Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Tips for slicing bread

When I shared photos of my wheat and rye bread, several of you asked about slicing bread. I don't have any magical tips, but I'm happy to share what works for me! :)

Knives: Bread knife or electric knife?

I like to use an electric knife for slicing. It makes thinner slices and is faster when there's 2-3 or more loaves to slice all at once. My electric knife was a wedding shower gift, and bread is the main thing I use it for. Growing up, my mom made 8-10 loaves of bread at a time and used and electric knife to slice them all before they went in the freezer.

If I  have only one loaf I am usually too lazy to pull out the electric knife and I use my bread knife. Any large, thin, serrated knife works well for bread.

Position the loaf

I also turn the loaf on it's side to slice, since the knife seems to go through the side easier than through the (soft) top of the loaf.

Tip for fewer crumbs when slicing

Slicing fresh-from-the-oven bread (after it's cooled slightly) can yield some crumbs due to the more dry crust, so if I don't need the bread right away, I like to put it in a bag for a little while and then slice when the crust has softened somewhat. Depending on the type of bread, this could make a big difference. (I notice especially with Italian-type breads!)

Does anyone else have any bread-slicing tips to share?? :)

My favorite homemade bread recipe can be found here! :)

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I got a bread machine for my birthday and have started making all our bread, since I don't like buying store bread with all the chemicals. Do you purchase special bags for your bread? I have been using the gallon ziploc bags but the loaf doesn't fit too well and that could get expensive. Also do you put your bread in the refrigerator after a day or two?


Thanks for answering this question! I'll have to try putting my bread in a bag. Thank you for the great tip, as always!

Thanks for the great slicing tips. I have an easier time slicing it from either the side or from the bottom too!

I'll just go on admiring!

I make loaves more like what you would buye in a french baker!
So I cut rather large pieces!


Thanks for a great site. I love it!

Andrea in NC

Something simular to this picture in this website: It helps me cut the pieces evenly. When I want to cut up a whole loaf at a time I use the slicer guide and an electric knife. For just a few pieces here and there I use the slicer guide and a bread knife. Or if I'm really crazy and feel as though I need a LARGE piece, I'll just cut into it with a bread knife and eat it right away. :) I've never thought of cutting it from the side or bottom. I'll have to try that sometime.

I store my bread in zip lock bags. If you reuse them for another loaf be sure to clean them out and dry them real well before you put the new loaf in. Crumbs left from the last loaf can cause the new loaf to go stale/mold quicker. My bread slicer guide could hold one loaf and it is ventalated but I've never used it that way. Just recently a friend of mine gave me plastic wholesale bread bags and I love using them.

Here is the link for the bread slicer my husband made for me. It works better than the ones with the premade slice sizes. With this one, you slice whatever thickness you want. They are always straight and even.

i bought one of those bread slicer guides off of ebay. best thing i could have done. it helps you slice all the slices evenly and i dont bother buying bread anymore now that i can get even slices for sandwiches.

To give my bread a softer top crust, I use my oil sprayer to lightly mist the tops with olive oil when they come out of the oven. They look nicer this way too!

Hope you guys are well and warm!
Haven't heard a peep from U in a week!

We used to always butter the top of the bread when it came out of the oven. This softens the top, and makes it look nice. Then it's not dry when you go to slice it.

I use Fresh Produce bags. When I go shopping for fruits and veggies I always pick up a couple of extra bags, they are free and my bread fits perfectly.

My tip to share today is all about The Easy Way to Make Pumpkin Puree.

No more dangerous dull knife handling! ;) Thanks!

I actually started storing my homemade bread in used bread bags from the store! They never seem to fit well in a Ziploc, and the used bread bags are free :). If you don't buy bread at all any more, you can always find a family member or friend who does!

The tip I am sharing this week is a blueprint for an easy brunch. My top ten items to have in your brunch spread can be found here:…-brunch-buffet

Thanks for hosting, Tammy!

Using an electric knife is easier for me seems I can get the slices more even. If I try to do it manually, it looks like the bread has been mutilated. :-)

Thanks for posting my tip! :-)

~Stacy from Stacy Makes Cents

Today I'm sharing a tip I recently learned - you can bake squash in a slow cooker!

Hi, Tammy

Thanks for the helpful tips. I had never thought to put bread in a bag to make it soft before slicing. Great tip!

The tip I would like to share today is about how to make your own convenience food.

Since we are gluten free, cutting bread is something I don't have a lot of experience with. :) When I do make gfree bread everyone is so excited that it disappears fast!

I am sharing a tip to get rid of stuck on bits between batches of waffles. I use a basting brush to remove them.

Alea @ Premeditated Leftovers

Hi Tammy ;->
Not sure I've thought of slicing a loaf of bread on it's side, even though that is how I slice muffins.

My tip this week is a oh so simple one having to do with cooking noodles. You will find it in this posting -->

Hope the fall colors are beautiful in your area!
Cheryl B.
The Bz House That Love Built

I make several loaves at a time and slice and store in the fridge to toast for breakfast with eggs.

I always cool them completely before slicing or the slices will stick together in the fridge or freezer.

Use homemade bread for french toast and french toast sticks!

I read somewhere where a lady kept all of her bread crumbs when she sliced bread. Stored them in the freezer to top dishes, use in meatloaves, etc later.


Here's my two cents on cutting bread.


I am operating on several hours less sleep than usual, so I am rather absent minded. Here is the link for my tip:

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Alea @ Premeditated Leftovers

I posted some tips for making a cooking day more successful:

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