty funny..... Thought your brother was him until I read the caption. Blessings.... We sure missed your posting, but so thrilled you had such a full week of family! (So much more important than blogging, for sure)


Thanks, Deena! :)

There are a couple pictures of Joshua on the "About" page. :) He generally doesn't like having his picture taken, and I'm usually behind the camera, so we're rarely in pictures it seems... :)

Oh, I just looked and I guess there's only one of him... and he was talking when it was taken! Haha :D

We, too, take too many and don't get in front of the camera much..... But how funny it seems when you are reading someone's blog how you get a mental picture that is usually WAY OFF, then it is like hey that's not who that person is suppose to look like.... (HA, HA) I did that with Dave Ramsey and still when I listen to him, my mental picture always overrides the way I know him to look now...... Is this Adult ADD or what?

OK, I'm almost crying now. I used to live in DesMoines and seeing all your pictures makes me miss it. How are you liking your first "winter" there? I grew up in Mi and OH then moved to Seattle after getting married. We had a lot of wind one night and my husband asked me the next morning how I liked my first winter storm. I said "what storm?"
If you don't mind me asking, What church do you go to? You can reply to kristinajoy76@hotmail.com if you like. My husband was assistant pastor in a church that used to be in Kent, but no longer exists.
Our favorite place to go was Ivar's (the outside one). we liked to feed french fries to the seagulls and ducks.

We actually got a lot of snow in December! The rubber-tipped snow plows (and lack of salt on the road) here are just not cut out for heavy snow and ice removal and I disliked being isolated for so long :| (I think I got out -- besides walks outside -- once in an 11-day period!). :)

Aside from that, I love the mild winter! :) December was really cloudy... maybe 2 or 3 days with a little sun and that was it! January has been better. :)

What beautiful pics!
Thank you for sharing with us!
I feel like I got to take a field trip! :-)

Lil' Ruth is growing so big! I love the pic of your babies gathered around your brother with a book. Precious! Your two boys are looking more and more alike too, it seems. Very handsome little fellows!

Yeah, boys do like to run don't they? My six and sixteen year old will get out and run laps around the yard sometimes..."just for fun"! But then again, I have some Abe Lincoln kinda boys who are aften found curled up with a book!:-)

I forgot to say...
I really love the market pictures!
What beautiful food!
Great prices on the fresh fish too!

When our older 2 children were small we lived in Port Orchard...we LOVED going on the ferries to Seattle!! Sometimes we have missed living there. Hubby used to work at the shipyard there in Bremerton.

I am curious as to where you go to worship...must be pretty close, if you go over the Tacoma bridge. Let me tell you, when it is VERY windy...do stay home...we have gone across that bridge when it was VERY scary!!

One daughter lives in Lynnwood now. Very pretty area!

What neat pictures! Ruth is such a cutie :). The one of the bridge made me a bit nauseous though, oy, I have such a phobia of bridges! Probably because I can't swim.

The market looks like such fun :)!

I've been reading your website for quite some time and had no idea you were from the same area! We live near Puyallup (more of the Tacoma area) but go to Seattle often. So neat to 'meet' a neighbor virtually! :)

~Bev (christianhomekeeping.com)

I enjoyed looking at your pics!

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