A flour party

Corn flour
Freshly-ground corn flour, for corn bread

Last week some new friends of ours came over for a visit and dinner. When the meal was over, I pulled out my grain mill and we had a little flour party in the kitchen! My friend wanted to see how the mill worked, and I wanted to do some more experimentation myself, anyway, so we ground a bunch of different things: rye, hard and soft wheat, corn... It was fun! :)

Today Eliyahu (3) and I ground some more corn, brown rice, and wheat. I am excited about corn bread made entirely from freshly-ground corn flour! :)

I got this 50-pound bag of field corn for $25. It will make a lot of corn flour!


Hello Tammy! Quick question..what kind of wheat grinder is yours? We are looking at getting a Nutrimill, but they are $289 so we have a bit of saving up to do since our hand one died. Anyways, how much was yours and are you pleased with it? I know you poseted about it before, but I am having a sleepy moment and can't find it!

One thing I want to improve on is the use of my grain mill. I really only use the fresh ground flour for my homemade bread. I occasionally make muffins with it but I don't really care for the outcome of the muffins so I don't do it much. I really want to use more fresh ground flour. I bought some corn to make cornmeal and try my hand at cornbread with fresh cornmeal. I guess I don't know a lot about using my grain mill cause I sure did know I could grind brown rice??? I am looking for some good recipes using fresh ground "stuff" so maybe I should look through your recipes.


Emily, what kind of mill do you have? Mine will grind all kinds of things -- beans, rice, corn, wheat, rye, kamut, oats, etc... I haven't experimented with everything yet though! :D

Hey Tammy, I have a Nutrimill. I think it's suppose to grind all kinds of things.....I think. : )

Hi Tammy,
Is that just regular field corn or sweet corn? Just wondering because my Dad farms (corn) and for some reason I always thought that cornmeal was made with sweet corn. However if it is made with field corn this opens some posibilities for our kitchen :). Thanks for the post.

Betsy, that was just regular field corn. :) I was told that it works as well as using popcorn, but is cheaper. :)

Often times we just through some popcorn kernels(obviously not the microwave stuff) into the mill when we need to make cornbread but are out of corn meal. Always works for us.

I also have a question about your mill. I would love to get one, but they are quite expensive up front. Where did you get yours?

Do you have a recipe for your corn bread/muffins that you use with your corn meal. Also, I would love to see more of you new home.


I love your site but I was wondering if you could give me some of yoru favorite recipes to make ahead and freeze. I am new to the freezer cooking and I am really wanting to dig into it so if you can also help me with any tips that would be AWESOME!

Thanks so much
a mostly lurker

I LOVE freshly ground corn for cornbread!! Just TODAY we had cornbread with freshly ground corn and wheat for our lunch. OH SO GOOD! Hope you enjoy yours!

Here's my recipe:


Can you use your mill for making almond flour using almonds? I'm on the atkins diet so flour of any kind is a no no. I can have soy flour in small amounts but the taste of soy takes some getting use to. I did see a recipe that called for almond flour and I ground the almonds in my food processor. It made a great breading for my chicken and my mind went to many recipes I can use the almond flour. I just wondering how the mill would work using nuts?

This mill will not work for almond flour. To much oil in them, it will screw up the mill unfortunetly. I use my magic bullet and that works fine, just have to use small amounts. I can find almond meal ( same things as almond flour but has the bran with it) for 4 dollars a pound at natural grocers and trader joes... it's 5.99 in the bulk bin's at Whole foods... it's just a tiny bit cheaper to buy the raw nuts, but for that small amount it's easier just to buy the already ground meal... i think raw almonds at costco are around 3.65 a pound... so not much difference. Hope this helps.... the wondermill does have a small hand crank mill for nuts... but it's alot of money and the magic bullet does that trick:)

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