Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Boiled eggs are handy!

I've been gone a while, haven't I? I really feel a need to apologize for the lengthy, unexplained absences I've been taking, but yet another part of me knows that it's okay -- even good -- to put other, "real life" things before blogging.

Right now, two of my younger brothers are here from Ohio visiting us and seeing the sights. They've been here 5 days and have one more day before flying back home! It's been such a blessing to have them as guests in our home. And so, yet another week has passed without my finding the time to type out my many thoughts here. :)

I really really hope to find more time for blogging in the next week! I need to do a whole series answering email questions! :) Thanks for your patience with me and understanding. :)

My kitchen tip for this week is: Having hard boiled eggs in the fridge is very handy! I like to boil 8-10 eggs, cool them, and the store in the fridge (unpeeled). We use them for lunches, egg salad sandwiches, or on top of green salads. It adds some extra protein and color to a salad, with only minimal effort. :)

I think the shelf life of hard boiled eggs is 5-7 days (refrigerated), so I only cook as many as I think we can use within that time frame. :)

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I have to agree with you- when I buy a 5-dozen pack of eggs, I'll immediately hard boil 1 dozen when I get home. I like sending them with my husband for high-protein snacks at work. Have a great week!

Danelle Ice / Homemaker Barbi

We all love hard boiled egg sandwiches here.
I remember eating them as a very young girl. :)
I like mayo, salt & pepper on mine. I don't keep mine in the frig very long though.

I've had a hard time posting in the last week or so too. I added a new born baby to my daycare (just in home babysitting). I now have a total of 6 full time kids, all under 5 years old. That's my limit, no more that 6 babysitting kids at a time. LOL As if once you have 6 little kids runnin' around the house it's going to matter having one more...
And we homeschool our two kids, our dd is a senior this year (!!) & our son is in Kindergarten. They are 12 years & 3 days apart. Also we've been very busy the last few weeks filling out paperwork for college & for scholarships.
"Real life" has a way of keeping me from our computer. Although, my computer friends are a part of my "real life", even though I just know them online.
Hope you have a great week, Tammy!

Thanks for the tip today! I had a few hard boiled eggs in my fridge and I had been wondering how long they were good for in there. :) Now I know! :) I am going to eat the last of them today because of your tip! :)

Thanks for hosting! Enjoy the rest of your visit with your brothers.


Please enjoy your family with no guilt. You will not regret investing in them over us cyberspace friends. We'll still be here when you get done visiting. Enjoy!

My girls love hard boiled eggs. I always think I'm going to boil some just to keep in the fridge. They always without fail, never last more than a day. Maybe I need to boil more?

I like having hard boiled eggs in the fridge too. When I think that what I am serving for breakfast or lunch isn't going to be enough for my hungry boys, I throw a boiled egg on their plate. They gobble them up, get lots of protein and aren't as hungry later.

Thanks for the tip! At our State Fair every year, they always hand out free hard-boiled eggs on popsicle sticks. =)

"Which Proverbs 14:1 Woman?"

I have heard (but not really researched) that if you store your hard boiled eggs in the fridge in water they will last longer! Not sure if its true...haven't had time to look, but just an idea.
God Bless!

Why don't you bake your bread in the machine?

Hi Tammy!

Your food photo looks SO good -- especially that side dish.

We like eggs in general, but especially deviled eggs and egg salad. I usually just make hard cooked eggs just for these dishes, but I really like your idea of keeping them on hand.

We haven't had egg salad in such a long time -- I think I'll put it on next week's menu.

Take Care,


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